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Monday, March 31, 2008

My baby is one week old!

I can't believe she's a week old already. I feel like we just got home, oh wait WE DID! That few days in the hospital and lack of sleep can really get you out of whack! All is well on the home front and Taryn got her first real sponge bath at home today. We got her bow out of her hair, it was just time to go. Here's an after picture of bath time, she was so good, she didn't cry at all, until it was over and she was getting her lotion put on, then she realized that she was naked and that she was not getting in the water.

Her hood says "I LOVE DADDY" cute..

Ok seriously, why did they put a pocket on this? and #2, Taryn is not a pants girl yet, she's not really sure that your feet should stay in the bottoms.

Oh Aunt Rhonda!! WE LOVE THIS SEAT!!!

The girls on the street made us this sign and we got a plant too but it's inside cuz, well it's cold and rainy today.

Grandma next door brought us dinner tonight and got to meet Taryn for the fist time. She's so sweet. She got us a rotisserie chicken, bag of salad for 2, 2 microwave sweet potato's, pudding cups, carrot cake mini's, an African violet from Millstadt, and a card that was so sweet and personal, it made me cry. So does a good coffee commercial but this was way more touching.

Happy One Week Birthday Taryn.. We Love You!

I'm to Sexy,,, oh forget it! TMI entry, some may want to skip.

You always ask people how they felt after having a baby, and you normally hear things like "well it hurts a little but pretty good" or "I feel great, can't wait to get back in shape" or maybe those that you want to smack that say "I already lost all my baby weight". So my impersonal answer to this question for those that have called " I feel good, it's not what you expect, having a C but thankfully, I feel really good. The nurses in the hospital said I was doing really well so I can't complain". So truth? I really do feel pretty good but I am taking an insane amount of medication right now so of course I am going to feel good. I look down and see my belly is still a lot there and can't wait to get it down, I am scared that it's not going to go down but I am hopeful that it will. My body is continuing to change, my dry hands are starting to come back to life my feet are still really swollen but I am trying to give it another week so I can be normal again, drinking lots of water. My scar is not that bad, I didn't expect to have the scar but really it's not so bad. My second set of stitches in my life. EVER. The first was on my neck, I never had them as a child. Odd. Now for the fun part. My boobs... My boobs hurt so bad and they are so swollen that I can't even remember how cute and perky they were before... Like an old friend, gone but not forgotten. I got out of the shower tonight (what started the too sexy) and realized I am wearing underwear bigger than most shorts that I ever wore in my 20s and I keep feeling this drip on my leg and foot, I keep patting my hair and it just continues more and more, I look down and I am dripping all over the place. People without kids, this is what your friends don't tell you, that they get a mind of their own, and once your milk comes in they get hard as a rock. Remember when you fell that one time? and you got a knot on your leg? Shin? Foot? Head? and it was really hard and swollen? That's what happens to your poor boobs. So, I have a person cut my stomach open and pull another person out, I have a scar and injury from that, and if I didn't there would be more traumatic things going on down there, you have to wear maxi pads like you were in 7th grade again (traumatic enough) and another set in your bra. Here's the fun part, if you get to take a nap and the baby sleeps longer than normal, you wake up to 1. a crying baby and you have a hard enough time getting out of bed, 2. boobs that are not solid as a rock and you have to try to feed someone with them (ouch) and 3. maxi pads in your bra that have now filled with liquid so they fall on your lap (upside down of course) when you go to adjust yourself for "lunch". Now, there are two things I can promise with the above, 1. Emilie, Karla, Rebekah and Kris are cracking up right now, and 2.they all have one thing that I missed in my above statement and I am sure it's not the same from any of them.
That's it... I have another post to add but that's about Taryn so I wanted to add this one first so it sat lower in the listings and people could skip it if they wanted.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Labor Cookies - Not sure if these work, I couldn't find the recipe when I needed it

Jump Start Your Labor Cookies

2 1/2 c. flour
1 1/2 t. baking soda
3/4 t. cinnamon
1 t. ground ginger
1/2 t. ground cloves
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. cayenne pepper
8 T. butter
1/2 c. sugar
1 c. brown sugar
1/3 c. molasses
1/4 c. egg whites

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine flour, baking soda and spices and set aside. Cream the butter and sugars together. Add the molasses to the creamed butter, then add the egg whites until combined. Addd the dry ingredients slowly. Once incorporated, roll dough into 1 inch balls and place onto baking tray. Bake 8-10 minutes.


Just an FYI!! I Just checked and we are on Web Nursery already. That's pretty fast for leaving mid day yesterday. Leave messages, we love them! They did get her weight wrong, she was 9.49 not 9.40. The chick that did the photos did not impress me, but what can you say if your walking around a hospital all day trying to get people to buy pictures after they have been ripped/cut open and most times your kids not looking their best.
Emilie didn't even let them take the pictures, but I can't remember why now.

A few things,
Thanks to Kris and Molly for the notes... I miss you it was good to hear from you.
Melissa, Debbi, Jenn, Karla and Kate, thanks for adding comments, it's a big help for me to get feedback.

Love to you all!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Beanpole, a Peanut, and a Squeaker (this sounds like the begining of a joke)

We got our first visitors today.Aunt Sheri, Uncle Dave, Hannah (Peanut) and Anissa (beanpole) came from out of town and drove all the way out to see us during "fake" Easter weekend. The girls were so cute with Taryn and would hold her hands, and pat her back SOFT and watch her while they ran around the room, played with Domino's, pretended to be Uncle Bob in his chair, and showed us hands free tumbling. I was feeding Taryn when they got to our house so it was a grand entrance when we came in. Everyone was so excited to see us that Hannah could not wait to say "We have presents!", Anissa nodded and pointed to the bags with eyes wide. I wished I would have felt better, I would have had more for them to do while here, they also didn't stay to have lunch/dinner. I was not up to the sitting today but we did have a good visit and they got to see Taryn and we got to see the girls. It was really nice to have them over. Taryn even insisted on wearing her Easter outfit even if it was not the real Easter. The girls LOVED IT.. She even had a onsie on that said "just hatched" that is really cute but was not showing up in the pictures. If you increase the size on the first photo, you can see that there is a tail and ears on the outfit, on the front it has a bunny face and says "My First Easter".

We got home yesterday and There was a big sign on the door, I need to get a picture or two of that but I have not been out there yet. I am slow moving these days and must say I am thankful it's not because of my back finally. But almost 10 lbs later, it's nice to know how worth it she is.
I have my camera back online so here's the last day at the Hospital update:
Here's the room. It was really nice, I wish I wold have taken a picture of the bathroom, it was super awesome and Huge! The first picture is the door, the room is not square so there is an area in the front where the nurses can set up, people can wash their hands, and there is a big curtain so you don't actually walk in and see everything going on, that was nice. I had to call out the whole time when people knocked and walked in "Hello, who's there?" The second photo is Taryn, she's such a camera hog these days. The TV above the dresser, and shelving, that was nice too, there was a lot of room for things. We had most of our stuff in the car by this time but we did use up a lot of this space. The third picture is Bob's area, he slept and worked in this little corner area while we were there and to is right is the big cool bathroom.

Grandma Sally keeps calling Taryn her "Little Irish Lass" which is funny because we hoped she would be here before St. Patty's day and still ended up dressing her in that outfit, because I love it. Someone please thank Christine again for me! The first picture is Taryn's "I'm really pissed off" face, this is the pre-warning that you are getting the squeak soon. We had a slight meltdown and yes she has socks on her hands, her nails are really sharp and I filed them a bit but I still don't want her scratching her face. The second picture is "with hat" but she didn't wear that for any pictures other than this one. She was not a fan.

Daddy's been the hero of the day all day, I got to sleep a bit this afternoon, and rest before everyone came over. He also made lunch, dinner and went to get batteries while Taryn went down for the night. I feel bad that I can't do much and I am feeling a bit lazy with the things I am doing. I know, major surgery, I know 9.4 oz baby, but when you see people cleaning around you, it's hard not to want to start helping out. My feet are still swollen and swelling pretty bad, I can't wait for this to end too. I did get some things done, I got the changing table moved around a bit and organized, got some of the bottle and other supplies cleaned up and Bob helped me get the items together that need to be sterilized. This was a good thing, and a good day. Bob also got spit up on A LOT, peed on and if she were pooping better, I am sure he would have gotten a little of that too.
We are trying to work on getting our days and nights worked out so Taryn went to bed at around 11:30 p.m. and we have all the lights and TV off in our room. This is what everyone says to do too and what worked best.. I am such a new mommy, I have gone in and checked on her at LEAST 4 times from the time I started this blog and checked e-mail. It seems to be working, not the new mom part, the sleeping part. How long does it take for this part to ware off?

Friday, March 28, 2008


We go home tomorrow, I am ready but I am also really happy that we got as much time at the hospital as we did. I had a slight melt down tonight and a little one this morning so I am assuming the baby blues have kicked in. I know this is all normal but man, what a horrible thing to happen, I am not sure why your body/mind does this when you need it most but thankfully Bob is very supportive and understanding that this is not my normal mind and or thought process.
We are at a learning hospital so there are times when students are walking around interacting with patients and say things even when they don't know what is true or even correct. This is and can make things harder for someone thinking that they are speaking to a Dr and the information is accurate. This is even harder when a student comes in at 9 a.m. and tells you that this is the day you are going home, even if you have not met with your Dr, they have no idea who your Dr is and other than giving birth, knowing your situation or charting. I.E. breakdown #1 this morning. I was also having a hard time this evening when we had to get things ready to go home, we had two new nurses that I had not met before and neither were big talkers, ok neither of them spoke period. So far, I have really fallen in love with the staff of nurses here, they are all very sweet, understanding and have been attentive to both myself and Taryn. It was hard for me to get ready to go, get all of the paperwork ready, try to get myself in the shower and feel supported to get myself ready and help getting myself back in order from someone that would come in, write down information then leave, not from this department. Normally, no I would not care but being somewhat independent, it's really hard to depend on someone else, someone that you don't know and with your most intimate details of your life and body when they are, well, lets just say not at your best. (Breakdown #2) but this is where Bob comes in and saves the day. I am planning a shower in the morning now and we got everything else done that we needed to do. I feel better, and we got new nurses at 11, the one is new but very sweet, the PCA person never answered her phone, but I called the nurse and she came to aid with what I needed. I am still a little weepy but know I am ok, we are ok and yes I will feel better if I cry. Thankfully, I will be home for the next few days so I won't be some mad woman at Babies R Us again when the tears kick in like when I was pregnant.
The good news is, the crazy is not all tears, I have had these laughing attacks too that are actually pretty funny, seems as if the crazy is not bias to any one thing. All in all, I really do feel good and have for the most part loved every moment after having her. Its crazy but it's really true that you do forget the pain and hard time I was having pregnant and it was all worth it. It's not easy to hear at the time and never helped but once it came down to it and it really happened, it was all worth it. She's worth it.
So, how I feel:
My back hurts where I got my Epi and there was a spot that started hurting when I got it, or was getting it that was on my tailbone and that spot hurts too. My feet are swollen, I thought the insides of my ankles swelling a bit was bad when I was pregnant but this is insane swelling, the tops of my feet and toes all the way to my thighs are swollen, it goes down during the day but I wake up to it every morning and the Dr's say it will last up to 10 days. I can deal with that as long as it does go away. My headache is off and on but keeps me from sleeping as much as my hormones, so that's not helping, it will be nice to be in my own bed with my own pillows and get some sleep soon. Even if I do have someone getting me the good crushed ice and water when needed, he's coming with me anyway (:D) so that's ok with me. My incision is still covered with my binding and that's hurting a little but I am thankful that I have been good about working out so I know that next day burn is part of what happens when your body goes thru a lot. I know that my muscles have been thru a lot, pulling and stretching more than they ever have but they are working themselves into a good place and the meds are helping. It's really strange looking at my belly now, it looks better, not as big but shes not there anymore and it still has a lot of it's same form. I have no idea why I expected it to just droop and sag, crazy? Who knows. My milk is coming in so now I have a new change and pain. Nothing I have ever had to deal with in my lifetime and something I can't wait to end. Just one more joke of pregnancy and wanting to sleep on your stomach. In the end I can't say I feel bad, I don't. I feel really good and honestly at this time, I feel accomplished, my daughter is feeding well and taking to her feedings like a champ, we are learning this process well and keeping Bob involved in feedings, he's been great about staying involved even if he can't be the one to feed her and he's got a good job of burp duty and helping change sides. It makes me feel better that he is involved in the process, it's good bonding for he and Taryn too.
That's all for now. More news from the home front once we get settled in. Who knows, there could be a fashion show soon as Taryn is wearing things that don't have feet on them :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We heard your cries for more!!!

So Taryn and I are sitting here, chillin'. Big daddy went for a walk and some "power" fries... He needs his carbs to keep going. Wanted to load a few more pictures from today, she's a whole day older and wiser, we are feeding at the every 3 hour mark almost consistently today, this is a good thing. I am feeling good too, didn't take pain meds after the first time but I am planning to take them tonight so we can all get a little rest. No sleeping pills for me, that's too hard on my body right now, I am having a hard time trying to stay awake when feeding during the day.
Taryn met Emilie, Colette, Rebekah, Karla, Penny, Patti, Adam and Stefanie. Grandma Sally was here most of the day helping out, we are so glad, she makes it easier for mom to get around and Taryn to not feel left out (yea, right) and Grandma Sandy stopped in before going to the show.

Here's dad getting better at his burping skills, Taryn getting better at her sleeping thru dad talking skills.
Here's Taryn zonked out after a long day... some good feedings and some new friends.

Here's Taryn with her eyes open for the first length of time. She's really looking around and was alert for an hour or so! Also, two thirds of me today.

Here's how tall she is, look at those legs! She's lost 7 oz but to hold her, you would never know it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess Who We Met!!!!!

Welcome Welcome Welcome
Miss Taryn Ryan
9lbs, 4.9 oz, 20 inches
Little Miss Fashionably Late Showed at 22:16 (10:16 pm)

The above two pictures are from yesterday, Grandma Sally came in and was shocked and almost speechless when the nurse rolled you in. We are not surprised, I mean your too pretty for words, Grandma Sally figured that out quickly. I was on the phone getting the insurance all worked out and you and Grandma Sally had a nice chat (see above) and you explained how our day went.

We didn't sleep well on Easter night, we had a lot going on and I think daddy and I were both freaked enough just getting to now. We slept about two solid hours, daddy slept a bit longer, which is good, he didn't sleep well the whole week. Got up around 5 and started the post below then got off line and finished getting ready. Repacked the overnight bag and got everything ready to go. I need to mention I was really scared at this point in time, the future holds something unknown and I didn't know where my range of emotions began or ended. The phone rang at 6:35 ish and the hospital told us we were ready to come in. We got everything in the car and were out the door before 7 and were checked in to the hospital before 8. Got in the room and were attached to machines that would deliver me fluids and medicine to start the contractions. We started slow but worked our way up and by noonish we were doing well. Daddy ran to the car to move things then went to grab a bite from the cafe. During that time my Dr came in (didn't expect him there that early) and actually broke my water himself. It was nice to have him there, something comforting that there was not just one more person I didn't know poking on us. Daddy came back in and Grandma Sandy stopped by with food (that I could not have) and he actually ate. Good thing, the day was just going to get longer. After my water was broken, the contractions did get stronger, I wanted to walk or sit on the ball but there was no good time to get set up while everything else was going on. We made it to 3 and then checked again and I had hit a 4, this is when they say I can have my epi, and so I did. We had piggybacked contractions for about an hour before and I was getting tired and needed the break. The dr came in and started setting up and I was getting freaked, I cried a bit but not as bad as I thought, I think I really held strong. Scared but set up, I finally could relax a bit and get a nap myself. I slept off and on from 4 to 6, having to wake up and roll over every half hour. It was nice to lay back and get some sleep. Checked again at 6:30 before Nurse Karen (super great nurse!) was leaving, we were at a strong 4/5 not enough change, ugg. Nurse Ginny came in and told me a story about the hula and prayer and how it helps with contractions and getting things moving. Cute, she was nice and really did help me out a lot. We also got a surprise of Grandma Judy coming up, that was unexpected. We did what we could but 8:3o came and we were still not moving along like we needed to. We did the above and beyond in the next hour, pumped up the pitocin to a 12/13 and started moving as much as we could to get things going as fast as we could. This was where the guilt kicked in that I took the epi instead of walking the halls or doing something else on my own. 9:30 came and went, Nurse Ginny checked one last time with a hope and a prayer, we were at a 7 but she was not moving down, Ginny said there was "just a lot of space" she didn't understand why this was happening, we were doing everything right, we were contracting beautifully and it just was not working.

By now, Grandma Judy and now Grandma Sandy were both there, and I was getting started to get prepped for this big and sudden change. I wanted to cry, long and loud, I was freaking out in my head but was trying to keep it all together because it really was not about me at this point, we had someone that needed me calm in order to have her life start well. Super Doc came in and got the ball rolling, checked me one last time and agreed with Ginny, we were contracting perfectly, did all we could there was nothing that I was not trying to get going but something was not right, she would not drop. This was the safe option and what we needed to do for both of us even if we wanted natural, we did all we could up until this point in time. Within a matter of minutes, there was a scrub nurse that popped her head in and introduced, an anaesthesia resident and Dr, my Dr, husband and random nurses all around. The grandmothers were sent off to the waiting room and I was already shot up with a crazy mix of cocktails, drinks, pills and injections. Off to the operating room we went, Bob soon to follow behind in his new paper attire. Going in the room everything happened quickly, I was moved from one bed to another, layed back and had to put my arms on two boards, more shots and changes and a screen that went up right in front of my face and everyone started working. Pressure on my stomach, changes happening so fast then Bob started taking pictures. Super said "Oh, now we know what caused it, shes sunny side up" so this means posterior or facing out and in the wrong position to come out naturally and or very easy. A moment later, hear him then say "Wow, she's big". Then more squishing and moving and Bob got to go with the nurse to weigh Taryn. Yes folks, you saw it here first. NINE POUNDS, all by herself, no wonder my back hurt. I normally would never subject another woman to having her photo taken on a scale of all things, but this is a one time shot and we can call some of it water weight ;) hee hee.

So, long story short, they cleaned me up and we went to recovery, where I proceeded to throw up my cocktail (that was not good going down and worse coming up but thankfully no aftertaste!) then settle into being so tired I could not function for about 20 minutes. We got in a little quality time before visitors started showing up (grandmas there, remember) and they went with daddy to the nursery while they cleaned Taryn up and got her in APGAR checked (we got a 9/8 btw) so all is well, 10 fingers, 10 toes, good looks, good brain and what more can you ask for? We did really well!
So, today starts a new story, thankfully one that includes me losing weight, touching my toes soon and this beautiful new girl. Should get exciting from here, Taryn and I are sitting in bed looking at her hands. She has Grandma Sally and my hands, and yes Aunt Lisa, she did already mention piano lessons. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures, sorry there are not more, we don't have a lot of excitement after the delivery, we are all just getting to know one another.

Monday, March 24, 2008

5:45 A.M. Day 289......

Today is it.. Fingers crossed the final day.
Woke up at 4:30, the one in the a.m. not so much fun... Lay in bed trying to think of what needs to be done, wondering if the hospital has the right phone number.
4:50 - Get out of bed finally, very tired, got to sleep somewhere around 2 after a hard night and a stabbing in my toe.. Yes, a real one, dropped the stupid razor and sliced my toe perfectly, big toe, right foot, snoopy band-aid and no painted nails, totally forgot on Saturday that Sunday was Easter.
5:00 downstairs, vanilla yogurt and an egg bagel for breakfast, heartburn still here, two tums later, still here. Time for more water.
5:30 looking at the note in the kitchen, hmm... still have not called, wonder if they do have the right number. They have till 6 then I call to make sure, I am sure they do, we have been admitted twice to the WE-U. Going to straighten my hair, I look like Monica in that one friends... Yikes!
6 a.m. No call yet. Getting off here, time to shut down the P.C and wait like a normal crazy person (does that mean watch TV and try to think of things I don't need but should bring to the hospital?)

Have a good day all... it's a big one for us.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

78th Post and we go to the hospital tomorrow...

I have no idea what the 78 has to do with other than it told me I had 77 posts and I thought, Man I talk and type a lot.
We go to the hospital tomorrow, I looked in the Birthday book and tomorrow is a good day to be born. Good Birthday, seems all is well and going well for the 24th of March. that makes me feel better. I must have
I am freaking out that I put my sewing Machine away, it's so odd. I have now wanted to sew in months, I got in there for 2 weeks? now I am uneasy putting it away.. Odd? I think so. I got a lot done, I will get more done again, I am not going to keep it put away but for now, we are going to take some time to get used to being a family.
expected, the big joke today is if or when I will sleep.I am worried about tomorrow, I mean it's a big step, a bigger change and a longer lasting effect. I am really worried about the ouchie tomorrow, I mean this is not like a filling (I called it a filling today to Lisa, she called it a root canal) not sure what to expect, not sure anyone really can say for sure, it's all so different and individual. I am scared and nervous, I mean I guess it's to be Last night, I slept from 3 am till almost 6 am, it was so bad I watched Hell Boy on regular TV, Lisa laughed because not only did I watch Hell Boy but I watched it with commercials even! Ya, that's bad. (shakes head)
Something about it all does not feel real yet, I guess it won't till it happens, Bob says he's calm, he's fine and it's not a big deal it's just what happens next, but he's not slept in days and I swear he lemon pledged thew whole house, not that I suggest sniffing bathrooms but ya, there too. I was finishing sewing something yesterday and smelled cigarette and he accidentally walked in the house after he lit his, he's got a lot on his mind...
All the Pack n Plays have been put together, the toys are put away, the computer has not been moved yet but that loses out Internet connection so Bob's still working on that for the first week while she's home and in our room. It's my stupid fault, I have no idea why we didn't get connections in all the rooms when we had the house built.
Rambling already, I know..
I started putting away long sleeve maternity tops that I am hoping not to wear but they are all clean. I have some pants out but put some of the less worn in the bag too, they are mostly winter, so I am not sure what to do with them all yet. I have a friend at work that I plan to give my tall girl stuff to, but not sure what to do with it all. I guess that's not really a worry at this point in time.
I tried to take a few pictures of our last day at home alone. Not sure what all will change, but I can promise, there will be so many fewer pictures of my belly! She likes the right side right now.

Bob rotated the dryer door (yes, I know now? Really? didn't you need that more the last month?) it's going to be nice, and now that I will be able to bend down to the washer level it will be even more helpful. Bob's been transferring most of the laundry this past few weeks, maybe that's what it takes?

I got Thomas' gift done, finally, and yes Kate I am spoiling it for you now but you still have to wait for it to be mailed. It's a towel hoodie a SHARK one. I designed it myself, like the fin?? I thought it was cute. The teeth are ribbon, triangle fold and sewn, it was my own idea, I am pretty proud. I can't wait to finish Audrey's, it's going to be so cute, it's a Lion.

Yes, he also was cleaning cameras this weekend, and no joke, this is what I walked into in the kitchen, it's like a little army. I have no idea who does this other he but it was soo funny, on the kitchen table, in front of the clif bars and oranges.

Last but not least, NO ONE OPEN THE CLOSET DOOR! Holey cow! That's a lotta stuff... Actually, it all fit, it's a bit crunched but the door opens (opens in the closet thank you) and closes, the sewing machine is in there, along with 10 king size pillows, 5 king and queen comforters, 2,465 flannel jackets/pullovers (seriously, there are 20+), 10 coats, one Sewing table, 5 boxes of material, a bunch of sewing machine parts, 5 shelves of sheets, 4 different 20 + yard sets of material still on the roll, 3 vases, a Christmas stocking box FULL of ribbon, a box of patterns, another box of binding and other tools, a box of storage for bills and cards and a box of CD cases (yes, that need to go, does anyone remember me bending anytime in the past month?) and maybe some bad 90's Cd's but we won't go there. The rest of the room is somewhat clean, other than that blue box, that makes my statement above false, not everything fit.... One large heavy box of material that I really tried to use! It's so hard right now , when I made the diaper bags for charity I was all over the floor, I never realized how much bending and stretching it takes to cut patterns and make patterns. I will get there.. But oh well, it's still clean and you can see the floor, there are not tables all over the room , the computer will have a place to go (see glass top desk) and I will be back in there sewing one day.

Somehow the vacuum isn't working so well so Bob is fixing that so we can finish the floor in there. I did finish a few other items, but not so much fun right now to post. I am getting in the shower then going to try to go to bed... wish me luck and fingers crossed the next post and pictures will be tomorrow (if we can get them loaded) and of Baby Girl Better Late Than Never..

Morgan came up with two more names... Patricia and Marie, she thinks it would be fun for the baby to have a name kind of like mine but she will be Patricia, not Tricia. Kim tried to tell her I think 15 times that my real name is Patricia but I just use the Tricia part, didn't work. She does like Marie and likes that Bob's sister is named Marie, if I go over there and she has new jewelery, we will know that Marie really did call even if she could not get a good flight in.
Guess everyone will know her name tomorrow, just pray we can agree when we see her. Wow, this is all happening really fast now.

11:30 P.M. Happy Birthday Mom... Tomorrow, we are hoping for someone new to have their own.

**Spoiler Alert!** Happy Birthday (No, theres no baby yet)

Mom - Lisa and Shari - Don't look -- Skip this Entry or ruin your own surprise ---

So, weeks ago I was thinking I needed to get my mother something for her birthday early... I am starting to think that I know where this kid gets it...YIKES! Ok, so I was going to get some Harry and David stuff with the help of my sister and a few funny e-mails back and forth, a few bad days, some pony tail holders and an i-tunes gift card...walks into a bar.. no, seriously.. So then I forget and realize that 1. I have no kid here yet and 2 No dice at the there is a Harry and David in the mall and I need to walk to get this kid movin! mall, time is running short and then I remembered this little thing I saw on a blog. Crayon Roll Cases, they were so cute, Maybe I cold make one of those for her embroidery needles? Ok, seriously $15 for that? It holds like 6.. No way, I can find better..

So, I was online and started thinking where to look and low and behold I loved the Pink Chalk Studio instructions and they were on her birthday last year! It's a sign :O... ok, it's not a sign but what a quinkie dink! No Problem 24 X 10, each holder is 1 1/4". That does not seem like so much, you know me, gotta go bigger! Mine is 36 X 22 double sided, holds on each side and folds together in the center (so they don't fall out one end) Ties and has a handle (seen below)

Yes, Bigger, holds 65 (whatevers) needles.. I don't have any so I used some hem liners that I have that are flat.

First, let me jut say that my Godmother and my father are laughing their ASSES off..
I am not a fan of bias tape, we all know this, and this is why a lot of my stuff does not get done (yes Kate, that is what we are all waiting on!) and I get this whole thing done and Oh, Ouch what the Hell.. Are you kidding me -- An INCH!! So, I yell out "SonofaBitch! All I need is an extra Inch" Bob is in the other room laughing "I've heard that joke but never heard a woman say that before!" Oh that Bob's a funny one...

So, you can roll it or fold it flat and tie it together.. but, this is it.. Thoughts?

**Spoiler** I made some towels for my sister in law for her birthday coming up and we won't make it out to their house this year for the 4th so I thought these would be cute...
**Spoiler 2** I made my sister some tennis towels, I really like the towel, it's microfiber and if you click the picture you can see it says I Heart Tennis all over the ribbon. Cute!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quick note - Pray for Emilie...

I remember the flood of 93 like it was yesterday, actually, not sure how many of you know this but I was in it. We (thankfully) lived at the top of a hill in the center of the worst of it, the big part they are sandbagging now. I was scared, we ended up having to drive 15 minutes out of our way to leave our apartment back then, because the road was closed, houses were sliding down the hill and the water would not end. We did a lot that summer, it was a time I will never forget, I had just moved back from Indy and things were changing a lot. I had an apartment, not a lot of anything else, a crappy couch, a bed, at TV (that sadly I still have) and a table that we actually stole from the side of the road that was actually a wire tube and we covered it with cardboard and a sheet. What else did you need?
Emilie and her family were forced to leave their HOUSE (not apartment) last night, from a good area but she's too close to a creek bed that is rising fast. It's crazy when your 18/19 and you can lose your crappy couch when you don't make much. I can't imagine losing my HOUSE, that my 4 kids live in and I just painted, with a brand new baby and a 4 year old... It's hard enough on the older two but with the younger it's hard to change so quickly. Thankfully they had a place to go and friends that can lift things that helped them get out but maybe a little boost prayer would get them back home and maybe a little help so they don't have to do this all summer long.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, I guess I can still hope to have this kid naturally. I am really wanting to go tomorrow.. The 22nd would mean a lot to me. Tyler would be so excited too, I mean it was his birthday first. Either way we are almost there, I don't know what to expect, but then again....

Looking back I guess I didn't expect my belly to be the size it really is today. I didn't expect to have big dry patches on my arms, have to use special soaps, have so many emotions, outbursts, thankfully not so much heartburn, swelling when I know I eat bad and sit for too long, and my hair not to grow almost at all for a year. I didn't expect my fingernails to thin, my hips to hurt so bad I can't sit or lay in one place for over 45 minutes, to fall in love with any type of body pillow, to actually be warmer when I sleep than I was before, for my allergies to really calm down a lot and not to curse myself in 3 days of having this baby but I have not mentioned once that I have not had a migraine (knock on wood) the whole time. That is a HUGE DEAL! I expected to like foods that I normally don't, didn't really happen but I did eat more tomato's and beef, no change for pickles, don't know if I expected to have morning sickness, that I didn't get, I didn't know I would not like sausage, vinegar, and egg rolls, and sweets would make my stomach turn, I didn't expect that God would ever let a pregnant woman go without ice cream but this one didn't like it at all, and who knew that my fingers would be so dry that they would crack and bleed, but only the thumb and first finger. I have not had that happen in years, I worked in billing and shuffled paper the last time it did, that's how I found out I was allergic to paper. I didn't expect to have my belly button go inside out, EWW! I have always had great stomach muscle control, I only pray that I get that back, and my belly button goes back to where it belongs.
I didn't know what to expect
with Bob, but he's really been great, only one more test (Zoiks!) I didn't expect to get a creative slump for 10 months, that kinda sucked, I didn't expect to lose all my sleep before she even gets here, and speaking of that, I didn't expect that she would be a she. I didn't expect that I would not get my way on her name either, it's really nice that Bob has an opinion and I am glad we are figuring this out together. I didn't expect my job would change, but that's got nothing to do with this. I expected the room to be done faster, I expected that i would have some yoga like quality and be able to bend like I normally can, I expected that I would still have no problem driving but my belly would touch the steering wheel (yes, I am nutty and holey cow would that have been a lot!).
I expected that I would feel all maternal and get some 6th sense of what needed to be done and just do it before it was even time. I suppose I am so scared now because my friends said the same things and were shocked when their babies were not listening to their spidey sense. I didn't expect to be so scared, I didn't expect to worry so much already, I didn't expect that I would look so forward to a Dr's visit because it was the only thing that was telling me everything is fine. I didn't expect that contractions would feel like cramps, I didn't really ever get cramps before this. I also didn't expect that I would lose so much of my mind, I can normally remember a lot and keep things in order for the household, not happening so much these days. I think the big thing is I didn't expect the experience to be all that it is, there have been really great times, things that have made Bob and I closer than we were before, things that got me more in tune with my body and my mind.
I expected that I would be able to relax and read, never happened, just the same line or page over and over.
I should have expected that everything in life changes and this is just one of those things, one of those crazy, great, wonderful, scary, hard, sucky, mean, thankful, everyday things...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ravings of a mad pregnant woman.. Caution F word below...

74 Postings and she's not here yet... Sounds like the start to a bad joke. I am waiting for Bob to get home so we can watch Lost. I was watching Season 2 of Project Runway. Not sure who watches that from work and reads this but Santio reminds me of Sam...Something about his rambling and the way he talks, funny thing is he's from St.Charles! Cracked me up.
Went to the Mall today, went to Pottery Barn and Macy's and found nothing.. Got Bubble Tea without the bubble, not in the mood for tapioca. I am on a massive sugar kick today, I ate a packet of Peeps, and almost a whole sleeve of GS Cookies.. WTF! I have done so well so far, what was going on with me. I think I am sad, scared and ready all at once.
Patti called, she said "What time is Monday anyway?" I said "We get there at 6:30 or we leave whenever they call actually, why?" She says " I just wanted to know what time to get there" I laugh and say "You can come up when we call you, I will not let you in before that". She then says "Don't you need support and people there>", "No, I have a lot going on and this is a big thing for me, I need Bob and I need to be calm, the last thing I need is anyone else in the room while I am in pain and scared" I then end with "I don't want to hurt your feelings but please don't come up until we call, I will not let you in".
People This is not a picnic! This is not a party! This is my life, I am not on a show, or part of a show. I am fine if Melissa wants to tape her delivery or if anyone else wants to do what they want. I have had friends that recently went into labor and were there for 26 hours THEN had a C-Section! You think you have seen crabby outta me? Try to crash my labor, that's gonna get you looking like Charlie Rose!

Love to you all, seriously but for the Love of all that is good and holey, treat me like I am a person, I am not holding up anyone's life (she's doing that on her own, I am doing all I can to get her here), I am not stopping the world from spinning, I am not your entertainment, and for God sake, I am not HIDING anything! FUCK! Cut me some slack, treat me like you understand how I feel.. I am being a drama queen here, Yes, please get me a mirror... No More.. Seriously, if this is disrupting your fucking life so much, don't talk to me, make it easier on us both, don't fucking call me and Huff in my Fucking Ear because things are not happening the way YOU want them to happen! My body is aching, and sore, and swollen, I feel like I am failing already even having this kid on time and I can't sleep and I can't eat half the things I want, I can't and have not had a drink in months, and I am not a big drinker but YES I NEED ONE NOW! Some of you are mothers and shame on you, I say it again SHAME ON YOU! Try to bring yourself to the point when things were happening to you and you wanted/needed understanding and a friend. I am sure I will get over this, I am sure I will be one of those people that remembers only the grand times and say things like I miss having her in my belly, and I remember _____ (insert mush here) but good really, treat me like this is my life, like I am your friend, daughter, relative, whatever.. that this is something that happens and something that is happening... This is not a soap opera, this is not reality tv, this is not happening at your leisure. I know that I have talked to many of you when you were pregnant and God forbid I was ever a bitch or said some of the things that were rude. I promise you this, your words can be hurtful, more hurtful that you know, more selfish and I can do without it. I don't need to hear that I was Swollen, or that I look Puffy, that I sound tired or what some have called bored but really is pain.
Wonder what kind of crazy I will be without any sleep at all??
Anyone have a white coat I can borrow, I would prefer silver on the straps but my wedding ring isn't fitting now so Gold would be ok too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Randoms Rantings today.....Good Lord this is long!

So, I am home, bored, and alone. This is what my day is like.

Midnight to 1. get up an p at least once, go back to bed, try to remember what side I was laying on so I can lay on the other and not have to roll over as soon.
3 to 4 - Repeat above.
4 to 5- roll over at least 3 times, sleeping really light, the house is so warm!
5:10 - Alarm goes off.. Snooze
5:15 - TV alarm goes off, Channel 2 playing in the background, I can hear weather and traffic, please God don't let there be traffic at 5 am!
5:20 - Find Bob (usually on the couch these days, I feel bad but I get he's getting better sleep) call to him and tell him it's time to get up.
5:20 - Alarm goes off again - Snooze
5:30 - Alarm goes off again - Snooze - Get up, yell down stairs to Bob again to get up, he complies and I am sure rolls over.
5:40 - Alarm goes off again - Snooze - Huff loudly if I do not hear the shower going by now. Get up, go to the top of the stairs, tell bob is' almost 6 am and get is butt up and that I am not getting up again to tell him.
5:45 - Shower starts -
5:55 - Bob lays down in bed, says he's watching weather/traffic
6:00 - Alarm goes off again - Wake Bob back up - Don't snooze... Go down stairs and figure out what I want for breakfast and pray the alarm annoys the hell out of him.
6:10 - Bob comes down stairs, dressed and ready, goes out side to "start the car" (smoke before he brushes his teeth)
6:15 - Bob is back inside, upstairs teeth brushed, hair fixed, and is walking out the door.
6:20 - Breakfast made, and I am sitting in bed eating (cereal, and or yogurt most days)
6:30 - Hmm, shower or nap? Nap, go back to sleep until 8
8:00 am. Up, not in the mood to shower now, brush my teeth again and figure out what I am doing. Rain? Movies or sewing... Sun? try to figure out where I can go that's not too much of a trip if my back starts hurting badly
8:15 - Sitting in front of the computer trying to use the ball to get this kid into position. Stretching and trying to move her in the right spot so I can walk around longer. Checking random mail, friends blogs, my blog for comments. Some things I found today.
Lost Camera site it's really funny, I mean nice that people can give back your camera, but it starts to make you wonder about some of those pictures you take!
62Cherry - this is a site to show Debbi and my ma. Knitting chick, kinda funny.
Another is A Friend to Knit With - cute, and the cookies on the site sound really good!
There is this one that seems to have a little of everything Bella Dia.
Now to the sewing sites, I live this one Comfy & Cosy it's cute.
The little girl on this site looks like Maxine - she's so cute. Mi.
A little of everything at My art is my outlet. She does a lot there that I really like.

(somewhere in my wanderings on line)
9-ish - Phone rings - Friend "So, you in labor?" Me already bored with this conversation "Yup, can I call you back?" Friend "OMG, Really??" Me "Hell, no, Why would I answer my phone to talk to anyone if I were in labor" Friend - Laughs a little "I was wondering if I really did catch you, I was thinking OH Shit Where's Bob?" Random conversation after that ends in a few moments.
9-ish again Phone rings - Melissa - "Well? What did the Dr say?" Me "Said no dice, we are still waiting, 24th is End game, go in for Induction finally, not so happy but oh well, at least theres a date" Melissa "What the hell is his deal, he does not even need to Fing be there until she's about to come out, who does he think he is, this is a buncha crap, I would be so pissed if I were uou, you should call them and you know what you should..." Me cutting her off "This is SO NOT HELPING!" Melissa "Sorry, I know, I am pissed about this, call me later"
10ish - phone - Neighbor - "Why are you at home" (Thinking in my head.. Stop answering the phone) Me "Because I live here, Why are you not at home (knowing the answer)" neighbor "We are babysitting, my brother took the baby to the Dr, but seriously, why are you at home, you were suppose to be induced yesterday." Me "No, I was not, I said he only induces on Mondays, you decided that was my date, it was never agreed by the Dr." Neighbor "Well, I guess you have to wait till the 27th now. She needs a 7 in her birthday" Me "Ya, cuz this should be all about you and your comfort level now, who really cares about me" Neighbor "well, my phone isn't working so well here(she's out of town) so I wanted to call and make sure you didn't have her" Me "I mean it's not like I get 15 calls a day asking about going into labor. I don't get it, do you really think that we would not leave a message? Do you think I would not call? I don't understand why people think I am treating this like buying a purse and I am just not going to tell anyone. I Promise I will call you but give me the benefit of the doubt that you mean enough to me that I would tell you!" (Me super frustrated by this point) random chatter for a few about her trip and who all they got to see, I am feeling really guilty and like a big bitch by now. Her uncle shows up and she had to go. Within this time I have missed at least 3 other calls.
Call one missed and called back -
Call 1- Patti - "Hello" Me"Hi-a, my phone won't stop ringing" Patti - "Well what did the Dr say?" Me - telling her the same thing I told everyone else so far - Patti "Oh, I bet. Gets frustrating doesn't it, I can remember being pregnant with Erin and your lucky enough that they won't let you go a month over like I did, once Peggy had Arica and I still had not had Erin I just cried and cried" Me- "Ya, I can see that, and these extra days are enough for me" -- Conversation changes we talk about a million different things. - Her boss calls, - she'll call me back
Call 2 - Cousin - "Hello" Me "Hi and don't even ask, I am so sick and tired of answering the same question and feeling like people don't believe3 me that I would call if I went into fucking labor! I really do want to talk to people but I can't answer the same questions over and over and over without wondering what kind of person they think I am" cousin - "um well, I" Me "Sorry, I am a big bitch today and just frustrated with the calls, I am fine, I am home and no there is no baby here that I am hiding from the world" Cousin - "Well, let me tell you about my day (FINALLY! Thank God, a conversation!)..." and we talked for a while.
Call 3 - Chad - "Hello" Me "Hi, at home, not doing a whole lot, ... tell him what the DR says, but all is well" Chad "Well, that's good and Monday's not too far off" Me" I feel bad, tell him what I said to other neighbor" Chad - laughs a little "Ya, I am glad you women do this part, so let me know what you want for dinner after she's here (Chad is a great cook, we are so thankful to have them as neighbors) Me "Hmm (tearing up a little, this is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day) I just don't know, I am in pregnancy mode and can't think of what I really want. " Chad "Well, think about it, were here if you need us" Me "Well, I talked to Kim the other day and your daughter seems to have the best outlook on this. She said if the car is gone for along time, we are at the hospital, (laugh a little) but just so you know, Bob had your numbers in his cell phone now so your on the cal list. Unfortunately for you, your one of the few in the neighborhood so you can keep getting those calls from the others" Chad "It's the least we can do, Welp (if Kim reads this she'll laugh at that part) Welp, I gotta get going, (he was doing something but I can't remember now what it was) keep is in the loop!" Me "Will do and thanks!" (Finally feeling better, feeling even more guilty about neighbor talk, I just don't understand why of all people she would think I just would not call, my feelings are hurt and I am feeling bad that I hurt hers.

Holey Cow - It's already 11:30 - I am hurting from sitting here, I can't believe today I made it this long.
11:35- Lay down for a bit.
1:00 - Wake up, didn't mean to sleep that long but I feel better.
1:05 - Should have dried my hair, now trying to fix it so I don't look like some crazy bag lady.
1:15 - Lunch - Bob and I went to the grocery store together last night, not usually a good thing, we spend more when he's there. But, I did get brownschweiger (sp?) and so I had a sandwich with havarti (sp again) cheese, it was good, normaly I eat brownschweiger on white bread with nothing on it, unless I am at Leroys and I can get crispy lettuce and good tomatos. I have gotten Bob to actually like Pepperidge farm bread, we get the 9 grain. I am normally not the type of person to try to sell people on bread but I have done a lot of looking and this is one of the few that does not use High Fructose Corn syrup in their bread. Not only does it taste better but it is better for you and less sugar in your day, how can you fight that? I also had some chips and dip with my sandwich. Hmmm, baby not moving so much. Sit on the couch, lean back and relax to get her going.
1:45 - still not a whole lot going on down there.... Hello!!!??
1:50- Break out the nectarine. Cut one up and grab the rest of the strawberries, if nothing else will get her going, this will. A little movement, not a lot, lay back and move my belly around a bit. "Hello! If your running out of room theres' more out here!" WHACK! Big kick, I think that means shut up and get me an orange! Sigh a little and lay back to see how many kicks I can get.

Dr says 10 a day now, not 2 times a day, she's running out or room. (Well, HELLO, my skin is about to rip off from the center. I feel like a turkey, my belly looks like the thanksgiving turkey, skin all shiny and looks like one false move and it's going to peel back.

3:00 - Must have fallen asleep, I got about 5 to 6 kicks before I did so I do feel better. I need to get moving, I was planning to go to the mall, I have to do a little running but really , I have no mall wear to get me there. I guess it's the same ol pants not so much a surprise these days that I am wearing the same thing. I am running out of shirts, I feel like one of those old men at the baseball game, holding on to their youth but not holding in the edge of the belly. I have few shirts that are long enough, I am walking around with my hand at the bottom of my shirt, holding it down. What a dork!

3:15 - Go upstairs to find a shirt to wear that won't make me look like crap, thankfully everything I own is in a laundry basket and wrinkled to death! Ok, one shirt, nice, plain, blue, big I can go with this.

3:30 - Not feeling so hot all of a sudden. (don't get your hopes up, its a boring ending) Pain , feels like a contraction? Ya... kind of does, but this is a little different, hurts more, hmm.. Maybe I will sit down for a while.
3:40 0-Finally sit down, after turning on disc two of House Season 1 - I should at least have something to do.
3:44 - Contraction - Hurts a little, makes me wonder, should I get a clock with a second hand? All I have is my cell phone.
Head up stairs to find my watch...Ouch every once in a while. One actually stopped me from walking... Hmmmm
4:20 back to House, can't find the stupid watch, I will just count - I should be looking for 40 seconds to a minute from what I remember
4:24 - Contraction - yup, still hurts, not the same hurt as before, seems strange for some reason.
4:34 - Yup, seem about 10 min apart
4:45 - Bob's home from work, having a contraction as he walks in the door. I tell him I am not feeling well. He looks at me funny and sits on the other couch.
5:15 - Phone Rings - It's too far to reach and Bob's asleep - Let it ring...
5:30 - Phone Rings again - Mom- "Hi, I didn't call earlier, I got wrapped up in a movie" Me "hope it was a good one" Random talking -- 5:34 contraction, thankfully she's talking... Bob's awake now and looking at me expecting me to say if I am ok or not. It's not taking my breath away, Dang, why won't these get stronger! -- Keep chatting for a few, tell her I am going to the store soon and I have stuff for her friends Garage sale.
Pretty consistent contractions every 10 minutes apart for 2 hours.. Hmm.. makes me wonder more.. Get another glass of water and walk around the kitchen, not hurting so bad anymore. Shit! Bob looks at me again.. Well, what do you want to do? I am leaving... I need to walk.
7 ish - I give up and go to Walmart, F-it I need to walk around. I get up and go, get there, park mid way in the lot and grab a cart and walk in. I go to the fabric department ( I had to go to the further one, the close one no longer has fabric BOOO On Walmart!) and get filler, I need some so I can finish blankets. Oh, theres Bias tape on clearance, nice! Grab some, because you can never have too much and I have not mastered my Bias Tape Maker yet. It's just not the time for me to mess with it these days. Walk around look at fabric, look at knitting supplies, I just cant' do it, I can't bring myself to knit, crochet or any of that. Feeling defeated, I wonder randomly for about an hour, they no longer hurt, seem to be 12 minutes, 5 minutes, uggg.
8:30 - on my way home. There are cops everywhere, I call Bob "Hey, I had the baby at Walmart, can you come pick us up? me and the baby" Bob "You and that stupid movie" I laugh, he hates all those movies.. cracked me up.. He also asked if I had my house shoes..

8:45 - No more consistent Contractions - Shit! Hmmm, Can't remember the lat time she moved
9:00 - I get on line and Bob's finally relaxing and watching TV. Start typing in my blog and go crazy - This is too long.. I miss having conversations like a normal person.. Who talks about their day like this? Drinking a big glass of water, waiting for her to kick, she does that when I drink something really cold or have too much ice water.
Bob says - If you ate peeps and made me eat them, I would kick you.. Yup.. she kicked right in my ribs, Hard!! I am no longer sure she's really my kid. Maybe it's because they are not stale yet!
10:00 Don't tell my mom-- I got some peeps,, I figure if nothing else works this may, she's still not moving, Peeps are pure sugar, they should get her going.
A Few Peep Shows
Washington Post
Galary Photos
One I really like a lot

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well, the good news is...

Well, the good news is we got the 6a.m. slot for our induction on the 24th. So that's a set date and time if she's not here before! Told you this kids like her father, she's not coming till she has to be pulled kicking and screaming.
Guess I can get get some things done around here. I finished a bib that I bought YEARS ago. It's so old (how old is it), it's so old that when I was finishing the outline the thread would just shred. No good!
I can finish Thomas' thing (Kate still does not kno0w what it is) and if I am feelin spicy I may start on the comforter for Adam and Stef!

Sigh sigh, well at least we have an end game, there will be an end to this soon enough. Lindsey, I am half way hoping you get to go first. At least someone should deliver!

I have been watching a lot of Project Runway (on season 2 now) and as Heidi says "You're either in, or you're out..."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week three at home starting alone..

We are past almost there.. I waited for the DR to all on Friday with no luck. So, I get to call the office tomorrow and I am already not happy about having to deal with his office staff to get a hold of him ever. I expect tomorrow will be better but he and I will have a talk if it's not I am almost sick of the dealings with some of the people and other Dr's in that office.
Well, all of you that wanted a St. Patty's day baby better start praying and or doing you thang to get her here.
Mom came over on Friday and we went to Ruby Tuesdays, it was good. We both got the salad bar and got one half order of Mini Turkey Burgers, with 2 sides, one baby portobello mushrooms and one broccoli. No matter what I get there, it's always too much food. Still, it was really good.
We went to the grocery store after then came back here and cleaned up my sewing room, which was a God sent, I was so overwhelmed with that room I didn't know where to start to get it cleaned up. So, 2 things 1. I am going to post pictures of the baby's room and 2 pictures of my recent work.

The Bedroom pictures will be in another blog either above or below this one. The first picture is the closet with 5 containers of fabric in there, YIKES! One container is Bob's fault because when I made his hoodie, I bought fleece, thinking that's what he wanted, so I have the yardage to make a hoodie but he wanted some hippie hoodie.. I plan to make my mom sweat pants with the leftovers, I just have not gotten there yet. I have one more container than needs to make it's way in the closet but I have to figure out where. There is a ton of coats and jackets in there and this is the closet where we keep our sheets and pillows so it's pretty full, soft but full!

I made this blanket and burp cloth from some scrap I spent about $1.50 on and the cotton filling inside was probably about a buck too.. so, cute and about $2.50 without labor. Bob says he likes it and it's very spring/Eastery.
The Burps below are so cute, Baseballs, I did a red stitching that is a baseball stitch (kind of) it's for Stef and Adam's soon to be little one. I am kind of disappointed that I didn't get enough pictures of the ones I made as gifts for my neighbors new nephew, they left town already but for some stupid reason I didn't take pictures of all of what I made. I have no idea where my brain is these days.

P.S. Kate, yours is almost done, it's the edging that needs to be completed, I may finish it tomorrow if I get the chance. (It's still out and on the couch)

I am trying not to start on anything big/new or time consuming because this is our spare bedroom and I need to make sure there is room if someone is going to actually sleep in here after she's born. Not the baby, my mother or Bob's sister, or Step Mom.

P.S.S. Can we maybe get some role call in here, I would like to know who's out there reading... Sure would like to know if some people in San Fran have addresses yet, any New Yorkers are around and if they feel any better, any friends either at work or beyond are checking in even if I didn't call Arica back yet (gulp) and Melissa called the hospital today because I didn't call her back while I was in the shower... Someones going to need to get me a medic alert bracelet.. I've showered and have not had a baby yet, maybe a clapper, or one of those police collars for at the hospital arrest. You can e-mail if you don't want to leave a comment... Those that have left comments with names or at least something that distinguishes them from others, I know your there and thanks, lots of love and hugs from here, I really appreciate the support!

The Room (in pieces)

Heres the room. I may have to explain some of it...

This is the back wall, I just wanted to show this quilt and how well it goes.

This is my new rocker glider, it's in our room still (while I shred papers)

This is the changing table, it's white, but it works. See how big the world is in the background? My mom thought it was just a picture size, it's really wall size.

This is the hamper/basket that I love, Arica and Angie got me one, I went out and got another because the one if full of blankets.

Closet, on the left, upper bins match the hamper/ basket above. The diapers are all going under the crib soon but I think we are going to move the crib closer to the French doors once they are finished.

Room take 2

I can only load so many pictures per so this is take two.

This is the other side of the closet. Funny how this lamp looks like it has the leaves coming out of it. I think I am going to get another one of these hanging drawer things, I like it and it holds the foldables really well.

French doors, almost there.

This is just an old picture from when we were still painting, but how big the world is on the wall. (hi Bob)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week 40

Went to the Dr. yesterday and still effaced to 70/ 75% and only dilated to 1. Uggg! He says the same thing he always says, "there may be a little bleeding but it's time to get ready, we just need to get there". He gives me a high five for having contractions that wake me most of the night before but still no change. "This is typical in first time mom's, it's hard and I know your are hurting but we'll bet there, this is all normal".
I'm a wreck, most days, at least last week I was, I feel a bit better more centered this week. . Some are better than others but it all just sucks, and I have such a small support system right now that I really don't know who to talk to most days. I don't have the work moms that I could usually talk to about how crappy things are going for all of us then feel better, laugh a little and move on. I have Emilie, don't get me wrong, and I would not live without her at this point in time, she's really there for me and texting gets me thru the day when things are too busy and she can't talk. Melissa is having a really super shitty time right now and I wish I could be there more for her, thats really hard on me, this is the furthest we have ever lived from each other. She's a trooper though and will call me with her shitty news to make me feel better. Crazy, she's such a nut.
I still give, I still can't take it and now I get nightmares, remembering my dad. I keep having this dream about him going to my Godparents house to play cards and I am across the street, yet he never sees me. Uggg again, whatever. Frank gave me a box that has been in his basement for as long as I have been here. A lot of it was cards from when I was born, and there seemed to be a lot of support in those cards, nice to know the people that were around my parents back then. The cards are cute, very 70's of course really big eyes on the girls on the cards. Lots of encouragement and hope for a girl. Seems we get to know these things so much faster these days, I wonder what would have changed if there would have been that technology back then.
In other Frank news:
So, I made this bag, it's funny as hell, made from leftover ties that I made Abbie and Maxine skirts that were Franks. The skirts are really cute, I am not so sure about the purse/bag. I need to get some pictures of the curtains out here, don't I . Let me do that no I made this crazy looking bag/purse, did I mention the purse before? The purse is ok, but very Dr. Seuss, it leans a lot because the thin part (behind the neck) is always in the same place so it's really thin there, I didn't think about that part but all in all for scrap, it's cute, different? Here are the curtains, I worked on them most of the weekend., and thankfully I got skills from my pop and we had to work with what we could get. WE loved the material but it was not enough, or so we thought, I honestly had less than an inch strip of scrap when I was done. Measure 45,000 times , cut once!

I made some burp cloths too, and a bib. I know I mentioned those before, but here are some photos' of what I did. Simple, cute, I really like the look of them. Some were gifts so if there is a chance that one is for you (close your eyes) don't look!