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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

Today is the day last year that we found out Miss T was a MISS not a MR... I was sure she was a HE at first.. I'm so glad she's a girl. We are getting ready for Halloween night and having some girls fun this afternoon...
Here's what we did this week...

Did I mention I am learning to Knit?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Halloween Horror Story -- most of it true...

There once was a man that worked for a corporation that was in the market. All day long, tick tick tick, he worked away. He found this woman very attractive with big hair and started to talk to her a lot. She found him interesting and laughed at all his jokes, he made his move. It worked, she liked him and they went to dinner in a small remote cafe, dark, back in the corner that sat and laughed. They started an affair, the man's wife was at home, she didn't know a thing...

but then, she found out...

Sadly, the man Killed him self in the office, on the second floor to be exact..

and the woman, some say she killed herself too, some say her ghost is still on the second floor.. and you can hear the rattle around the floor and in the bathroom, you always get the reminder of her big hair...............

Not the 80's!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bad Halloween Jokes - Monday --

What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?

I don't know, and I don't care!

HAHAHH bu dum bum!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We need new

Leelou Blogs

We are looking for some new fun with our look. We are planning a lot of changes for fall and it would be great if we won something fantastic!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Last of 6...

My creation
Originally uploaded by Hippiefamily
Well, we are no longer 6 months old. Can you believe it? It's been a half a year and we are so big now..
we have 2 teeth, and planing a few more for this weekend I think
we can crawl
we can pull up on furnature
we can talk a lot, but in another language
we can grab things
we can shake things
we can eat food
we can eat cereal
we can say Da but not to him
we can giggle like there's no tomorrow
we can sing, our own songs of course but we plan to learn a few
we can sleep on our own
we can put our thumb in our mouth, we like the right one
we can type on the computer and push down one key
we can eat apples by ourself as long as they are sliced and we can just grind off some as we go, not a fan of chunks that come off, we spit those out
we are SOOO Big.. and...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Look at this dress!! We want to win it.. I cannot believe the talent this woman has in her sewing ability. I would LOVE to be able to do this.. I would also love to have the time to do this!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We set up our Site... We are not all set yet but we are getting there...

So, I have to admit, I was scared, I still am... Everyone wants to be loved, and appreciated, right? Ok, so I set up an Etsy site and am planning to put our little tag blankets out there and maybe a few other things. We started off with Barrettes and sold a few at work to friends (YA) and loaded a few up.

Here's our link:

I decided tonight that everything we sell from now until January, we are going to donate a dollar each item to the National Braille Press. It's such an amazing foundation and so hard to understand until you are there. Imagine, not being able to read, not because of literacy but because there was nothing available in your language.
Harry Potter weighs 12 pounds in braille? Do you know how long that must have taken to translate? It's just amazing to me, and hits so close to home.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I got teeth, yes I do

I got teeth, yes I do
Originally uploaded by Hippiefamily
Oh yes. we got a pic of the teeth.. Just wanted to share that.. more on our pumpkin experience later.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

List 10. I AM...

Go on, sing it.. Yes yes, I hear you roar!

1. I am a wife
2. I am a mother
3. I am a daughter
4. I am a sister
5. I am a friend
6. I am a cousin
7. I am an aunt
8. I am a niece
9. I am a woman
10. I am done with my lists of 10... there were 10, starting on 10.10.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

List 9. I Listen

A wumba wa, a wumba way.. Kidding, ok no more...

This list should be all music but who knows when I get on my tangent

1. I Listen to the Rat Pack and remember the voices of my past. My Godfather singing and telling us stories always comes to mind when I hear Dean-o or Frank.
2. I Listen to Christmas Music on the radio NOW.. they are changing the format of one of the stations so they decided they were just going to play Christmas songs until the end of the year.
3. I Listen to my daughter sing to herself at 3 am when she wakes up and tries to put herself back to sleep.
4. I Listen to my sewing machine hum while I work on new projects, and the wheels in my head turn with it.
5. I Listen to laughter, contagious... from my family at holidays. I love the sound of my mothers laugh, it always tells everyone how happy she really is. My sister has her laugh now, I don't but I may still get it.
6. I Listen to my husband tell me stories of photos and cameras and hear his passion and love. I know that others say they hear that same passion and love when he talks about Miss T and I to them.
7. I Listen to my I-pod, Jack Johnson, Sammy Hagar, Sting, Willie Nelson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, I love almost all music, it's in my history, in my family, in my blood.
8. I Listen to the earth, the crickets, the bugs and bees and bats in our neighborhood.
9. I Listen to the neighbor kids talk, they so badly want to be in that pretend adult world they believe to be true. The part where there is love and laughter, a bit of drama and a lot of fun and dress up. I think I wanted that too, I wish that adult life were more like pretend adult life. :D
10.I Listen to the sound of my typing, the thoughts in my head whooshing around telling me everything that I hear. I love the sound of my mind working when I am busy, physically and mentally...

What do you hear? and when you hear it do you listen?

Friday, October 17, 2008

List 8. I Want (2 post Friday)

I can hear the jokes now..
two front teeth
Hippo's for Christmas.. ya ya
World Peace
Sure, those are nice but lets be real.... ok, lets go BIG!

1. I Want the figure I had when I was 24. I played hockey, volleyball, rode on the back of fast motorcycles with boys I should not have been out with at 2 am and kick boxed. I had a bad ass bod.
2. I Want a clean house, or as my neighbor's 12 year old says "a pick up lady" not someone to do the deep down cleaning, but to get all the crap picked up that ends up all over.
3. I Want cheep gas, please Lord... this is insane!
4. I Want to be a stay at home mom, not because I don't want to work, but it would be nice to have the option.
5. I Want Mark Green to come back for the last season of ER. I know it can't happen but I have not been as loyal without him there.
6. I Want Gilmore Girls to come back on the air, and make it like season 3 again.
7. I Want to travel again, but with all 3 of us.
8. I Want to have the time to cook, and sit down and eat dinner. I hate that we are always rushing
9. I Want more time, things to move slower. I swear I should have been born in the 1960's!
10.I Want to get 12 full hours of sleep :D

Say hello to my little friends...FFF (2 post Friday)

I made new friends..
I was putzing around the other day and came across Lolly's site. She got me addicted to fabric covered buttons right away... (she pulls you in like that)

Look at all the cute stuff people do with them!

Look at how cute this is from Craft Pudding .. Fabric covered buttons with OUT A kit!
Little Birdie Secrets did thumbtacks and magnets.. Love these!!!
J caroline shows how to make ponytail holders, and has great prices too!
Morgan company is selling them as keychains and necklaces, how cute!

So, the other day she posted this cute little Wendy bird. We just had to make one.. well 2. As you can see, the bird on the left has a bit of an eating disorder. She's thin, and I tired to over correct her head and now she's got a Mohawk. The bird on the right ended up working out really well, she's plump (because I didn't give up filling her well) and she's got good shape.
This just goes to show that if you don't PIN, things go wrong, no shortcuts! I didn't pin the first one, thinking it's small and simple and I can cut and sew this in about 3 minutes and I did, just not well. Number 2 was cut and pinned and sewn in 5 minutes and she looks better.

We hope we are on Carrie's Friday Foto Fiesta list but if not, go to Lolly's site (Lolly Chops) today, she's amazing and has a great Friday Give Away each week. JEWELERY!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

List 7. I Loathe

This is going to be an easy list to start, and a hard one to stop...

1. I Loathe the word HATE.. it's so hard and cold and final.
2. I Loathe radio commercials that have police or ambulance sirens in them, I will change the station... I think these are the stupidest thing to put on the radio!
3. I Loathe overcooked vegetables, they are ruined in my eyes by then
4. I Loathe popping knuckles, drives me crazy and makes my hands hurt.
5. I Loathe dreaming about smoking (I used to smoke) and I still dream about it sometimes and wake up feeling guilty
6. I Loathe watching sports on tv... Not my thing, never really got into watching any.
7. I Loathe nasty people, I am a bit lippy myself but never mean to others on purpose, sometimes too honest but not mean.
8. I Loathe my bathroom to be dirty, it makes me crazy. My mom had to clean my bathroom when I was on at home rest at the end of my pregnancy. I was so thankful!
9. I Loathe traffic, it gives me the "cussies", which is a nice way to say "Hey, cover that sailor's ears or I'm gonna teach him somethin new if that soccer mom cuts me the @#$ off again"
10. I Loathe people feeling they have the right to say nasty fat jokes to pregnant women and think it's ok and or even funny. FYI, if this is you, your about 3 steps away from getting the line in number 9.

Yes, I know, I am cranky but... it happens to us all, I am just more public about it..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

List 6. I Crave (I.E. I eat there for I am)

I know, your all thinking Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.. well, your right But, there is more to life than Chocolate, not much but we may find 2.... Kidding

1. I crave the smell of my mothers Sugo, in her kitchen, the old one, that was open and huge with the phone cord that was yanked almost straight from us kids trying to have privacy on our land line phone.
2. I crave the smell of my Godmother cooking Bologna on the stove in a frying pan. I have never been a fan of it any other way but when she did it. or hot dogs.
3. I crave fresh donuts, my sister worked at a donut shop in high school.. I am not going to say that I ever stuck my whole arm in a 5 gallon bucket of jelly, but it could have happened
4. I crave my Aunt Sadie's pound cake, it was so dense
5. I crave my Godmothers seed cookies.. I miss them even the smell of them, can't sPell them but I love um..
6. I crave carrot cake, with real cream cheese frosting and nuts. Yum
7. I crave my sisters coffee, she does it way better than Starbucks and I think it's the leftover Seattle in her. :D
8. I crave Chocolate, not Hershey's, but good Chocolate, Milk and Dark, best mixed with almonds.. or those Kathryn Beech Carmel bars, yum!!
9. I crave really good mohito's, the kind that you can almost make into pesto, there's so much mint in them!
10. I crave Samoas, Girl Scout Cookies and Thin mints.. Yum.. Wanna fake them? Go here for the Samoa's and tell me if you want the thin mints, I know that recipe and they are soft cookies too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so our Parents as Teachers "friend" Dana came over tonight, She's so great, we just love her. So, our visit went so fast but we got a lot out of it. I made Miss T a blanket and actually finished it this past weekend when I thought for some God forsaken reason that I was going to be sleeping. I stayed up till midnight Saturday to finish it with her crawling. Her knees are so torn up and red that I think it helps. Plus it's an amazing blanket and so soft that we needed it done.

Our New Mastercard commercial...

Satin backing, 2 yards, $12
Tupperware buckets set of 6 for $20
6 yards of minky super soft material $30
special ordered metalic polkadot fabric $9
plus $3 shipping

Parents as Teachers rep comes over and tells us good toys and she plays with ziplock bags and babyfood lids in a wipe container for an hour....

We saved babyfood lids so we could work on our sensory skills, hearing, touching, putting things in the container and taking them out. Dumping and the sounds made when they bang together. Who knew they were so much fun. Thanks Beechnut!

daddy drinks more than enough soda, you color noodles with food coloring and WHALA! shakers / rollers. Colors and sounds. Thanks Mountian Dew!

Special book of pictures, extras - not to be left alone with baby.. this is ziplock bags!!! but, see pictures of family and friends, recognize faces and this is really cute, we made one!

Thanks Dana, we love our PAT Nights.. :D

List 5. I Read

HAHAHAHAaa.. where has my life gone? I did read a lot before, and never took advantage of it. I could not read when I was pregnant, it made me fall asleep, a friend at work lent me a book and I swear I read page 6 for 5 nights in a row and never made it past that point.... But now I am back on track and read again

1. I read the news but only at work, I mean that's what I do so I get to read it for free and right now, oh geez, it's well, interesting.
2. I read magazines but not the smutty ones, I read Parents, Parenting, Cookie, Family Fun, and anything at the grocery store checkout that I don't plan on buying. I wish Martha would make a Real Simple Family for every month. Work on that Martha, could ya?
3. I read Any and everything by Elizabeth Berg. I love her work, she's so talented.
4. I read your blogs, Tons and tons of them. I love all my peeps (on the right) I may not always comment, but I am always checking in!
5. I read cookbooks, ok I am totally Lying, I look at the pictures, if I don't like the picture, I won't look at the recipe.
6. I read e-mails, I love getting e-mail from my family, there is an ongoing banter that I miss when everyone would go out and send e-mail back and forth. My brothers are HILARIOUS!
7. I read baby books, lots of pictures and words in big bold letters. Much more interesting than I expected.
8. I read directions... Lied again! I don't, I am one to try to figure it out first, and if not, then read them. I once heard on the radio "Directions are just another guys opinion" it was a comedian but I still believe that to be true.
9. I read people, even if I have no gaydar.. I can read people pretty well, at least enough to know emotions.
10. Yes, I read twilight, and will probably again, Who knows of any good books now?

Monday, October 13, 2008


We didn't cut A tooth this weekend -- We cut TEETH this weekend.. TWO of them - the bottom two are in. Our sitter was so right to say she thought we would be cutting teeth soon....

List 4. I Watch

Ya'll may think this is a list of TV only -- but it's not..

1. I watch the trees in the fall, and the leaves blowing in the wind.
2. I watch birds flying in circles, all in big groups, I could watch that for hours.
3. I watch my baby crawling and moving around, in anticipation of her next move, almost holding my breathe trying to let her do her thing.
4. I watch my husband cut the grass, back and forth, up and down the hills, he loves it, he will never admit it, but he does.
5. I watch my baby grow, her hair is longer now, we are going to start wearing barrettes soon. I ordered a few online and I am going to make some myself. I watch her legs get longer, and her feet growing, she's more limber and coordinated, she can eat her feet, giggle and laugh, sing songs to herself, crawl, pick things up, take pots and pans out of their stacks, put things in her mouth, change hands and do it with the other hand. talent I tell ya
6. I watch the kids on our street, playing, remembering when I was that age... Amazement, I can't get over the memories.
7. I watch my friends kids get older, do more, have more kids, be so cute... (add another thing to wish list, that we were all closer to each other too)
8. I watch Grey's Anatomy, House, Biggest Loser (sometimes, I have not been into it this season) Lost (when it starts), Heroes, Private Practice, Men in Trees... and that's about it. We don't have cable, satellite, or whatever... I know we will get it when Miss T is older and wants it, but until then, we don't need it.. We have enough to do.
9. I watch my mothers hands, I know this is something that she will e-mail me on later, but we have the same hands and I have always watched her hands, they are so much more delicate than mine, almost like she's composing all the time. I watch my own hands add freckles ever year, more and more, now I look at Miss T's hands and wonder if I will see the same thing.
10. I watch me change, I am growing into a new person. I am not the same today as yesterday, constently changing, not a bad thing of course, but surprising that this is who I am. I am glad, I have not always been glad about that, but I am now, and I am blessed.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

List 3. I Wish

Lets face it.. we all want something, but this list is for those big crazy things...

1. I wish we had a pool, it's just not going to happen right now, but it may someday.
2. I wish we lived closer to family, the cousins, all the girls are so close in age, it would be great to live closer to them.
3. I wish I didn't have to work, ya a lot of moms say this, I could be fine working part time but thanks GW.
4. I wish I knew if I wanted more kids, I am just so happy with Miss T right now, I am not thinking of anything else. Everything she does makes me happy and she's just the most perfect baby ever... I am in mommy bliss.
5. I wish I were better at buying my husband gifts. He is so hard to shop for...
6. I wish I could open my own store, and sit down and sew all the time but that's not good for anyone, epically my butt!
7. I wish (ok sometimes) I could go back in time and change a few little things from my past, but if you watch Heroes then you know that it all falls into that butterfly effect and bla bla bla..
8. I wish my sister(s) (and sisters in law) lived closer, it would be so great to have someone here that could walk with me, work out together, hang on the weekends, bookstores and all that.
9. I wish we were closer to my mom too, it's so nice when she gets to spend time with Miss T, but it's not as often as I would like. I loved that my Godmother was across the street, and even more so, that she bought a crib when I was born so I could be over there more often...
10. I wish Bob's dad was not such a POS, and that mine was not either. Would have been nice to have some grandfathers. We do love the men in our lives but those two make it hard on us both.

Crazy wishes I know, no trains planes, helicopters, living in Hawaii.. I mean those are all things I would take of COURSE!! but the above is higher on the list.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's go time!!!

We cut our first Tooth..
More details after we try to get a good nights sleep!

List 2. I Love..

My post went blank!! YIKES! Lets start over...

I love that today is my anniversary, it's been a great time with Bob and I. A long road and a lot of fun.

1. I love the same man that my daughter does...
2. I love the same girls that my husband does - (ya, that includes me too)
3. I love the smell of fall in the air, the crisp sound of the trees and the changing colors of all of the leaves in our back yard.
4. I love to feel inspired and get something done.
5. I love clean sheets, cold pillows and warm toes.
6. I love to get a drink from my bathroom faucet in the middle of the night but only in winter. The water is so cold and refreshing... Odd I know, I loved it as a child too...
7. I love the smell of my daughter, everything about her scent, the sweet of her breath, the smell of her hair after she wakes up..
8. I love walking, for miles and thinking about endless things, but walking outside is the best.
9. I love long showers and sleeping in on Saturdays, great hair cuts and pedicures.
10. I love my husband, my daughter, my family, his family, my neighbors, my friends, my coworker friends that I miss (because we all moved around so much), my Godparents, my real parents, my mothers friends, my sisters friends, my nieces, my aunt, my life long friends that play phone tag with me no matter what, and my long distance friends that don't forget me even when we are super busy and times are tough..

Love you all..
(and yes I cheated, I know this is more than 10)

Friday, October 10, 2008

List 1. I Miss...

Here is list one Welcome to 10.10
These are things I miss...
(in no special order)
1. I miss my baby falling asleep on my chest for no reason during the day
2. I miss my dad.. sometimes, when I am not cleaning up the shit he left behind
3. I miss my Godmother, all the time, every day... I wish she were here to see all our babies
4. I miss Don, I know I talked about him before, I still do miss him. There are times when Miss T does something that I know I would have called him and told him.
5. I miss Melissa's sight, it hurts me to hear whats going on with her now. We are working on baby sign language for Miss T and she won't get it, see it or know what she wants until she can talk.
6. I miss my car, I know it sounds silly but I miss my mess, I miss my own.. I love my family but I miss having something that was just me.
7. I miss my pre-preggo bod.. I am working on getting it back but there is a whole nursing guilt there, I don't want to starve Miss T, I am too tired to work out most nights, and I pump at work so I don't go walk because I feel like I am away from my desk too much. There, I said it...
8. I miss my music, I feel out of touch not listening to new music that I love. I am sick of pop, and whatever radio crap is on... I need new tunes...
9. I miss good books, I loved Twilight, I admit it.. I didn't think I would, I am glad I waited until book 4 was coming out, but I think now that it's getting cold we need to start our book club back up.
10. I miss PIZZA... Not eating it, working with it.. I was in the best shape of my life working at a pizza place. Carrying things around, working hard, lifting, walking.. I HATE MY DESK!

ok, enough about me today, any TEN's out there?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

FFF - Finally Pictures back

4 mos soft
Originally uploaded by Hippiefamily
We just got our phour month foto's back... More people were shocked by the crying picture than anything else, but it's too cute not to have...
P.S. Can someone tell Carrie she won our contest and we need her over at the Zoososilly...

My life as a Country Song...

So, I found this pattern on ETSY to Knit and knot buttons.. Super cute, pattern is $4 the buttons sell for $35 so I talk to my mom and we decide to buy them:
She can't knot, I can't sew, lets get up in our pickupm up truck and gooooooo..........
Also, this morning, a black cat crossed my path, funny thing is, I was thinking how lucky I was that I didn't hit him/her...
Who says luck is all we got, I say that cat's got a lot.......
I need to get some things done in my sewing room and get the house cleaned up, seems like every time I turn around, the laundry I just folded is dirty again... how does that happen?
There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza Dear Liza...
This weekend is Bob and my anniversary, we are not planning anything because we forgot until, gulp, yesterday...
We're living on love, missing some time, whatever is your of course is mine...
It's been a rough couple weeks here, every ones been sick off and on, starting to crawl, needing the grass cut and the yard worked on, bathrooms to clean, dishes to wash, and I can't seem to catch up on me...
Where does the time go, and the dishes pile up, my baby's still dirty and the grass needs some cut, we're trying to clean and get a nap too, but we started to crawl and that's all that we doooooooo........
thank you, thank you, next shows are at 9 and 11... don't forget to tip your server and check out our first 10 list tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coming Soon --- TEN...............

Starting on 10 -10 I am going to start a set of lists. 10 lists of 10 things, top 10's like David Letterman.. Like, um.. the FBI? Alright, we will stick with Letterman.. I can't think of any others (until I am famous)

But, lets give a little tribute to our October Birthdays that mean a lot to us and we can't judge who would be in what order.

Auntie Lisa (of course)
Aunt Betty
Crazy Patti

Walter Matthau - I think this is the guy my mom called, the one with the big feet.. Not sure if that's how he's remembered everywhere
Sting - Ya... don't get me singing old Police songs!
Sammy Hagar, American musician --- oh, my love... yes, this is a good month...
Vanilla Ice, American rapper --- hmmm...even Wikipedia can be wrong..
John Cleese, British actor and writer - too funny, you gotta love him
Simon Le Bon, English singer (Duran Duran)
Bob Weir, American musician (Grateful Dead) (yes my husband was standing over my shoulder at this one telling me he should be added too)
David Lee Roth too but we heart sammy...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happu Birthday to my sister, my friend, my hero....

When I was little, I can remember looking up to my sister. She's 10 years older than me and I always knew I had it great. She had to share a room with me because, well there were a lot of us. I can remember her getting ready in the morning and I could sleep through almost anything. So, in honor of her birthday, I will share some of my favorite secrets about her...

Lisa taught me to eat my bagels with butter on them, because I didn't like cream cheese, and I still eat them that way sometimes and it still reminds me of her.
I got to watch Hair and Rockey Horror when I was under 10 years old and knew all the songs, because my sister and her friends were so cool.
My sister was a real photographer, with a studio and parties and got to meet famous people. I wanted to be just like her (and still do) and when I was in high school we had to make a mask of what we saw in the world, mine was a face, sideways as a camera, with a baby food jar as the lens from one eye (with glitter in it) crazy, but she took it and kept it.
She went back to school and now is going again, married, working, mom to a cute puppy, tennis player... Crazy stuff.. Amazing stuff and she sends me the best music, keeps me involved in the arts, and understanding the world.
Whenever I was sad, I could call her (on the west coast) and she would talk me down, over the edge, around the corner and up a tree crazy hormones as a teenager, but she was still there no matter what. Her voice still calms me when I hear it on the phone..
Happy Birthday Lis... I love you..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A second post about our winnings..

As you can see in our Friday post, we won the cutest country cottages from Cool Mom Picks

Just wanted to give our shout outs and thanks!

Friday, October 3, 2008


We won our first contest over at Cool Mom Picks.. We love that site, it's given us so many great ideas for gifts for everyone and stuff we have at home now...

Aww and we got two houses!

We know our pictures this week are boring but if you have more exciting ones participate in this week's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, or if you just want to look at more pictures, head on over to Candid Carrie's and check it out!