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Thursday, October 16, 2008

List 7. I Loathe

This is going to be an easy list to start, and a hard one to stop...

1. I Loathe the word HATE.. it's so hard and cold and final.
2. I Loathe radio commercials that have police or ambulance sirens in them, I will change the station... I think these are the stupidest thing to put on the radio!
3. I Loathe overcooked vegetables, they are ruined in my eyes by then
4. I Loathe popping knuckles, drives me crazy and makes my hands hurt.
5. I Loathe dreaming about smoking (I used to smoke) and I still dream about it sometimes and wake up feeling guilty
6. I Loathe watching sports on tv... Not my thing, never really got into watching any.
7. I Loathe nasty people, I am a bit lippy myself but never mean to others on purpose, sometimes too honest but not mean.
8. I Loathe my bathroom to be dirty, it makes me crazy. My mom had to clean my bathroom when I was on at home rest at the end of my pregnancy. I was so thankful!
9. I Loathe traffic, it gives me the "cussies", which is a nice way to say "Hey, cover that sailor's ears or I'm gonna teach him somethin new if that soccer mom cuts me the @#$ off again"
10. I Loathe people feeling they have the right to say nasty fat jokes to pregnant women and think it's ok and or even funny. FYI, if this is you, your about 3 steps away from getting the line in number 9.

Yes, I know, I am cranky but... it happens to us all, I am just more public about it..


Marnellie said...
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Shannon said...

Two words: satellite radio! No commercials! Woo hoo!

Thanks for my birthday wishes... now come back and enter my giveaway!

Susie said...

I am so with you on traffic. It is a man made obstacle to my life and there is nothing more frustrating.

Z's Mom said...

You know what I loathe? Well, sit down and I'll tell ya. I loathe it when I go to Walmart with my friend, Tricia, and I buy a variety box of microwave popcorn, butter and kettlecorn. Except when I get back to work.....its ALL butter!!! Whaddup wit that?????

Regina said...

great list, I agree with everything. I loath shopping too. For anything. Once I walk into a store I am on the verge of being cranky, so nothing bad better happen or I might explode.