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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things you can't put in your status on Facebook...

1. OMG, I have cramps!
2. Why do people need to be Bitches! No one cares to hear what you have to say (BLOCK)
3. (My Boss, His Boss, Some VP) at X company) is an ASS..
4. Why is everything that my husband does wrong, my fault?
5. Really, I set the clock wrong and that's why you were late to work? It's 10 minutes FAST!
6. If he tells me one more time that you cut the grass so you don't have to do dishes, clean the bathrooms etc, I am going to deck him!
7. Why is it, my BRA is the first thing that's TOO BIG when I diet! BS I tell ya!
8. seems to lose the same pound every other day, I wonder how loud I have to scream to scare it away for good!
9. thinks it's time for a fake sick day, call it mental health. (oh hi boss)
10. can someone remind me to pick up tampons, advil, my meds, fiber pills, and foil on my way home?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am now at a point in my day where I hear so much whining, and it's not even at home. I can't stand it. Family whines about other family, work whines about everything under the sun and some people that I thought were my friends whine about excuses and made up stories that I can't even stand to hear. T whines when she's tired and it's her self soothing to go to sleep (and it drives me crazy) she will walk around the living room with this mummer of a hum/whine going on "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh" over and over again. Some days I wish the adults were doing that so I didn't have to hear everything else.
Most of my friends have had at least one night away from their kid(s) already, I have not, my husband has and he does not seem to have any appreciation for me going out, like I am dismissing my "duty" as a mother, and it is really starting to cause me pain. I feel like I need to sneak around to get some time away, and by the time I do, I am exhausted and so worn down I just want to hide or sleep. If asked to go out and leave T home for the night, I am not sure I could, knowing I would not wake up with her there. Torn... I am so so torn, and apparently whining, but feel free to skim past if you don't like it......eeeeeeehhhhhhhhheeeeeehhhhhh

All in all life is going well, my "garden" has produced about 12 blueberries, 6 raspberries that were devoured by nasty little bugs, an insane amount of almost yellow basil but it's still going and will end up in the ground by the end of the season. My cherry tomato's are not doing so well but they did bloom recently. I need to keep them going. The containers are doing really well, my peppers are not doing so well, they are sad little plants, sticks with leaves.. I don't know what to do with them, maybe I was sold grass?

I really need to buckle down and start working harder on weight loss. I don't want another year to pass, then T will be 3 and I am dieting, which I don't want. I know I need to change my food choices, which I've done and I've done really well so far, but I now need to start kicking up an actual diet for now to really get myself on track, I did the Weight Watchers and it's not bad but it's not going as fast as I would like. I will get there, it's going to take time, this is for sure someplace I've never been in my life, that is for sure! I have no idea why I started drinking soda (again) but I really don't even like it, I am going to stop drinking it again.. now.

In other news, I saw Eclipse the other night with a friend, it was good... It lost quite a bit of the emotional appeal that the book had for me. Once they get it on the screen it needed so much more than what "Bella" gave the role. My take. Jake on the other hand, omg... Taylor is too young to look that good.. but he does, look, that good!!

And the whining continues... off to have another fun filled day........