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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Case you were wondering where it is...

I cry everytime I think about my baby being one... there's a lot going on with it so Miss T's birthday post will be loaded up after the event this weekend for her birthday.... the next hard one is 6 right? when they head off to school?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss T -- Take 2

Super Super happy Birthday! Happy Birthday From the Hilliards!!!

This is so cute... And a little Shew Bee...

The favorite is the Dancing with the stars move to Grandma with her Birthday yesterday!!!

( please hope we are fixed now!!!)

Trying to do a Happy Birthday post but my BLOG IS BROKEN!!!

Bloggers new look sucks.. I've been trying to get help for over 3 days now with no luck and I can't even get a birthday post entered!!!IAM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Parenting Magazine,

Dear Parenting magazine,
I have received this magazine for a year now and really loved it at first, it gave me great insight into my daughters everything, firsts, quirks, all of it. As well as my nieces goings on at their ages. I am SOOO Disappointed in this new format that I have chosen not to renew my subscription for the new layouts. I feel like I am missing out on so much and this is unfair to your readers that YOU decided what we need.
Sad. I also will add this to my blog as I feel it's not right if they have pregnant friends and would get them a subscription to your magazine. I will be happy to post your reply so this is fair,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Backyardigans, babies and a Whole Lotta Crazies (Part 2)

Today was Dr day. It's been 9 days, I am still dizzy, woozy, and any other zy words that you can think of and let me know :D
I saw my allergist, whom I LOVE... He's so honest and is a no nonsense kind of guy and I love that about him, he told me it was not allergies and that my other Dr is a quack. Not in those words but he did roll his eyes which made me laugh.
He told me to start taking another med for the dizzy spells and the Bene (as the Hilliards call it) was not helping my exhaustion and he wishes that Dr's would listen instead of rushing to make money. More appreciation for this man, more wanting an internist like him I finally ask and he says " You should go to my Dr, but he's a straight shooter." SOLD!
I call for a primary appointment and (please sit down, this gets a little overwhelming) the nurse says:
Great, we love new patients, which is better for you, mornings or afternoons. I say mornings are better, the appointments seem to run on time more, and she says "Oh, we try to schedule as needed for time, but I understand, lets get you in at 8:15 so you can stay on track as much as possible" WHAT?? Seriously!!! Who has 8 am appointments these days?? Whoo hoo!!! Then she says "I am going to mail you all the information so you can have it filled out when you get there, we will copy your cards and oh, don't forget to fast 12 hours before your appointment, we will be taking blood" WHAT- a Real appointment where they DO things??? Holey Cow!
So, more to come after my appt, but for now, I am slowly feeling better. less Dizzy/ lightheaded.. still tired...
P.S. Bob's at home sick... because he thinks I just have a virus... but I'm still working..

P.S.S. Talk about Exhausted!!
I am exhausted after that walk.

P.P.S.S. - is this a potty training hint?
I think I need a new roll

P.S.S.P.S -
Happy St. Patty's Day...

hmm, that's green, my shirt is green, ya they should be mine

Monday, March 16, 2009

Backyardigans, babies and a Whole Lotta Crazies (Part 1)

I have missed you all so much!! Lets go into this whole thing on the positive then we will see how far we get with the rest.. Shall we?

Backyardigans. Miss T loves them! LOVES -- she will wonder in front of the TV until she's actually STANDING in front of it, like that little girl.. you know the one..

But we are finally moving the living room around to bring the big TV up and get the rest of the junk out... Know what that means???!!! Heck ya! I am buying myself a WII with my bonus and Gett-in Physical -- Physical!
(Post to come, Trip to the ER, fell off the WEEEEEeeeeeeiiiiii)
Babies -
Holey Cow - EVERYONE IS PREGNANT!! Don't' drink the water! (insert Dave Matthews song here). I can't believe mine is going to be one this month. Insane, speaking of... lets move on to topic number three..
I know I crack a lot of jokes on here, and vent quite a bit but this is actually a serious topic and really quite a bit insane and yucky. Do you remember this, ya, I do too. Needless to say, I had Postpartum at the time, and I can tell you it's the most INSANE, INTENSE thing that happens, it's like a period, watching Steel Magnolias, having your husband say your butt is big, no ice cream in the house, last girl scout cookie eating sad time! I could not talk about going back to work without being in TEARS. It was horrible, so I made an appointment with my OB and went in, also having my first clogged duct. Ya, that was a great visit, I am leaking milk all over crying, half naked, can't fit into anything, Baby's at my mom's I forgot all of the liners to her bottles (which ended up as a good thing) I cried on the phone to my sitter, my boss went off the handle before I even came back to work and I cried on the phone with him then called HR.
Long story short, I started meds...
It works, and please if there is a chance that you have it GET HELP!!! I cannot explain what a world of good it did me. Not that it would have helped with the MA but it did help with the rest. I didn't even know I had it, my sister made me watch P.S. I love you and ya, wth of course we cried... things seemed normal, I had a great visit with her, we had a wonderful time and it was just when I was going back to work that I really had a nice sit down with my emotions.
Why you ask? Why do I bring this up now? Well, I started on meds before I went back to work and all was going well, I was suppose to stay on the meds for SIX FULL Months so they could take effect and all went well, things were good then I thought hmmm.. I am suppose to stop taking these around Thanksgiving? That's no good, I could go postal and stab someone with a sweet potato! Fine, not really, ok, maybe... I won't mention names.
So, I decided I would get around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, cut down to half a pill then work my way off that right after my "Cough (no numbers) cough" birthday. So, that's just what I did.. Nice. other than the twenty pounds I put on. Sucks, but I can always take that off later, lets get back to normal, right? Nursing, yup, not an ounce of formula EVER! YA! Great, now the pills are ready to go away, starting a bit of milk with the feedings prep to ween and now we are getting ready for the first birthday, cleaning up the house and I stop taking the last pill and BAM! Sunday (last Sunday, not this past) I was really tired so I took a nap, horrible headache, ya it's allergies.. no big deal..
Monday, Horrible headache STILL, nothing is working, now I am getting a little woozy, and I am SO Tired... Then it was like someone spun me around, and I am SO DIZZY I can't even stand. So, I am sick to my stomach, tired, waking up every half hour at night, queasy, lightheaded, dizzy (yes they are different) and horrible headache. this is (don't try this at home) where I look up online and yup I am having Withdraws! OMG, I didn't even have them when I quit smoking!! This is the worst I have ever felt in my life, on top of that I have to help cover the late shift at work so I am getting to work between 8 and 9 and staying until 6 some nights 7. This past week has been the worst of my life. Worse than 1st trimester could have ever been.... I've been popping benedryl every 4 hours just so I can function. Off to call my DR again. He wants to put me back on that crap for 2 weeks to ween again by using smaller doses over a longer time frame.. I am not having it. If I don't feel better by the end of this week, I will have to think of something but this is bad news.
Moral of the story here, if you are ever on antidepressants, make sure to ask your Dr questions about getting off it and take the long slow road to get there..
More to come :D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

dirty dirty dirty

Did anyone hear the recent naked quilt layout in Quilters Home Magazine?
I really am intrigued..

P.S. somehow I lost the rest of my post and I will now have to try to re-enter it all.. Sigh...

more updates to come.. once I get some sleep.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Admit your faults, win a prize?

Admit your faults, win a prize? Ya. I give in. lets go for this prize winning blog's awesome Booty. (Linda's having a pirate birthday party so we are all in for pirate talk this week!)

Look at all this cool stuff here and see what you could win too! Awesome!! Toronto Craft Alert.. Cool idea.. too bad it would require me digging a lot of stuff out and admitting that I have not worked on X project in however many months... fine whatever... years!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are you FRICKIN KIDDIN ME!!~~~~~~Part 2

Did anyone see this article in the Washington Post?
I mean COME ON!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Tisket A Takset, I made my friend a basket!


It's big enough to fit on my HEAD.. I like it.. it's cute.. not as a hat!
I found the book at the fabric store when I was getting my machine fixed. I didn't buy the book, I found a few instructions online and BAM - there I went..
more to come, I am going to try to make another and explain it. I am making one for Miss T for easter as her basket, wish me luck!

Monday, March 2, 2009

In like a Lion?

Jessica over @ Turkey Cookies had an Ode to March and I thought it was so cute, I would try it here too.
I have so many people I love that were born in march, my favorite person was born in March last year!!! More about her later but make sure to make her number one on the list :D

My momma was born in March
My favorite cousin born in March
My Godfather was born in March
My best friends younger sister also born in March
My God SON born in March
March is the month of the Irish, with the Saint that is truly my namesake - St. Patrick. Not that I am a fan of snakes but I like a good beer now and then and that seems to be the new Irish thing. Do Sweet Potato's count?
My astrological sign bumps into march, Pisces, seems to get the short end of the stick being the last but I believe it to be the best.

so now my Ode...

Welcome, welcome welcome spring, all is wet and squishy.
welcome, welcome, welcome spring, it's almost like giving birth
the ground is warm and welcoming, the babies all are new,
Easter comes and times are good, for everything to bloom.
Welcome, welcome, welcome spring, we love the light and day,
welcome welcome, welcome spring, all the rain can clense
the flowers bloom and bring new sight, the songs are new
The Green is here and leaves will sprout time for us to run about.

ok, not so great, but it's still what I love about March..

Rainy days clean away the scent of winter

Everything sprouting and bring in signs of light and color

Trees blooming leaves and sprouts of life are coming