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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mothers Day Brunch, guilt...

I went to a post mothers day weekend brunch with Bob's mom and sisters. We went to one of my favorite places and of course Miss T and I were late, she decided she was hungry when we were suppose to leave. We got there about 20 after and everyone had already ordered (per my request when I called to say we would be late) and after we got there I was waiting for a sling to put the car seat in and Bob's sister says to me, without saying much else that she is going to call Taryn "Terrible" so I say "Ha, ha, Taryn the Terrible? nice" and she says "No, just Terrible". So, fed up already I respond to her and say "That's ok, she won't be around you much and she will just know you are the mean aunt" to this she is pissed at me and does not speak to me the rest of the meal, and gets up to go to the bathroom 3 times to cry and say she's the mean aunt and is mad at me. She also refused to even look at me after we left and his mother was giving me a mothers day plant (beautiful, I need to take a picture before I kill the poor thing) and this really hurt me, a lot.
I have done a lot for her kids, a lot and would NEVER call them anything like that. It hurt me so bad, I feel a bit guilty for some reason, like there was something I could have done better but there is that other part of me that is so hurt and so bothered by this that I really don't know if I want to speak to her. I tried not to let it bother me when we left, and I mentioned to Bob and he laughed and said she's just strange.
In laws? Any help? Anyone?

On a much cuter note, this was T's outfit for brunch:

It' s really cute, it's Pooh Bear and says something about little friends, it even has a jacket that goes with it and just one little button on the top. Very fancy for brunch, goes with the socks and everything. Socks just don't seem to do it without cute shoes, and all of Taryn's shoes are thankfully still too big, even for Bigfoot. The one photo is showing her Irish side, she's the lord of the dance. The other is a disco, something about that jungle music that really gets you going!

Updates to Flickr are on their way too..

On another note, Melissa is having surgery on Friday so everyone pray (or whatever you do) for her, this is a big stress for us all, I can only think positive for now so lets all have good thoughts ok.

In other bad news, my memory card for my camera crapped out on me today and after I took the cutest video ever.. I am so ticked off right now. GRRRRR. This is my last week home so I need some good karma, I feel too behind to go back to work already. I am so weepy about it too. I will be fine I know but it's the getting there part.


krgans said...

I cried the day I went to drop the check off at Tutor time and that was 3 weeks before I went back to work. The first 2 weeks are going to be the hardest,I think I must have called 3 times a day. They began to bet me each morning I would call. I said "No No I won't." They said " Yes you will, we bet icecream sandwiches for all of us." Needless to say I think I spent a fortune on Icecream that summer! But it will get easier.
She is adorable! I can't wait to meet her. Will have to plan a trip to St. Louis

Anonymous said...

So, it sounds like you had a "Momma Bear protecting her cub" moment". You know, you let people say ignorant things to you while you were pregnant and it made you feel bad. Now you are standing up for Taryn....and I definately wouldn't feel bad about it. No reason you can't forgive, but your sister in law should apologize. I feel like "Dear Abby".....