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Friday, May 29, 2009

drill drill drill.....

This week seems to be about drilling. They are fixing the street in front of work and what a pain. Drill drill drill, bang bang bang.. Ugg..
Miss T's been watching more cartoons and I find myself at work singing "Blues Clues, Blues Clues" no hand waving, but it goes to singin other songs like, "Scrub scrub scrub (the bath song)" and a little Backyardigans, randomness!
I went to the dentist and now feel a little better about my carbon footprint. They had plastic covers on the light, plastic 3d glasses on me (ok fine not 3d), gloves on the dentist, gloves on the tech, paper on the seat, 6 forms to fill out, with a folder, mounts of floss, picks, you name it!
Now for the drill part.... because i have so many fillings, I had to get an "18 point x-ray" yup....18 photos, never thought I had that much MOUTH! They do top, bottom, and center of each section.
I need a filling, crown replaced, and.........appointment with an oral surgeon because she found a white spot.. The white spot on an x-ray is never bad, it's the dark spot around it that she's worried about. I am not sure what it is, I am not sure what I think about it so we all get to wait to find out. Had I stayed with my old dentist I would have never known this, they don't do x-rays that low in your mouth to see what is so far down by your chin line almost.
We go to help my friend register for her baby shower tomorrow. Should be a good time. I am making mini quiche and mini cheesecake balls for the shower, as well as invitations and helping with some decor. Should be nice and HOT in mid July!
so, I saw a blog the other day that had "Random Facts" and I like that.. so I may add some here and there...
Random Fact:
I love sitting and watching cartoons with my baby.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Patterns Patterns Everywhere

So, I went to an estate sale a few weeks back with a friend from work. Mainly because the woman running the sale was, what they call, um, well lets be blunt, Ass over Tea Kettle. She told me come take the patterns, and gave me an amazing price, I could not pass up, so at lunch we ran to see. AND FILLED THE WHOLE Back of my car. So, I am going to try to sell some, make some and you my lovely's get to benefit from all of the insanity.

Here's the deal. you want a pattern that you see on my flickr? Tell me, and let me know what you'll swap me for it. I am not going to lie, if two people or more want one, you better have some good booty to offer up.
So, my kitchen is red and yellow, my bedroom has never been painted, and sigh, I almost feel we will never agree on a color and it never will. My master bath is hemp (green) with bamboo. Lil Miss T's room is multi colored and themed with "It's a small world" globe on one wall and flowers on the rest that are 5 to 8 ft tall. My sewing room is a mess and the spare bedroom is just there, the living room is nice, grayish tone, tv, toys, the works.
Not sure if any of that helps, but seriously, I would rather these patterns go to people I know, even via bloggy land, if you don't want to swap, or you just want to buy a pattern, let me know, we'll work something out.

I have other topics but i am going to hold off on them, I don't want to mix my self up :)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm ALIVE!!!

After quite a bit of surgery, new batteries for my keyboard and mouse, I'm alive again!!! Whew!!

So, lets catch up.. Here goes.

All Miss T says now is No and Wow.. which is nice, because she at least sounds surprised when she's not saying no, which is not often.

I am off Friday so the ac guy can come out and charge me $100, I got a ticket that's going to cost me $100 and the Cable guy is coming out, and ding. possibly another $100.. (you are starting to see the point) on top of the sitter being off and I paid her for the day because, well, everyone gets sick days.

I've been trying to sew recently, not working as well as expected but I did get another sale on my Etsy site and loaded up a few more items. Also, did give one thing away from a woman that sends me patterns, checks in with me and is very sweet from one of my etsy sales.

I went to an estate sale and bought a "lot" of patterns, vintage, mainly 80's stuff and 70's. INSANE amount of patterns. I am going to sell them online but want to offer my people option if you want any.. I spent TWENTY dollars on over 600 patterns, and yes most are 80s stuff but dresses are dresses and so are shirts... let me know if your looking for something, I am not taking pictures of all of them. I will mostly sell them in lots online. I am thinking I may have a giveaway but who knows.. Sizes are 8 to 16 but I don't know what that means from 30 years ago, are sizing charts the same?

My computer is working again, bu t my phone is still freaking.. sigh

A guy I knew from when I was a kid passed away last week. Not sure where to go with this, but he married his brother and I at the park and then asked me to lift my dress up.... Priests.. what do you expect.

Hmmm. not so sure what else is going on. I need to finish my sisters curtians but I was afraid while I was in my breaking streak. The car just got an oil change, the small car needs the same this weekend.

The Hilliards are coming in town and I think the girls are spending the night one night. It should be fun, a day at the park and maybe some Pizza Pro for lunch?? who knows..

I think that's it for now.. more to come soon and photo's too, now that I can upload :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I broke it, I broke it, I broke it...

Lets start here:
My phone broke, I had to get another, that one broke, I am so ticked at Verizon.. yes you Verizon, your customer service instor SUCKS!
I broke my Computer... SCRATCH THAT -- I broke TWO! yup. both of them at home.. one's in the hospital, the other we are thinking hospis. it's very sad. I am upating from another secret location.. Sigh..
I also broke my A.C. so now my wonderful day of is going to be spent with the AC guy oh ya, and a frickin hundred dollars to get things serviced.

I think that's about it for now, always comes in 3s?

Friday, May 1, 2009

we are redbox-ing it tonight... any good movie ideas?