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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Pea's Bee Nice, Sew I can sleep...

My life sometimes sounds like a blues song...
Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... I got up this morning, started driving to work....Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... There was a bee in my car... Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Scared me so bad, I had to pull of on the shoooll --derrr.......
Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Got home from work yesterday...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Started making dinner...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Got it all ready and droped the peas on the floor...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Wore them on my jeans and the counter and all...
Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Miss T is now teething...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... She also got a flu shot so we were up of and on all night...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... didn't get much sleep and I got kicked in the ribs all over again...Just like last year this timee.....
Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... got to work today...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... Felt a tug on my pants...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... ripped out the hemline...Dun Nu Nua, Nu Nu... and had to tape them up real tight....
Cuz, I'm a wommmmannnn... (ok, I had to throw that part in!!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

NO FFF today - we are going to the Dr and out with Grannie.. Go to the Zoo

N Phriday Photo Phiesta today with the hippies, we are doing it up at the Zoo for our CONTEST and week at Camp.
Go check it out and go to Candid Carries Phun Phun Phun...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My Baby is 6 months old... SIX.. Can you believe it?? Me Neither!!
1. Six months old
2. Six hours was our former record of sleep per night
3. Six foods that we like are:
  • Apple(sauce)
  • Peas
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • green beans
We are not a big fan of carrots but we've been known to eat them.. But Chicken does not taste like Chicken.. Ewww We SPIT IT OUT!

4. Six girls are in our nursery set and we talk to them all the time.
5. Six steps crawling is my record so far but I am working on beating that!
6. Six times the smiles, wiggles, crawls, jumps, laughs, baths and love that we have going on now that We are one big family!

What other sixes?

Do you recall??

Does anyone recall the crazy pregnancy Rants of 07? (Ya, way worse than Ike!! )

Our Auntie sent us this and said it reminded her of me (of all crazy things!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We got our swap stuff from Mamasphere and it was so great it broke my camera! Ok, I have bad luck with memory cards and somehow busted the amazing photos I had in my camera so I had to go to (that blue and yellow store) and get a new one so I could show my cool stuff!!

Mamasphere and Pink Potpourri

I almost started tearing into it when I got it... but then I remembered my camera.. :D

Jr Mints (they never saw the light of day), Gheredelli Chocolate Chips (that never made it to see the light of cookie), Fair Trade lavender soap, spray mist, twistable crayons!, a really pretty shell that the girls next door took I think when they were over, 2 of my favorite gum flavors.. I LOVE MINT!, sandalwood soap that is already in our downstairs bathroom and smells wonderful, and Newman's Own Sesame Ginger dressing!! What a great great swap buddy!! We love our stuff!

Pending our stuff from:
Tammy Sprinkle and Because Wendi Said So!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting to Know you....

The R Family asked these Questions

leave your answers in the comments or your blog and link it for us so we can come see your post!

1. Who is your "celebrity boyfriend"? - Dua Bruce... always has been, always will be.

2. What is your favorite blog to read (besides mine, of course)? You have to go over to the right in the "What's New" I read them ALL.. I need to learn to comment more..

3. What is your "secret weapon" something that you love and couldn't live without? Coffee again, but when I was pregnant, I had no desire for it. I am slowly back on track with it.. guess I can live without it.. hmm..

4. Will you see the Twilight movie when it comes out? Ya. Z's mom Karla and I already made plans for girls night out. We are going to find a theater that has DRINKS!!

5. Favorite book (besides Twilight Series)... I need some new reads! My neighbor gave me the 19th wife to read, and I have to admit I have not started it but they said it was good. I did start a book I thought I read of short stories from Elizabeth Berg called The Day I ate Whatever I wanted, it's FUNNY!! VERY!! She calls Cinnabun a Whore on page 4, I mean really... this is my life!

Friday, September 19, 2008

FFF - That guy on the left musta gotta LOTTAAA Mail!

I had to use this photo today, it was honestly on the street I pass over when I am on my way to work, I had to backup in the middle of the street and roll down my foggy window to get the shot but that's too funny... thanks Ike..

If you'd like to participate in this week's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, or if you just want to look at more pictures, head on over to Candid Carrie's and check it out!

what are you reading?

WHAT ARE YOU READING? I've finished the whole Twilight series and now I need something new, something fresh, something different. I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Berg but I have read everything she's written and now I need your help. what next? yes yes, your blogs but lets be honest here, I read in bed and.. no Carrie, no slumber parties and you read your blog to us!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh my Frickin HEAD!

So, I have been down for the count with a migraine for the past 2 days. Before that, daddy decided he needed to go camping this weekend before it got to crazy and cold.. HA! Sucka!! It poured Sunday morning like no one's business.
So long story short, Friday night I did not feel like going anywhere after I picked up Miss T. Daddy already left to go camping and it was a long week so I was just glad to be home. I made myself a cheese sandwich and some soup and was going to clean the kitchen and so I just put my cheese on a hogie roll and stuck it in the micro for a few seconds and started cleaning. Took the sandwich out and not paying any attention that it didn't feel so hot and took a bite and BAM! Burnt the H/E out of my lip, so bad that a layer of skin peeled off and I was Oh'ing and Ah'ing all over the kitchen rinsing off my lip while Miss T cracked up in her jeep.
We did our garage sale Saturday morning and I didn't have anything to sell. I should have never agreed to this, I should have never agreed to this!! What was I thinking.. Good thing my cousin is coming over. I am so not ready for this. What was I thinking???
I gather up a bunch of stuff to get rid of and set it all up out in the garage for the sale. Set up one of my tables and then go to bed. Up at 5 the next morning, get breakfast for Miss T then head down stairs. Put her in the pink Jeep in the garage on some cardboard boxes and let her run free. I set up my makeshift table, hang up the clothes and wave to the neighbors across the street that started this shindig... No coffee, no cousin. So I call, "hi, where are you? are you on your way?" then I hear it "um, my (super sweet stayed home this weekend) husband surprised me for our anniversary and had a whole day planned out, I won't be able to make it" oh shit.. now what? So, I tell her to have a good time and I am off and running on my own.
Thank GOD for the neighbors 7 year old that LOVE LOVE LOVES babies.. she was over most of the morning keeping Miss T occupied while we sat there in the humidity and got our minimal sales ( I would not have stopped at my own sale, there was not a lot) but we did end up selling $50 worth of stuff, and bought the neighbors toy box (step 2) and a little toy holder, with the plastic tubs, and a stroller (free) and some music toy that's really cute that plays Mozart and a set of sheets (strawberry shortcake) to make into PJ's for the Peanut.. a.k.a. Nudgy now.. (She's not a peanut anymore!)
Garage sale done and now it's time for a nap! Nope, no good naps all day, but we did a bath and then an early bedtime Saturday night, and then the rain came.. It rained so hard we thought Ike came for a visit himself! It was crazy. But, like always, my kid will sleep like no body's business when it rains, she gets that from me, and I get it from my mom...So, it was nice to sleep, and sleep in we both slept until close to 5 had some breakfast, and went back to sleep till 7. Got up and did some playing around and at 10 took a good 2+ hour nap, I took about an hour myself, needed, it was so nice. Got some things cleaned up and tried to get my swap stuff together to get sent out for this week (didn't happen, going to the post office today!) then I started feeling bad, then worse. I didn't know what was wrong, I had this headache that would not go away. Long story short, thankfully T didn't give me too much grief going to bed early Sunday night so I could do the same BUT... daddy called at 10 to tell me he was on his way, T got up at 11 for a snack, and again at 1, daddy got home at 2 and woke me to tell me he was home, T got up at 4 for breakfast, daddy woke at 5 and woke me to tell me he was getting in the shower. No sleep, big headache, oh there was no way I was going to make it into work, then BAM -- it hit. Was he cooking breakfast? What is that smell? Smells like burning meat.. what is that? oh my head. oh there is a glistening off the lights in here.. Oh crap, it's a Migraine... Yup, so Daddy got Miss T ready and took her to the sitter, came back and dropped off the big car for me and went to work. I died for about 2 days, (that's why I've been MIA) and yesterday about noonish, I started. Yup. Started, full force, this is the first time I've had a real period from last summer when I got pregnant. Crazy! So, I hope it's not a trend that this is going to happen, but that's it.. My head is better, kind of, I still have cluster headaches that I normally get after one so I feel better but still crappy... I hope I can finally finish my book, because I am in the last 100 pages of breaking dawn and it's KILLING Me not to have it done yet..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny Daddy - FFF

Is this what they mean when you see those shirts that say "daddy dressed me"? He thinks he's so funny when I say "and don't forget to put socks on her"
Now do your best Risky Business in your socks over to Candid Carrie to participate in the Friday Foto Fiesta Finish or just to see more pictures!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And on this day, I REMEMBER.........

Here it is again, the anniversary of one of the few days I will remember for the rest of my life. I have to acknowledge first it is my friend Kevin's Birthday so "Happy Birthday Kevin" ...

Today is the day, I am not going to add pictures because I think that you lose sight of the importance of that day for Awe in the 1000 words the photos cover. I think the photos take away the personal nature of the lives lost, the hours spent worried and wondering, the notice of time and space and quite and loud and crashes and sadness that followed.
Today is the day I was working the same as I always work, I was driving in, listening to Bob and Tom like I always listen and getting to my parking lot, parked 7 spaces from the door they said it. The first plane hit... The World Trade Center "what?" I am thinking to myself, that's crazy, that's our office... It must be a mistake...Everything stopped, it was so quiet outside, no one was there, walking in with me like usual. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, the dew sat on the grass and the sweet smell of fall was in the air. It was still warm and there were streaks of white across the sky noting the day should have been a brilliant day for travel.
I was clearly shaken, I RAN into the building and up the stairs and ran in my office room and yelled "What's going on? They said a plane hit the building?" and one of the women in my office turned very snide and said "It was an engine and is no big deal" I turned to my boss and said "have you spoken to anyone there? Is everything ok?" she turned pale, I've never seen her like this before or after, a look of shock ran over her face. Radio's went on all over the room and everyone picked up their phones. I did the same, the lines were all tied up, we dialed and dialed.. Finally someone got a hold of Tim (real name) and he was on his cell phone going to get lunch, they had the alarms going off in he background and he was saying how loud it was and he had meetings all day upstairs. Debbie turned again, "see, I told you it's fine" she was so snippy, I have no idea why I remember that, but she was, always.
We started getting more calls asking if things were ok then my bosses boss came in and said to get to work as if this was any other day. It was any other day, it was any other day, it still goes in my mind like that, over and over... This was the day that decided that I would not watch the news for 5 years, that the tv went off and I started hand sewing, paining and any other thing I could do to keep busy.
What felt like minutes later was the shock, there was another plane, it hit the other building and then the world went so fast I can't remember the amount of time that went by and or how fast or slow or what order the next events actually were. We then started on with the radios, CNN, NBC,ABC, Fox News, anything we could get. We all have double monitors because of what we do so in that room, in that one tiny room with 15 or so computers, you could stand in the back and watch everything unfolding. The videos started and in our conference room the TV was on. The TV's were not in New York, the antenna's were on the top of those buildings, the signals were all but lost, cell phones dead. Subway under the building, then what happens? What goes on now? My bosses boss comes out of her office and says "Everyone, we will not leave today, we will stay in the building until we know we are safe. If you feel that you need to leave at this time, it will be counted as a vacation or personal day. Please go over every e-mail and every client, every employee that has sent you an e-mail on the east cost, see if you can find their cell phone numbers, home numbers, personal e-mail addresses and or any other form of communication that is outside of the office. We need to find these people and make sure they are safe" This was crazy, Debbie was scared, she lived over an hour away and heard someone say they were going to attack small towns next and somehow get the attached schools, the ones that were K thru 12 all in the same building set, she was out the door. The rest of us stayed, the woman that sat behind me Maggie, she was worried, her son worked only blocks away from the White House and she could not leave, this was the only place he would know where she was and so she sat at her desk not moving, waiting for his call.
We all wondered around like Zombies, I can remember, I smoked back then and I went outside and the sky was too perfect, too pale blue and the breeze was blowing, flowers in bloom, trees were swaying in almost a cartoon way of saying hello. How could there be so much peace here? It was not right... I watched things unfold before me, I watched on a monitor those buildings crumble like Lego's, and sat. I cried, I remember crying, it was so much on my emotions, I called my mother just about every hour... I called my family, I called my friends I could not handle the outcome of this day.
I cried because I found phone numbers for people and now what? How do you call these people and what if they answer? what if they don't? What do you say on someones cell phone voice mail? What kind of e-mail do you send to someone? Wondering if moments later they would get it, months they would not. I cried wondering all of these things, I wondered around in a fog for the rest of the day, I went home and sat in front of the TV and watched like just about everyone else in America did except the New Yorkers that needed this information and could not watch, could not because the signal was down, because their people were not found because they were stuck somewhere.
I remember hearing my boss come out of the office and lying, saying that her counterpart in NY called and they had everyone accounted for, I remember later finding out that she was on the subway about to get off when the first plane hit and the subway driver took off without stopping. She was stuck on the train, blocks away thankfully for her but she had no access to her team and or an action plan on what to do next. I can now imagine how she must have felt but the lie was too much for me to forgive. I have a friend who lost her father that day, our company was purchased and then again purchased, and today, I got an e-mail from my new boss's boss's boss asking us all to remember, remember that day, remember those people..

I remember, I remember it all like it was a dream, like you wake up wondering if you need a glass of water or want to curl up in a ball and try to forget it happened. I remember I did not know my husband then, I was with someone else and he and I were breaking up. I remember finding myself in the arms of another man, someone quite older than I and at his house sitting on the couch with him, watching this all. He had children, they were not there, but there were little firemen and other action figures on the floor at his home. I remember seeing them and wondering what would Spider man have been able to do?
Over time, at least 4 days they found all of our friends that we were having trouble locating. Not everyone we knew made it, it was a day I will never forget.

Others that remember

Scholastic Scribe
Z's Mom and I worked together but have such different stories, read hers @ Zander & Me

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why Teenage Girls Rebel!

I know I know I am a horrible mother.. but seriously, it's cold today and this is too cute to not wear.. if I could, I would wear it!

TO CUTE!! I know... and it's not going to fit by Halloween so we had to wear it now!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What's New?

Miss T has started the transition into crawling. Yikes, she's right now in the stage where she's up on all 4's and rocking back and forth, back down on her belly to scoot then back up again. She's also within inches of sitting up. This is all going too fast for me..
We went to Mr. J's baptism this weekend it was a fun time for everyone. Poor Ike was not feeling so hot so we just let him be and took a girls pic with Miss T and Miss M.
I am getting my things together to send out for my swap, I have most of it, I sure hope I am doing this right, I will feel so bad if I mess it up.. Isn't that silly? I guess there's no way to really mess it up..
School is back in and all the kids are settling into their roles, it's nice to see the bus in the morning again, not the traffic but the bus. Tired faces dragging themselves out to start the day just like the rest of us. Melissa said the other day that her kids were hanging out on the corner talking and sitting on the sewer lid, (not like a city one, like a suburb drain) it's funny, we all used to do that too. Catch up on our day, our friends, our classes. I guess there's not much difference in life when your young and old.. Being young you do more of it in person than when your older, but it's good to stay in touch.
What's new with you?

Friday, September 5, 2008

FFF - Secret Agent?

Don't forget to come see our new Craft Blog -We love visitors and comments!~

How do you sneak out of footie pj's?

jump in your get away car and roll..
outsource to fill a need (in our basement, hope he's taking care of the spiders!)

and catching them red handed... or blue in this case...

If you'd like to participate in this week's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, or if you just want to look at more pictures, head on over to Candid Carrie's and check it out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dilly What?? OH NO!!!!!!!

Oh my Goodness.... I am such an Idiot!!! So my cousin (funny pants man himself) gave me a bunch of old tee shirts to make bags and stuff because he's got a plethora of them. So, after making the pillowcase pants I decided to try to make some with Tee's but because I don't have any Tee's with a picture down one leg like in the blog I got the pattern from, I turned them so I could do a front to back thing like most tee shirts would have.... In normal trying I did what I always do and tried to make the biggest pants I could so I know my sizing limits. Large tee shirts will make about a kids size 5 pants.. and of course anything smaller than that.
So, I am sewing away, 2 minutes later, done.. Super easy and I am SOOO loving the FOE.. (Sewzanne, I may need stock!) it was honestly 4 stitches and they were done.. and ready to wear...
So, I look at them, cute, but the pocket must be the front or it will be in the kids butt crack.. So, then I start looking at the saying again.. Hmm.. that's not a resort in Florida (where the tee shirt came from) What is that... Hmm...
Googled... Oh No! you can't be serious... I just made a kids Size 5 pants that say what!!!
Do I Look Like I Give A Flying F#$%! KIDS PANTS!!! OH MAN!! Oh, I can already hear some of you laughing.. Yes Carrie, you! Kelly and unfortunately Z's mom has already called them and so she WINS the Pants... Which will be really cute next time Zander decides to cook the spatula!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beanpole Elvis and Peanut Simmons....

Not sure if you've seen our new blog... but here is the second set of pj pants that I made -- the beanpole, doing her best Elvis got a whole new set of pj's Tee with a pocket and a purse to carry them in.. and her new tutu..
The one on the right however, did not get hers yet.. the Peanut, doing her best Richard Simmons, bending over to touch her toes while I took the picture is sporting her brand new tutu... (for a future Zoo so Silly Post) these were a huge hit, even when my brother (Unkie of the monkeys) put it on his head and the beanpole told him "you look like a beautiful wedding"...yup, and I didn't snap the photo in time..

Monday, September 1, 2008


We set up a new kids craft blog.. It's so much fun.. come check it out.. it's going to change over the next few weeks so be the first to come join the fun!!