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Monday, September 8, 2008

What's New?

Miss T has started the transition into crawling. Yikes, she's right now in the stage where she's up on all 4's and rocking back and forth, back down on her belly to scoot then back up again. She's also within inches of sitting up. This is all going too fast for me..
We went to Mr. J's baptism this weekend it was a fun time for everyone. Poor Ike was not feeling so hot so we just let him be and took a girls pic with Miss T and Miss M.
I am getting my things together to send out for my swap, I have most of it, I sure hope I am doing this right, I will feel so bad if I mess it up.. Isn't that silly? I guess there's no way to really mess it up..
School is back in and all the kids are settling into their roles, it's nice to see the bus in the morning again, not the traffic but the bus. Tired faces dragging themselves out to start the day just like the rest of us. Melissa said the other day that her kids were hanging out on the corner talking and sitting on the sewer lid, (not like a city one, like a suburb drain) it's funny, we all used to do that too. Catch up on our day, our friends, our classes. I guess there's not much difference in life when your young and old.. Being young you do more of it in person than when your older, but it's good to stay in touch.
What's new with you?


Z's Mom said...

Good morning! After 4 days with Z.....I was ready to come back to work today! And now I miss him! Weird, huh?

Ok, I have something for you at my blog.....come and get it!

Oh, yes, they DO grow up WAAAAY too quickly!!!

Kelly said...

Oh what a big girl...kinda bittersweet though ain't it?!
Thanks for my B-day wishes...

Lindsay said...

I remember that stage. Won't be long now and you're going to have a REAL mover and shaker on your hands!

I always like listening to the bus drive by in the morning. I think to myself, "Suckers!" and then roll over and go back to sleep. ;)