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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Monday, November 24, 2008

An open letter to Lansinoh -

Recently my sitter found we were having a leaking problem in our storage bags for Miss T's lunch. This is a big issue for me as we are going to more solids and so I am producing quite a bit less. As most of you know, I am the kind of person that wants the best customer service possible, because well, we are paying for most of it. Here's my letter... (most of it is begging and crying at a loss for what to do)

"Hello. I purchased many packs and received many gifts of storage bags for my daughters lunches while at the sitter. I am now using a pack that the sitter has told me is leaking more often than not. I have minimized to make sure I am under 6 oz in every pack and we are still having this issue, she's thawing in a zip lock bag in water to minimize the ice chipping the bag but still no luck. This is a very difficult time for me, my daughter is 8 months old almost, my milk is starting to go down and I can't afford to lose any. Please let me know if there is anything you can do to help. if not I am not sure what else I can do. I like your bags the best but will go to another brand if needed. thanks"
I sent this on SATURDAY at 10 pm....
I received a note this morning (Monday) at FIVE AM !!! Even if they are on the east cost that's 6 am... The Market is not open then and I have been in the middle of times square and the streets are close to empty until close to 7:30... this is awesome - and the reply...
"Tricia, First I would like to extend my sincerest apology to you for the unpleasant experience you are having with our Milk Storage Bags. Thank you very much for notifying us of this problem. I can only imagine how frustrating and disappointing this must have been for you. This company was founded over 20 years ago by a breastfeeding mothers for the sole purpose of supporting breastfeeding and I am so sorry that one of our products has not only failed to make things easier for you but has created quite the opposite. It takes an enormous commitment to breastfeed, even more of a commitment to provide breast milk in your absence. To know that a product of ours has challenged you even further is a terrible thing for you and for all of us here at Lansinoh. I would like to try and explain what might be the problem: Our biggest challenge is to make a bag that is strong enough while using a completely safe plastic. There are many types of plastic, most of which would be more pliable and more durable. Unfortunately, this plastic has components in it (called plasticizers) that could leach through into the milk. Only when using virgin plastic (which we do) can we be assured that the milk can be stored safely with no possibility of an undesired element being released from the plastic. Virgin plastic is more rigid and when the milk freezes, it places more stress on the plastic. The development of a breast milk storage bag has been a long and costly project for us, but we are determined to deliver a quality bag made of virgin plastic. Do you by chance still have the inspection code that would have been included inside the white pouch? It looks very much like a fortune that you would find in a fortune cookie. Also, do you still have the defective bags? If so, I would like to send you a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective bags so that we may forward them to our manufacturer. I would like to try and help you salvage the milk you have frozen now. I can get a supply of our bags sent to you for you to use to 'double bag' the milk you are defrosting so that if they do continue to leak, you can at least catch your milk in something sterile so that it does not go to waste. In the meantime, you can continue to thaw them in the larger bags or place them in an empty glass container to help salvage any milk that leaks. I just need to know approximately how many bags you currently have frozen. I would also like to send you an additional supply of bags to use going forward, or if you prefer, a refund. Please provide your mailing address and phone number. Again, I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and if you have any questions or if I could be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Danielle B.
Lansinoh Laboratories
Consumer Relations Dept 800-292-4794 "
I've left Danielle's name and phone number because she's been so responsive that I am sure that if anyone were to send a note she would have done the same.

***I am a little embarrassed and very happy to announce that it was not my Lansinoh bags that were the problem -- I borrowed a few GERBER Bags from a friend while I was out of my super great Lansinoh bags with the double zipper (that have in a bind held 12 oz!)

Thank you Lansinoh - you've done everything to support us in our EIGHT Months!! We are pushing for that one year mark!! No Formula for US!!!

Off goes our letter to Gerber..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

FAME!!! I'm gonna Blog foreverrrr..

Look, Were famous!!

Lolly's interview with me
.. she's so dang funny!

and our now famous Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Apple Casserole!!!

Check it out. tell us what you think. she even fancied up our pictures!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

An open letter to NameMaker -

I am so ticked off. I placed an order with a company called and ordered some labels and some tags. This was in no way a big order, it was like $30. I placed this order in JULY... I after 8 calls, and 3 shipments, I finally have my whole pittly order! I am so ticked off, their customer service was horrible, they never apologized, they never said they were wrong or why they just didn't send my order for FIVE MONTHS!! then I find THIS....

I really like Maya made's blog. Very cute stuff, great ideas and would have saved me $30 and months of pain..

Name maker, your company is not going to do well if others can show how to do what you do better, faster and with better customer service...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh ya, Yum!!

Oh ya, Yum!!
Originally uploaded by Hippiefamily
Want to see more of this??? It is so awesome and I am being INTERVIEWED at Lolly Chops this Sunday!!! Oh My Word! I feel so special.. This is my favorite recipe for fall, well one of many. so have some F F F Friday fun with us at Carries and come see my interview with Lolly on Sunday!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm in LOVE.....

It's not often but I found a new site that I am in love with. It's beautiful and green and about and for kids and ideas and the art and the beauty My Gosh I am rambling. It's call Small and it's amazing, some of my favorite designers, artists, websites, blogs, etsy sellers.. oh, I am just in love. Go there, look around, read, subscribe, love it, and tell me and them what you think..


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa Letters, New, Old and How impressive...

So, I work for a company that allows us all 1 day a year to volunteer and get paid. This is a great help for the community and for all of us to give back and feel that we are able to do so without being put out of doctor visits, parent teacher confluences, holiday visits etc...

This year I am helping out at the Local hospital (where Miss T was born) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and help with their campaign to help letters from Santa. I am not sure what they do in the office but they also have 3 girls night out in December for Elf's night out to stuff envelopes. It's going to be so much fun. Not sure if any of you have ever done a craft night out, girls night out, bunko, any of those fun nights, not crazy buy this parties... I get shusshed one more time by a hostest and there could be a bench clearing brawl...

Anyway, back to the spirit, I am helping out and if you want to help out you can order your letters from Santa here.. and then maybe I will be the one that stamps the envelope, and can start to earn my pointy shoes... :D
If that is not your prime choice, I am also involved in what's called the Missouri 1 list. This is the national association for the Blind in the Missouri Chapter, they are doing Letters from Santa in a different way, in Braille. How cool is that? Two letters come, one written that the parents can read and another in Braille for the kid. I think this is awesome. Two Choices if any one's looking! I added the whole Article below:
National Federation of the Blind 
Partners with Santa to Promote Braille Literacy

North Pole (November 14, 2008): Once again, Santa has enlisted the
help of the elves at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
Jernigan Institute to get Braille letters out to hundreds of blind
boys and girls this Christmas season.

Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind,
said: "Santa approached the National Federation of the Blind a
couple of years ago and asked us to be his helpers. I'm quite fond
of the fellow and was delighted that we could assist him in his
work. Braille literacy is the key to success and opportunity for the
blind; besides, reading Braille is lots of fun. It's really exciting
for kids to get their very own Braille letter at Christmas time from
jolly old St. Nicholas himself."

Between November 16 and December 16, parents can go online at and fill out a Santa Braille Letter request form. The
form can also be printed and faxed to (410) 659-6893. Beginning
December 1, the Braille letters from Santa will start going out to
boys and girls around the country. The Braille letter will also be
accompanied by a print copy (for mom and dad to read), and parents
can choose the contracted or uncontracted form of Braille for the
letter. Requests for letters must include the writer's name, the
child's name, birthday, gender, mailing address, and a telephone
number or e-mail address in case Santa's helpers at the National
Federation of the Blind have questions.

The deadline for letter requests is December 16, to ensure that a
return letter in Braille is received before Christmas. For more
information about this and other programs of the National Federation
of the Blind, please visit our Web site at

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, I have a few close friends that I have known my entire life. I know it may sound odd to most, because most people I know met their best friends in school, or college or whatever. So, when the first of us got married they finally got it all on tape. The Finger...Oh ya, unlike any you have ever known. Here's how it started..
It just keeps going every year... It's almost unfortunate, if I told you what the blond does for a living, you would really take this last one more seriously!

Head on over to Carries for some Holiday Traditions.. You can also go to our Zoo So Silly for a real tradition that does not include anything green!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I 7 it....(puke talk, you may wanna skip this one)

Yup. I ate it, I got sick and I got rid of it... oh HELL!! I really thought I was gonna die!!! I didn't know what to do with myself, I have never been that sick! Ok, I am sure as a kid I was that sick but seriously, I had to bang on the floor so Bob would bring me a bowl. I wanted my mom, I wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor and I wanted to be left alone to DIE!!
Carries kids had it and I am sure they wanted their mom too. What is it about throwing up that makes you want to share that?
Oh, ya, I slept holding on to a bowl, it was not "The bowl" but it was Tupperware none the less. Made me feel better that it was. I wanted "the bowl" I wanted My Mom but that didn't happen. My husband had the nerve to ask if I wanted him to call his mom... Come on.. She's not going to make me orange Jell0, she's not going to get me 7 up, she's not going to get me chicken soup and saltines... No way no how.. Please just let me die..
Thankfully, he did. He went to hang out with friends last night, talked to me during the 2 am feeding, and then went down stairs to watch dvds. I went back to bed and knew my stomach just didn't feel right. About 3ish, I woke up and it began..Oh, ya... it was so bad.. and oh, did I mention I was on the heaviest day of my period? ya, that makes all those muscle contractions so much better... then it started on the other end and I really wanted to die then.
Then Miss T woke up around 7 30 thankfully, NeeNee came out last night and kept her up until almost nine. She slept in and Bob took the monitor and got up with her, gave her a bottle, gave her breakfast, and stayed home on his day off when he had people in town to take care of the baby (the sitter was off today) so I could die in peace. The festivites ended around 10 30 and I slept until 3 off and on, sweating, cold, coughing, dry, but never did I have a feaver. I could finally keep a bit of water down around 4, and had some soup at 6. Bob got to go see his friends, T got some dinner and I am going to bed once I finish this post. I was suppose to meet this woman today and buy some antique buttons but that didn't happen...
I finally feel a little better, I can't believe how bad that was, I can't remember ever puking like that..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you kidding me? **BMW Warning**

Ok, may not be as much of a BMW (Bitch, Moan, Whine) but I got home tonight to hear my husband say:

Can you make sure to put the toilet paper on the roll the other way, it's really hard for me to get some to wipe the baby's nose when it's like that.

Are you kidding me?? What part of !@#$@$%@$^%$%^ you @#$%@$%#$%^ don't you understand?? Who the @#$%@#$^ do you think cleans this #$%@#$ house. What the @#$%@#$^#$%^ is wrong with the @#$%@^%#%^#& box of tissue on the @#$%@^#$&% sink???

OK, fine I change the stupid toilet paper to go OVER the roll instead of under the roll. I know it's a stretch for him because in his bathroom it's NEVER ON THE ROLL!!!
"I sure hope that helps" Smile... grit my teeth....

Then the kicker... he ordered me a BRAND NEW DIGITAL CAMERA for our anniversary and it's been on back order and is super duper amazingly awesome!!!!

So, what do you call that??

Things that Make me wonder...

Why do some grocery stores pride themselves on having organic fruit, but all you can put it in is a plastic bag?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Temper Temper

Oh sigh...
we had our first Temper Tantrum last night. It was over a vanilla wafer, which all in all, I can see happening, they are pretty good.
So, we had a LONG day, and a LONGER weekend. Miss T and I both had this snot thing going on, which I am sure was really nice for daddy... So, Sunday, she decided naps were optional and decided to take few of them.
Long story short, we ended up taking our bath at 6 on Sunday because there was a lot of snot and Flem and I thought that would help a little. After the bath, it was time for dinner and so T and I headed downstairs while daddy finished a few things up on the computer. We had sweet potato's, apple sauce and cereal, this was not the optimum meal, and because we were tired, crabby and have had access to cookies all weekend after finishing meals this seemed to be the right thing to have for dinner. Of course I give in because she does not feel good and won't eat the rest of her meal and I want her to have something instead of being up 3 to 5 times last night.
Hand her a cookie, she takes it and SHOVES THE WHOLE THING in her mouth, this has never happened before. I take the cookie out of her mouth and say "bites, we have to take bites, that's too much cookie" and start to hand feed it back to her so she eats a little less. This caused Massive Melt down. Let me just say, this is NOT My daughter, she does not do this EVER... she is so low key and so laid back, I almost freaked a little. I felt so bad, knowing she didn't feel good and then I felt worse. I then decide I've given up, we are going to bed, it's not worth it. This caused an even worse melt down because I then took not only the cookie away but her water and the tray, how dare I. I know.
So, we head up stairs, me and screaming mimi herself. I walk past the room where Bob was on the PC and said, please fill her water (vaporizer) and he then thinks I am mad at him now too. Oh great, everyone has now started their period in this house, I then have to say "are you hearing this meltdown? I am not angry, I am worried." He then complies and she calms down when we get to (what Emilie calls) the "Milking Chair" after she calms down and eats then she's off to sleep.
Then it happens:
Wakes at 1 - Hungry
Wakes at 3 - Singing
Wakes at 5- Hungry (I work late this week so this was tons of fun for me)
Up from 5 on, Daddy leaves for work. We are sitting in bed and BAM! Major Meltdown again... Not so sure what is going on these days, but it was crazy, she needed 10 minutes of sleep before we left for the sitter at 6:45 then she was fine till after we left.

This ends at 17?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Handmade Holidays - Need a little Help Here!**Kids Spoiler Alert!!**

Well, it's final. We are full force having a home made holiday this year. I have to figure out the nice way to send a note to my family and hubby's and say (much nicer than this) "we are some cheep bastards and not buying everyone plastic cards so they can go buy their own gifts.. it's silly, and redundant, and why do I want to give you a plastic card for the same amount that you are going to give me one."
So, I need to say that in a nice way and then figure out how to ask if they still want us in their gift exchanges... hmm..
any ideas?

Don't worry about the gifts, I have those covered, now I need a magic wand, some fairy dust and and insane amount of time to make everything....

Beanpole loves to give people mail at home, and loves purses... so I went over to Craft pad and look at this great idea for a Mail bag! She got the idea from Nothing Fancy who made her own Mail Center. I think I will do this for the Big Bean and the Peanut and make them a few that are open envelopes with things to put in them. I may make them mailboxes... I think it's too hard to go look for metal ones now and I have a thing for that hard plastic canvas to hide under sewing projects, because you can wash them in cold and air dry them... much better than something that can't be cleaned or will rust if left outside. Both the girls like to do this thing on the videos and say "I Love You" by pointing to their eye, heart then point to the camera.. so I am going to make an Eye with cute long lashes, a heart and a big letter U to put in the envelopes... A bunch of fake envelopes with stamps on them, some name signs with Velcro, but what else??

Peanut loves to cook and take care of her babies, I am going to make her some food and diapers with Velcro straps for her babies, they are so easy to make and so cute. Not sure what else there either... Help!?!?!

The above will be made for my cousins little girl too, but I have to figure out a boy gift for her one year old.. hmmm??
remember, hand made...

In other news... Look at my Fabulous new iron!!! Not sure how many of you remember my husband buying me an iron so I would make him his hoodie (coming soon post) but I got this one to help with dolls and crafts so I don't ruin my good one.. oh, it's AMAZING. it's awesome, I love it, and it was FIFTY CENTS!!!!!

The neighbor girls have been begging to sew, they are all now making their own dolls.
Doll 1. Miss M. she's 7 going on 12. While working on her face we have this conversation.
Miss M. "I went to the dentist today"
Me, "oh ya, how did that go?"
Miss M. "Ya, they painted this stuff on our teeth to keep them strong. So the dentist said 'nothing sticky, nothing hard and no alcohol for 4 hours"
Me (without missing a beat) "Oh, so I shouldn't offer you a beer then?"
Miss M. "Uh, no! Not for FOUR HOURS"

Doll 2. Miss TaDa. 12 going on 25, taller than I am already, super smart, greatest kid ever.
Doll making time.
Me "uh, you know that you have to do this all on your own, right?"
Miss TaDa "Why?"
Me "Uh, your 12, you want to know how to sew, your going to sew... so make it as fancy as you want."
Miss TaDA "Good, can she have a belt? and shoes? and 3 quarter sleeves? oh, and a purse that really opens so I can put my ipod in it?"
Me "sure, go ahead and get right on that, I am not kidding about you doing this on your own"
Miss TaDA "I think I am going to need to go home and design this. I wonder if this is how J-Lo got started!"

Dolls 3 and 4 are the twins.... The Funny funny twins.. one with pink hair and one with purple, one has lots on her face and one very little. Outfits are opposite each other just like the girls, and I am sure will go thru stages and swap who's loud and who's quiet.
Doll 3. Miss Banana
Doll 4. Miss Chocolate
More about them on Saturday... tomorrow is their birthday.. :D

And now for something too cute not to share..It will be here way longer than it was in her hair.. Happy Friday Everybody.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We started the day off with what I could come closest too as a pumpkin before our (s.h.o.t.) quick trip out. So, green bowl, with orange (sweet potato) and applesauce smile(ish) for the morning starter.

A little fun, because we had to take a bath anyway, feeding our self.

6 spoons later.. we are done.

Then it started.. Ugg, they are back. We have had this in years before. Asian Beetles, look cute like lady bugs but after they harvest the soy beans for the year they have nothing left to eat and are over populated and take over everything! we all get them in our houses, yards, everything and then some. These are our screen door, because it was beautiful I thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh air... Till they took over, inside and out!

Walgreens had photo ops, really cute.. We went, this girl was a go-go dancer and worked there, I took a quick pick of Miss T with her, cuz they matched.. She was very sweet, we got a CD with about 8 pictures on it and a photo card for 31 cents! Great deal!

Halloween night, heres our little cheetha girl all dressed up. home made bow that momma made right before we went out.. it's a kitty.

Miss T loves the little red headed girl across the street.

Next day, I helped out a friend, she's going to a halloween party tonight and I made up some quick costumes for her and hubby. So, she and her little man came by in the am after their (s.h.o.t) quick trip out in the morning.

Cutest little boy ever, he's 3 months older than Miss T, he's so funny.. he was taken back at first but it didn't take long for him to warm up to being here and hangin out.. Could have been that he knew he was going to the oil change place after and needed to get a bit of fun in first!

how was your halloween?