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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Handmade Holidays - Need a little Help Here!**Kids Spoiler Alert!!**

Well, it's final. We are full force having a home made holiday this year. I have to figure out the nice way to send a note to my family and hubby's and say (much nicer than this) "we are some cheep bastards and not buying everyone plastic cards so they can go buy their own gifts.. it's silly, and redundant, and why do I want to give you a plastic card for the same amount that you are going to give me one."
So, I need to say that in a nice way and then figure out how to ask if they still want us in their gift exchanges... hmm..
any ideas?

Don't worry about the gifts, I have those covered, now I need a magic wand, some fairy dust and and insane amount of time to make everything....

Beanpole loves to give people mail at home, and loves purses... so I went over to Craft pad and look at this great idea for a Mail bag! She got the idea from Nothing Fancy who made her own Mail Center. I think I will do this for the Big Bean and the Peanut and make them a few that are open envelopes with things to put in them. I may make them mailboxes... I think it's too hard to go look for metal ones now and I have a thing for that hard plastic canvas to hide under sewing projects, because you can wash them in cold and air dry them... much better than something that can't be cleaned or will rust if left outside. Both the girls like to do this thing on the videos and say "I Love You" by pointing to their eye, heart then point to the camera.. so I am going to make an Eye with cute long lashes, a heart and a big letter U to put in the envelopes... A bunch of fake envelopes with stamps on them, some name signs with Velcro, but what else??

Peanut loves to cook and take care of her babies, I am going to make her some food and diapers with Velcro straps for her babies, they are so easy to make and so cute. Not sure what else there either... Help!?!?!

The above will be made for my cousins little girl too, but I have to figure out a boy gift for her one year old.. hmmm??
remember, hand made...

In other news... Look at my Fabulous new iron!!! Not sure how many of you remember my husband buying me an iron so I would make him his hoodie (coming soon post) but I got this one to help with dolls and crafts so I don't ruin my good one.. oh, it's AMAZING. it's awesome, I love it, and it was FIFTY CENTS!!!!!

The neighbor girls have been begging to sew, they are all now making their own dolls.
Doll 1. Miss M. she's 7 going on 12. While working on her face we have this conversation.
Miss M. "I went to the dentist today"
Me, "oh ya, how did that go?"
Miss M. "Ya, they painted this stuff on our teeth to keep them strong. So the dentist said 'nothing sticky, nothing hard and no alcohol for 4 hours"
Me (without missing a beat) "Oh, so I shouldn't offer you a beer then?"
Miss M. "Uh, no! Not for FOUR HOURS"

Doll 2. Miss TaDa. 12 going on 25, taller than I am already, super smart, greatest kid ever.
Doll making time.
Me "uh, you know that you have to do this all on your own, right?"
Miss TaDa "Why?"
Me "Uh, your 12, you want to know how to sew, your going to sew... so make it as fancy as you want."
Miss TaDA "Good, can she have a belt? and shoes? and 3 quarter sleeves? oh, and a purse that really opens so I can put my ipod in it?"
Me "sure, go ahead and get right on that, I am not kidding about you doing this on your own"
Miss TaDA "I think I am going to need to go home and design this. I wonder if this is how J-Lo got started!"

Dolls 3 and 4 are the twins.... The Funny funny twins.. one with pink hair and one with purple, one has lots on her face and one very little. Outfits are opposite each other just like the girls, and I am sure will go thru stages and swap who's loud and who's quiet.
Doll 3. Miss Banana
Doll 4. Miss Chocolate
More about them on Saturday... tomorrow is their birthday.. :D

And now for something too cute not to share..It will be here way longer than it was in her hair.. Happy Friday Everybody.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that was a lot to comment here I go....

1. I agree with you about the gift cards.....

2. I'm assuming you DO NOT want my input on how to politely tell them about the gifts this year.... :)

3. Your neighbor girls are crazy funny!!!

4. Taryn is usual. I love the pony tail sprouts on babies...

This Mom said...

I love the baby's hair, it looks JUST like MY baby's hair.

~~tonya~~ said...

Beautiful blue eyes!! TFS

Lauren said...

Cute baby!
Come on by mine today and join in the Caption This contest too.

Candid Carrie said...

I love the Cindy-Lou-Whoo look! I have my hair the same way today! said...

What a cool iron! And it was only 50 cents! Awesome!

Lindsay said...

Your daughter has more hair than mine...and she's a good 16 months younger than her! She looks so adorable, and those eyes!

How much fun to make your Christmas gifts! I'm not going completely handmade, but I am going to make a quilt for my mom's Christmas/birthday gift. I need to get on that really soon....

Can't wait to see pictures after Christmas!

Susie said...

I am definitely going all homemade this Christmas. I think gift cards are ridiculous! You are is like exchanging money. Not the Christmas spirit.

In fact, that is what I would tell your inlaws. I got my SIL to go down from $50/kid to $30. Now, if I could just get the other side with 7 kids to do the same!!!

Melissa B. said...

My kids are older, so I'm making them coffee mugs with photos on them from their childhoods. I think I'm extending that to Hubz & the in-laws, too. Times are tight, but I want Christmas to be a little more personal this year, too! BTW, please don't forget Sx3 today...we have a VERY timely snap for ya!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I found you via Ms Lollychops. I too am doing a homemade Christmas. My family just might shrivel up and die when I tell them but, that's one less gift I have to come up with.

A great gift for a little boy is a jean quilt. If you hit up the thrift stores on the right days you can get great deals on old jeans. They're perfect for little ones because they can be washed with no problem.

Meaghan said...

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