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Sunday, March 14, 2010

List 1. W /O March 14th to 21st.

1. Grounded from the Computer - so this is the only post this week, I will try to take photos of everything.

Monday -Treadmill 4:45 am - 1.5 miles or 25 min
Post Work
clean downstairs bathroom, set up potty seat and smaller potty chair
dishes, clean off table and bar
Make sure all Tupperware is up in the room (*Which is going to really suck for Thursday!!)
All Large toys in basement, smaller cubbies in T's room
After bedtime Wii 30 to 45 min.
Work on T's outfit.

Tuesday - Treadmill 4:45 am 1.5 miles or 25 min
Post Work
Ensure all from Monday is Complete.
Clean Living room. Vacuum, add hangers to closet -
Walk invites around to neighbors (Gulp, forgot!)
(Start cleaning out toys, decide what stays and what goes, then figure out what is going, where it goes. - (most of this mid work I can figure out, need to take pics of all toys.) )
Clean off Couches, fluff pillows; Wii - 30 min
Work on T's outfit.

Wednesday - No Run off day
Prep for Thursday *Tupperware party
Make Modeling Chocolate - (Please LORD don't let me mess this up and have to drive to SOCO) - Change Wii schedule to remove Thurs, change to Sunday.
Work on T's outfit.

Thursday - No Run Off day
7 PM *Tupperware Party! Post Party, enter party and close!! (Please Lord, let this party close out!!)
Bring in all Tupp- Bring up to room -
Work on T's outfit.

Friday - Drop off
Try to Run outside today (2+ Miles)

**Grocery Store. Start making (and cooking) cupcakes
Wii while cupcakes are cooking - 30 to 45 min, (post cook while cooling)
Vacuum Living room (again)
Clean Downstairs Bathroom(quick once over),
Sweep/Mop Kitchen Floor.
(*post begging mom to maybe come out to help)
make sure all junk is all off the stairs.
Hang up decorations, finish lanterns
work on outside signs
start rolling out chocolate.. Cover cupcakes, start decorating
Do dishes, eat a healthy lunch (run?) -
(Beg Elsa to come over and help)
- Pick up -
Easy dinner - rotisserie chicken and veggies, apple sauce or fruit,
Run by Blockbuster on way to Sitters.
End of night, move kitchen table near front door for gifts (and make room for kids tables) and put gift packs on table, w table cloth. Kids tables in kitchen, table cloths, snacks in cups in Tupperware containers ready to go, cups out and clean, plates, napkins,
Work on T's outfit(if not done)

Saturday - 7 am - light breakfast, fruit and yogurt, set up for good lunch -
8 am - Clean up breakfast- get T in the bath - NO TV DAY!!
9:30 am Daddy get balloons for indoor and out, hang up signs on porch (double side tape)
11:30 Lunch - turkey cubes, crackers, broc and cheese, choc milk @ 11:30 or 12, no later!!!
12 Noon - Grandparents to show for special time at 12/12:30 - Mommy shower and get ready time.
1 pm. party starts, photos as everyone walks in the door, once everyone is there, daddy to go get pics developed, kids decorate teapots, have cupcakes, open gifts, give out thank you gifts,
3 to 4 pm - send people on their way, NAP!!!!!!
5 /6 figure out an easy dinner (leftover chicken, mac n cheese w/veggies)
8 pm - everyone in bed!!

Sunday - Try to clean up everything leftover from the party if not done night before, veg day, play with new toys, figure out what old toys go into hiding or away
6 pm. Going away dinner for friend.
In bed by 10 -

*Tupperware party - Pack bag, remember, Cake Mix, Measuring cups, mixing bowl, powdered sugar (check w. hostess if I need that) - Quick Chef W blade, chip n dip bowl w lids, can opener(?),
**Grocery Store - Buttermilk, cake mixes, icing, COOKIES! PRETZELS! Juice, Soda? beer, goldfish, mini m&m's
*** $10 gift card to Walgreens for pictures - Double Side tape for decor, need removable.
**** Blockbuster - Rent Alice - ours is Ruined, BD Gift does not come out until the 30th.
***** Remind mom to bring kids table, borrow Tracey's kids table.

notes~~ Try to work on outside signs @ lunch at work at least 2 days this week.
Cardboard and Sharpie's needed.

WOW - What a list, Please let this go as planned!!


Yup, here I am. Missing in action no more. There is very little time to sit down and blog w a soon to be two year old. I feel I am doing more laundry, cooking, cleaning, and for sure, dishes! I also find, I am interrupted much more than during year one. It was easy to have the swing, pack n play and or high chair out while completing things. Now, there is a lot of, "HELP!" "no, I ok", "I can't Get it!!", "Get me out", etc..
We have a lot of, "try it", and "lets do this", or "lets go". This is fantastic, and with her growing and learning so much it makes me realize how much we really do.

Today was my Godfathers birthday party, it was a lot of fun, I also spent 3+ hours chasing 2 year old(s) and going down the hall, back up the hall, into the play room, around the party room (school cafe) so it was fun but tiring. I had a great time, one of T's little friends was there, we'll call her S. S has been working on her potty training, had a dry pull up on all day and... and.. panties on her head, with her pigtails sticking out each side. I need her mom's ok before I post the photo I took with my cell phone. It was so cute. I remember when her mother was little, she was the same way, thought for herself, did her own thing and I never had any appreciation for it. I do now.

My cousin was also there, she makes me so sad. I miss her so much, there are times when I just want to talk to her, but I left her with the statement that if she wants to talk to me, all she has to do is call. It will be a year next week, no call yet. I was making up the party invitations and was actually in tears inviting everyone else. I really want her here.
I never in my life expected that our kids would not grow up without one another. It shocks me. With T's birthday being so close to hers and another friend of mine, they may miss her party some years but oh well. My kid does come first and as she gets older it will be less important for family parties vs friend parties that weekend so it may get better.

That's about all I've been up to. I have been wanting to post a lot recently so I may be here more (lets hope) soon.

I have decided that I am going to start working on making lists, I have found this to help me in my everyday life but I find myself lacking in the things I want and need to do. I am going to start my lists up to help me keep up with myself.

Can't think of anything else right now. So see you soon!