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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rash Decisions....

Well, we went to the Dr this morning, we thought we had a case of heat rash yesterday but it didn't go away and when we called the Dr at 9:20 they made time for us at 10:10 so we ran up there real quick not knowing what was the matter.
Taryn has her first flu... We went to a baby shower this weekend and there were lots of people there but you never know where it came from. She got it in the form of a rash which is no fun at all and the Dr (not ours, he's off on Weds) said that it's common and can last anywhere from 2 to 3 days and she has seen it last up to 3 weeks!
YIKES! This is the rash so far, not so much fun, so we have been doing very little sleeping durng the day unless mommy is around. Every time she goes in her bed it's 5 minutes or less then she's up. Not always unhappy, just up.

This picture was taken right after I got her calmed down so her skin is really pale and the spots are standing out a lot. We got cream on and lotion all day and then a nice long bath and more cream, so we are in better shape now than when this shot was taken, and our arms do not look as bad as they did in the photo...
In better news..

P.S. Yesterday we got our first smile on film.. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Postcards from the edge...

Taryn got her first post card today, addressed to her. So, first post card and first mail just for her today from Uncle Mark from CHINA! We are going to look at the post card tomorrow and China on the wall. It's all very exciting stuff.
I have really been in the mood to sew lately, I finished up the blanket and Stefanie and Adam loved it! I am waiting to either take pictures of their room or have them send me some so I can post them. They are both so amazing and I can't wait to meet Jeremiah! Their shower was this weekend (the one I could go to!) it was so much fun but Miss T slept thru the WHOLE THING, it was so loud and bright and she slept like her mother did when she was little and Aunt Lisa was getting ready for school. They even have this really cool friend that plays the guitar and he was playing and singing and people were singing along and, nope, nada, nothing she was out. Well, we ended up staying a few hours and I needed to get her fed and well, forgot the keys to grandma's house so we got our first feeding in a car/public (ish) place and well Miss T does not like to have her head covered. We found that out the hard way the other day when we went for a walk and put a hat on her. Not a happy camper with a blanket over her head either, not enough looking around space. Well, it all worked out in the end and gave me an idea of something to make to help us both out next time we are in public.
Grandma is not here this week, we are all alone but next week Aunt Lisa Poppins is coming in and we are very excited! The bed has been taken apart and the sheets are being washed and put back on the fold out, and we even talked Grandma into coming out to go to the airport with us to pick up and go hang out for the day. I am so excited, I really want a picture of the gals all together, it's going to be so much fun.
This week, I am sewing like mad, I got a bit of a hang of the bias tape maker and have edged some towels, even gave Stef and Adam a few that I made with the blanket. I am going to finish some burp cloths and those will be for the sitters house.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Does the other brain ever come back?

So, in the past few weeks I have done a lot of silly/stupid things.. today Taryn and I did worse than before...
I got up, got dressed, got everyone ready and we ran to the store to pick up a few last minute items for the shower this weekend for Adam and Stef... got home, had lunch, went up stairs, started sewing getting things done and the whole time was pulling on my pants thinking how great it was that they didn't fit right, we decided to take a walk around 7 before Bob left and I went in the bathroom, sat down, looked down to see the TAG sticking up looking right at me... After turning my pants around they didn't fit so funny anymore. :(
Now Taryn's story....
So, we are trying to get in tummy time every day so we have the rain forest play center and Taryn seems to really like it. Well, today she was playing away hitting one of the little birds thats on the toy and all of a sudden she grabbed something and wanted to pull it but it would not come loose, then she pulled harder and SCREAMED! Well, it was her hair! She grabbed a full hand full of the back of her head and YANKED, SCREAMED, then YANKED Again!! I didn't realize what made her yell like that at first then I noticed and yes her grip is really getting better...I felt so bad for her but at the same time it was so funny... Guess it's ironic and really a life lesson that sometimes when your hair is getting pulled out, you do some of it yourself...

In other news, a few more photos loaded on the Flickr site and we are thinking about going pro. Anyone a Pro on Flickr now? like it? Love it? I want to see a video and see how it goes but we are really thinking about doing it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adam and Steph, don't look

ok finished Blanket.. What do you think now and heres a different view so I think it looks more cat/hat..It also looks more red when not taken with a cell phone.. :D

Real quick - does this look Cat in the Hat enough? I am making the comforter for Adam and Stefanie's new nursery and I got everything together and I am getting the Diver Down feel more than Cat in the hat...

100 POSTS!!! Wow, I new I talked a lot but this is crazy!

I can't believe it's not been a year yet and I have 100 posts already. I shoulda baked a cake or something.. But lets do something silly instead. I have a ton of pictures in my phone that I have taken over the past year and or pregnancy and Taryn's lifetime. Lifetime in a word seems really long even if you are almost a month old. Aww the memories, also, there is a good possibility I could be injured for any number of the below photos... so if you are not a fan, let me know and I will remove the picture in question, (if it's you and you have a valid reason)
Lets get started...

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was at the Hilliard's and this is the park that we went to, with a little mini labyrinth. We had a good time and I taught the girls how to shoot weeds :D it was fun.

You can't get a veggie, / blackMy favorite meal while on vacation, craved it the whole pregnancy. bean and rice burger here that looks as good as this one. It was chargrilled and AWSOME!!!

Came back to the longest garage sale in history and 6 weeks pregnant didn't help me, but it seemed to wear everyone out. This was also the weekend I was told how swollen I looked. :|

really cute skirt that I made Maxine and there is an adult size one for Abbie too but I never got a picture of that one.. and I can't figure out how to not make this one sideways... hmmmm

First ultrasound, we went to grab a drink after, this is the biggest root beer float ever.. and she drank the whole thing!

Our sewers backed up at home.. Not a fun night to listen to the city blow someones yard out of the sewer and stupid of the neighbor to shove all his grass in the drain but what can you do.

Halloween when we found out she is a girl and this is how we told the kids in the neighborhood.

Aunt Lisa came in and made crab cakes (YUM!!) and yes I did have to take a picture. they were good!

Registering,,, aww how fun, and no one ever got Taryn this shirt. Good thing, she decided to take a cab anyway!

Christmas, Aww the good times making cookies.

Emilie had Kat (hi-a cutie!!) and Rebekah had Aiden (also cutie but not pictured because I didn't have my phone with me when I saw him!)

The crazy people decorated with everything (again) this is a yearly event.

Emilie moved and this is just an example of her life being turned upside down... Oh she's gonna kill me for this one..

Chad almost made it to State for wrestling, then his mom beat him...

We tried to go to pregnancy and birthing classes but it just kept snowing!

Then, she finally got here... YA!!!

We made it home, even with Daddy's driving on 40.

And we get cuter every day... :D

Friday, April 18, 2008

I feel the earth move, under my bed...

Well, Taryn is getting to be pretty consistent with her night times she will sleep two solid 4 hour blocks then she plans a bit of awake time so if you can get her to bed about 10 or 11 your good till 6 ish the next morning, but this night, last night she decided to crash around 8. Not so good if you think about the 4 hour block takes her to midnight then the next to four am. Yep, that's what we did, so around 4:35 when I was trying to trick her into going back to bed because it was still dark out, I laid her back down and laid in bed waiting for the cry or sleep that was going to come within the next few moments. Then it came, this big rumbling sound out of no where, we get a lot of helicopters and planes that fly around at night so I was thinking that's what it was... nope, all of a sudden the bed started shaking like Bob was shaking his foot or leg or something, so I grabbed his hand and said what are you doing? He woke up to say nothing then I got freaked out and said "What is that!" Ya, I was freaking a bit at this point, Taryn started to cry a little and I just grabbed her without waiting for the full on cry like normal. I then said again to Bob, WHAT IS THAT! and he jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see that no trees were blowing. He got up and went out in the hall way and I am not sure where, Taryn and I stayed in bed just waiting for some sign or signal of what to do next. Not sure that was the best idea but there was nothing above us that could fall on us except the light fixture and I was watching that.. After a few moments things calmed down and we all went back to bed, nope scratch that, Bob went back to bed. Taryn continued to laugh at me and tell me she had already had her 8 hours and she was not going back to bed. Well, Bob could still get a half hour in before having to go to work so I took Taryn down stairs so he could get some shut eye. As soon as we got down there and I got her calm the alarm went off. Great.. just what I needed.. I tried to ignore it but there was little chance of that, so I just sat there and listened to everyone in the house sleep thru 20 minutes of BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB ... ya, you get it. Bob then got up shut everything off and went to work. I of course could not sleep the night before so I was not asleep before 1 and with the midnight feeding ending then I had to get myself together to go to sleep after so that morning rest was nice and we slept in until 7:30. Too bad I woke to my back aching... Oh well, we got over that and went about our day, came up stairs Taryn had some breakfast and I laid in bed trying to relax not on a love seat. We both fell back to sleep (thank you Lord) and got to get a nap in from 8:45 until the aftershock went off around 10 something. I again wake to the bed shaking and this time my cell phone going off with 6 messages of "did you feel that!?!?!?!" Freaky!
I always wondered what an earthquake felt like and I guess it's about the same as Bob getting a twitch.. Kidding..
In other news, Taryn had her first tummy time nap yesterday. Call me names, it's fine but I don't lay her on her tummy and leave her that way so while I checked in at work she slept on the floor next to me after she wore herself out during tummy time. Also in the cutest outfit from Molly and Mhena.
Pictures tomorrow, my camera is dead..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh it's that Time of year again!!!!!

FREE CONE DAY AT BEN & JERRYS!!! Whooo hooo!! we went last year after a girls outting (for work) our boss gave us tickets to go to the baseball game and we all went then went for free cones after. What a great day. it was so much fun! Not sure if we won or not but we had a good time and got free ice cream. the things you remember!

New Photos as promised...

I wanted to add some photo's to the flickr site but I don't want to forget about adding them here so I can have them online when I make this a book.

Ok, we are mean funny parents.. Taryn has really dry skin right now, on every part of her and well her lips are peeling. This is not typically funny but when you have the center of your top lip peeling and you cry like this, well.... you look like bubba and someone's gonna take your pictue!

This is Taryn's COOLLLLDDD picture for cousin Hannah, who understands how cold it really is getting out of the bath!

Try to tell me these jeans are not cute.. Go ahead...
I got these when I was pregnant and loved them.. Now, on another note, she's outgrowing the travel bed, and soon to move into her big bed!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Congrats? Ice pack?

So, we had our first all night sleep last night, well Taryn did, I didn't. Taryn went to bed around 10:30 last night and slept until FOUR THIRTY! Can you believe it? Ya, neither could I and that's why I was checking on her so much. I even woke Bob and said, SHE'S NOT WAKING UP! in my best freaked out whisper. He said to calm down and she's fine and he even checked on her himself and said she's fine and will wake up when she's hungry. Yes, 4:30 so that was good, too bad I didn't get to sleep that well too! She then went back down at 5:00 (and she almost never does that) and slept till 7:30.. This is a first! Normally when daddy leaves for work it's all over and we are all up and not really going or awake.... Yawn... Oh, did I mention that I could also no longer sleep on my sides because I was so full from her good night sleep. I didn't pump but if I would have known she would stay down, I would have. Guys make those "kick stand" cracks, but no, girls can't, it's way too painful and sleeping on my back sounded like such a good idea when I could not do it, but I really love sleeping half on my side and half on my stomach and missed it so much that it's sad when I can't do it now.
So, that was really good news, then she fed every 2 hours this afternoon and would not go to sleep tonight even after a bath!... Finally by 10:30 tonight she went back to sleep, almost napless today, she didn't stay down for over 15 minutes at a time, unless she was held and after you hit the 10 lb mark, that's hard to do.
Picture day tomorrow, I will load some on here and flickr.. I know, slacker..
I have the cutest one in her jeans, and in the outfit that Rebekah got for her, well us from the shower.. Cute!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Melissa ROCKS!

Ok so now we have the one I want and the other on the left hand side. Which do you like better? I am a fan of the top one but in no way will remove the other if people like it "better" and or the same as the other.
Thanks Melissa, I knew you would know how to do it! (we won't tell anyone that Lola really remembered and told you)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flickr test run - Anyone try this one at home?

OH YA!! Did it! Did it!!! Look to the left.. I got it set up!
YA ME! Don't know if I can do it again but it works now!!! YA HOOO!!!

Ok this is a test run to see if my flickr site is set up right.
Let me know what you see!
heres Taryn weeks 1 & 2.

Melissa, check with your sister, how did she load hers on the site? I want to do that too!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Questions for Moms -

Question 1 -
What did you do to get your routine down to go back to work?

Question 2 -
Breastfeeding moms- What did you find you could not eat? How long did it take you to figure out?

Question 3 -
What kept you awake when you didn't get any sleep?

Question 4-
What is the one thing that you would like a new mom to know?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Met the Sitter..

Tonight Bob and I went and met the sitter, that we have now agreed is the sitter.. She's really nice, cute, tiny, has a nice house, good set up for kids and gets them set for preschool. I am very excited, I really wanted at home care and I like her... wonder if she'll let us call her Weezie? It will remind me of my sitter, ok not so much, mine raised dogs and babysat...
Bad news, my fricking headache is back. Not sure why, I think I may be eating/drinking too much sugar from the lack of sleep. I am going to start on natural juices and foods tomorrow and see what will help. We took our first outing today, went to Target to pick up the good stuff, conditioner, soap, all the good stuff. I got some burp cloths to get ready for the sitters house, I just need to put Taryn's name on them this weekend when I have the sewing room and I can take the time to put everything together, maybe Grandma Sally will help me with it before she goes.
Melissa and Chris are going to come out on Thursday, that should be fun. Not a whole lot else, I am just loading up some photos on my walgreens site so we can print a few out. Technology today, makes it so easy to take pictures of your kids...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bikini Weather here we come!

Well, we went to the Dr. today. All is well and Taryn is a good color, has a bit of dry skin still but lotion is helping, has gained back all of her weight and then some (this is good) is now an extra inch and a half taller and the Dr put medicine on her umbilical cord to help it dry more, he said it was doing well but had so much nutrients in it that it was still thriving. Ya, sounded kinda gross to me too. But he put silver nitrate on it to help it dry faster and we talked for a while about how well the feedings were going and that next time we go in we will need shots. This is all good, we are doing well.
We came home (grandma went with us) and all needed a bit of a nap after lunch. It's funny, I remember going to the Dr as a kid and my mom always took me to Arby's after for lunch or we went to get ice cream. Well, this was trauma for the momma so Grandma and I went to Arby's and got my favorite chicken salad wraps and potato cakes. Yum! We also went to Fritzes for ice cream for later, I got the peach & raspberry then out of no where... Grandma Sally gets Carmel and Toffee! I have to admit hers was good but mine was too. We all took a nap then watched Season 1 of house, at least 4 or 5 of them and didn't do much the rest of the night. Had some Musgo's and hung out with daddy when he got home. Taryn did a lot of sleeping, she was in the Dr's office naked for close to an hour and he messed with her quite a bit, even if he is a really nice guy, that's a lot to take for 2 weeks old. So, around 10 her last feeding then ready for bedtime, daddy took Taryn upstairs and was going to rock her to sleep and went to change her diaper and there it was, dangling, the umbilical cord already... Who knew that stuff would work so fast. It was so sad, you could tell it hurt, she was not wanting to lay on her stomach .. Of course I felt bad and of course I cried , this is my poor baby that has been through so much in her two weeks here. I have to admit, I am glad it's gone, this makes her life so much easier, I know that when I have had a scab or a sore it's always better once it's gone, this will make tummy time easier and all kinds of other things, like wearing pants...
Watch out summer, here we come!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

When does the pregnancy brain end?

So here's my entertainment for the day:
started the shower, not in it and turned it on with the curtain open...
got in the shower with my glasses on...
got out of the shower with the water still on and soaked my towel...
Still wearing pads, put one on, forgot they had "wings" and didn't strap down the wings.. thankfully did not have any mess..
cut up an apple, walked away from it and forgot about it until I came back and it was brown...
Taryn spit up so hard and so much that it soaked the both of us, so she got a bath and I got a bath in spit up...

We did get a good nap today, that was nice, we did get to take our drive in the car and check to make sure I can carry her out to the car in the car seat and get her all packed up and in the car. We did get Chinese food and I got lo main and it was so good!!! Arica and John Conrad came over today and we had a good visit, he's so cute. I am really disappointed that I didn't take a single picture, what am I thinking!!! He's such a happy baby and such a boy, he was crawling around the house just checking things out from about 2 ft and below. Glad we cleaned up the carpets, not sure what he could have found before that. Arica was freaking a bit, he spit up on the floor and she was worried because the floor looked so clean. Bob just cleaned the carpets so we were in good shape, I have to say I love the carpet we got, it really cleans up well. OxyClean should get a little shout out too.
Heard from Auntie Lisa today, I am so excited, shes going to come in for a visit in Early May before I go back to work. It's going to be so fun! I am a good "microwaver", she's a good cook... oh it's going to be great! We have so much that we can do and go for walks if the weather is nice too. Aunt Wendy left me a message on my cell but we didn't get the chance to call her back yet with all the excitement. Glad to hear from everyone. I did get a note from Jenn and she did make a good point about everything here being new, Auntie Lisa did say that she didn't know when to call and didn't want to wake us. Don't worry about me and Taryn slept thru the vacuum and the steam cleaner, I think she gets that from me and Grandma Sally we are heavy sleepers too. Taryn had a good day today, she was up and alert a lot, we need John Conrad over here more often to sing to her, I can't believe he's going to be 1 next month, seems like just yesterday that I was at Arica's shower.
Taryn is going to be two weeks old tomorrow. We go see the Dr for the first time at his office, not sure what to expect but mom is coming with me so we are in good shape. Bob has to work but he will be the first with updates. I am sure she's brilliant of course I just hope they don't poke on her too much, I am still too tender to see my baby cry because someone is poking on her. Bob things she's gassy and so we are going to talk to him about gas drops just in case, I think she's fine but we will still ask to be safe.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quiet around here...

So we've been home for a week now (and a day) and it's been really quiet, not a lot of phone calls and not a lot of guests. I am surprised, we have only heard from a few of the siblings on each of our sides and few visitors. I guess everyone's giving us time to get in a groove but it's been so quiet and maybe I am just pushy.
All in all things are good, I need to load the photo site in the blog so we can load up more pictures. Grandma Sandy came over today and made us dinner, pasta with olive oil and fresh squash, sun dried tomatoes and carrots. It was really good and healthy, she also got an apple tart from Trader Joe's' and it was really really good too! It was a nice visit over all and we got to spend some quality time with Grandma Sandy which is always nice and she's always on the run. I am so glad she got out here and Taryn is too, she is actually almost as big as Grandma Sandy and Grandma Sally already. Should not be too long before she does pass them up.
We are going to do a test run tomorrow to see if I can handle going to the Dr with Taryn on Monday. I will carry the car seat to the car with Taryn in it and hook her in and drive (from here to the Dr's office) or wherever and check on the drive and how I do with the belly and all lifting and moving on our own so Bob won't worry so much on Monday when he has to work.
Hope all is well with everyone, we had a pretty long night last night but today was a good day and we were all bright eyed for a lot of the afternoon. Hope this helps with sleep tonight and we can all get a little rest, even if mommy wakes up every hour to make sure things are going well.

We are getting there..Here's a few cute pictures from Grandma Sally's visit last week.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's April? Already?? Oh man!

Wow, I can't believe it's April showers already, time really flies these days. I was hoping for more time at home with her by now but we are enjoying every moment as they go by and watching her really start blooming into the person that she is. She's so independent already, holding her head up and moving around like she's just going to get up and walk out of no where.

Update on me... Still have a bit of the weepies, but all in all I am good. Bob asked me the other night "What were you feeling when you heard her cry for the first time after she came out of you? You were crying, why?" and of course, I cry just thinking about it. Just thanking God that she was alright, there is that constant worry when you are carrying that baby wondering if everything is alright and if your doing all you can to make sure they are the best they can be. I remember in the beginning Lindsy and I would talk about how we were both wrecks the week before we went to the Dr and calm just a few short days after, knowing we heard the heartbeat and checked out ok. Once things progressed enough, it was just making sure I could feel her move and move enough to "pass the tests" of 10 or more times so there was enough movement. Doing all you could, eating specific things to make them move and anything else that you could do to get them changing position when needed. Worry was most of the time, wondering if everything was in the right place and all was well. I just remember that moment when I heard the Dr. (because for a C they put this big screen in front of you so you can't see and your arms are out to the sides and you can't move) said, "Oh, now we know why she was not coming out, she's sunny side up" and I didn't hear anything and I sat there holding my breathe wondering what was going on and afraid to ask until I heard her cry, it was not much but it was enough and I could finally breathe again. That one big breath that just takes you away and gives you everything that you need all at once. I could not hold in the tears of joy and thankfulness all at once. What an amazing thing, that gift even if I could not get her out myself, she is here and she is good and healthy. Yup, you know I am crying again now... Thankful, just putting my baby down for the night, kissing her and holding her before she went to bed, I am thankful for today. I know she will be up at 11:00 or 11:30 and then again around 2 or 3 but I am thankful that she's here, she's her and she's great. Even if she does have Bob's toes... :D ok just a little giggle...

Bob's doing well, he went back to work today and all seems to be on track. I am glad of that, no news is good news right now. We can go for uneventful and be just fine. I would like to hear an update on Lindsey if anyone knows or if your reading Lindsey.... you hooo...