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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Photos as promised...

I wanted to add some photo's to the flickr site but I don't want to forget about adding them here so I can have them online when I make this a book.

Ok, we are mean funny parents.. Taryn has really dry skin right now, on every part of her and well her lips are peeling. This is not typically funny but when you have the center of your top lip peeling and you cry like this, well.... you look like bubba and someone's gonna take your pictue!

This is Taryn's COOLLLLDDD picture for cousin Hannah, who understands how cold it really is getting out of the bath!

Try to tell me these jeans are not cute.. Go ahead...
I got these when I was pregnant and loved them.. Now, on another note, she's outgrowing the travel bed, and soon to move into her big bed!

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Molly G said...

Mhena had some eczema and we started using nursery jelly (vaseline with baby powder scent) and her skin cleared up sooo fast and it is soooooo soft!!!