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Sunday, September 30, 2007

backward? forward?

It's funny how sometimes people say things that make you wonder what they were really trying to say. Like "you don't look nearly as fat today" or "the swelling on your legs and face really has gone down, must have been the salt". Who says that? What is a real compliment?
I wondered where it came from that I say things that may be off color or out of the norm for me but others around me are really shining thru too.

These hormones are killing me.,,,

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 16- MONTH 4 - Showing..

I started showing somewhere at the end of week 15 and start of week 16 and yeah, it's so odd. I used to be so thin in the center that this is really odd and hard for me.. I mean your ass never gets in the way when your trying to bend over and tie your shoes.
So, with that said, I guess it's time to cover my mouth.. Literally! I seem to have started this way of thinking (it must be the view that everyone else things my body is public now) that makes me say things to people that maybe they just don't want to hear...
Examples -
1. Spoke to Brother in law about going into labor and water breaking (he may need professional help now)
2. I seem to make it public information when I need to go to the bathroom
3. Had birthing conversation with one of the VP's at work, male, he was fine with it and even told me a few things I didn't know, but really would have never had this conversation with him.. EVER..

I am getting ready to register soon. Our BIG Ultrasound is on Halloween and I am starting to have second thought about finding out the sex.. Opinions please.. what do u think? (add a comment)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 15 - Ultrasound 3

Today Lisa, Mom and I went to my third ultrasound and had a lot of fun. there are 2 TV's in the room so I got to watch one and they watched the Tech (Karen) do the amazing job that she does.

So, here are a few pictures.

1. Heres the hands, looks like a good set of five fingers to me!

2. The legs crossed (and the tushe) I think this baby has Bob's legs..

3. a Close up Profile. Babys facing the left side of the page. Head at the top of the right, belly at the bottom center ish.

4. So, we got one of the feet again (Karen likes feet as much as I do)

We had a great time, went to the ultrasound, went shopping at Gordmans, went to Moes for dinner and it was good then went to DSW and I got 2 pair of shoes.. I am so excited. it was so fun!

I am feeling so much better now, getting my energy back and I finally feel like I am getting some sleep. Not up every 2 hours peeing and having freaky dreams.

Good day, good week 15.

Month 4 starts next week.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mid Week 14

Midway thru month 4 and I am not getting my energy back yet. What's that all about? So, Lisa is coming in town and I have a new employee and an ultrasound this week. I have a feeling I am going to be too busy to be tired.
I still have not told Angie or Arica yet, It's so hard to get a hold of them outside of our daily drives to work.
what a pain in the ass.
Either or, not much new. Still wearing my normal clothes, some are getting tighter but I am pushing to not buy too many pairs of maternity pants till I need them. At the same rate I don't want to have to buy normal pants either.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Missed 13 weeks by that much...Week 14

Ok so I missed my first post.. It's ok the odds are with me.
Week 13 was fine, busy at work but fine. The tired wore off just in time Sunday night for me to get 4 hours of sleep before going to work on Monday. Who knew a nap could be so powerful!

Starting week 14 now, I was told by a woman at work that my life events will be by week until my child is 3, and then by month until 4 or 5.

I will keep you posted...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Week 12 and 4 days and boy am I still tired!

pregnancy due date

This weekend was suppose to be the weekend i felt better and got things done. That did not happen. I was tired and had pain in my muscles that used to be ab's of steel! I got a few things done, shredding, dishes, some laundry. My asthma has been really bad so I have been staying inside this weekend trying to get as much real air as I can without having to use that stupid inhaler.
Either or, I feel pretty good, and I got hero's season 1.. YEAH!!

P.S. Add to the list of foods I can't eat.. Egg rolls.. isn't that so sad?