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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thumb, thumb thumb, thumbbbbb

Well, Taryn has been eying up her thumb for weeks now. She finds it on occasion but usually sticks with her whole fist when looking for something to grab in her mouth. Well, this week she found her thumb and one night even took that instead of food and went back to sleep at 2 am on her own and slept the rest of the night. I am not sure what I think of thumb sucking, It's not the worst thing and she seems to only do it when she's tired and after a bottle or at the end of the night when she's trying to self sooth. Self soothing, not a bad thing at 2 months, but we have a niece that's starting first grade next year and still is sucking her thumb. I don't want that!
So, pics on the flickr site if you want to see her in action. I got a bit of a video together of it all, the shock never ends.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Help Needed..

So there are all these really cute blogs with all kinds of things to sew and my latest addiction is the felt food.

Home Made by Jill has it

Sewing Stars has it

Even Martha has it

Best of all Lilly Bean sells it..

so now it's my turn. I got all this felt from Michael's today, I can figure out how to make the cute pancakes, tomato's, lettuce, burgers etc, but what is purple, blue and bright pink.. ok and gray?

I need some ideas here people...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taryns First Day --

Today was D day. I went back to work and Taryn went to the sitter. We had a little talk on the way there about being good and not screaming all day, I was worried, she was not. We got there and I choked up a bit but didn't cry until I got in the car then, well lets just say I got to work alright. It was a rough morning and of course everyone was asking, and I was just saying "lets talk about that tomorrow, hows the weather, hows them Cards? New Car?" Then the boss of all bosses walks over to my desk and wants to look at pictures WITH ME, of course, but it was really good because it showed me how strong I really am and I remembered reading an article about going from "Mommy mode" into work mode. The Spit up on my shoulder didn't help, but we got the day off with a bang.
I made Bob call the sitter around 11 and check in, I knew if I would have called and she would have been crying I would have left work right then to go get her. He sent me an e-mail back and told me she was fine, she already took her first bottle and was doing well. I cried of course but felt better about the whole situation. I made it until 3 at work then I called and left around 3:30, that is pretty good in my book for a first day. Taryn did well, she took 3 bottles all almost 3 oz! that's GREAT, she never takes that much at home. She did so well and even the babysitter said she seems so much older than 2 months, she was talking and cooing and laughing and playing around on the floor with the other little girl that is 8 months old. She was sitting in her swing and took her naps there (Great! she never naps in ours) but also got to look out the window and watch the kids play.
I am so glad, and now its mommy time..... bye!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The kitchen Sink...And a Question for the readers....

So, I got up this morning and put on my favorite pink Capri sweats, they are super pink and totally too much but I got them when I didn't know I was pregnant yet but they were at the outlet store and were J.Jill and just looked comfy. Funny thing is Erin and I would go garage saling and she would have on her pink capri sweats, and so would Maxine (who can still fit into her6/9 month ones at 18 months).
So, I get up and get moving, go in the bathroom and notice a small hole in side of my pants, dang..Oh well, I will sew them up when I get the chance. Get T breakfast and notice one of the small pockets is messed up on the seam, ok another thing I have to fix. Taryn not a fan of breakfast spits up, on the pants of course. Oh well, wipe them and her off and get her dressed and moving. I have a feeling you are starting to get the picture... lets make it easy now:
toothpaste - Check
Bbq sauce from Dinner - Check
Ice cream from after dinner- Check
and finally, after T has her bath and we are getting ready for bed,
a little lotion - Check
and T pee's on my leg....
My poor pants, everything but the kitchen sink......

So, in other news, I am going to make Miss T a doll.. These are so cute and I think it looks simple enough. Take a look, here are the instructions on the Martha Site(Black Apple Doll) . I have been eying this blog but I have not added to my list yet. I am editing things now and she was on Martha and I have the directions now.. So, I think I will sew on the eyes and mouth, I am not hip on painting them on, of course no buttons or extras on the outfit.

Question for all -
I see people have these special Question of the week or Wednesday no words posts, or Saturday weekly update posts. Is there anything that anyone would like to see? I can't promise we have excitement every week but it would give me something that I can be try to be consistent with. Feedback would be great...... :D

Isn't this a cute shot... She was playing in her gym and would look back at me to make sure I was still there..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ok Granny, hope this helps you!




Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a deal!!! And What a ROOM!!

For some reason I started garage saling last year and have fallen in love with it. I get little things all the time, I got the swing for the baby for $10, an extra pack n play for the babysitters, and random here and there things including 3 boxes of fabric that have come in handy over the past year or so. In more recent news I have started looking on Craigs List more. I like it, you have to be careful and meet the person in a public place where you can make sure you are safe but really you can get things you need and help out someone trying to get rid of things they don't. Heres my great deal from today. I got 21 items for $20. Over half are brand new, tags still on, some come with hats and spanky pants or bloomers, and one even came with shoes!
The first picture is the dresses and outfits. The one in the back with the hat and the ladybugs is so cute, the one to the far right in the back came with the shoes. The overalls are from the gap, they are so cute and the white one in the front on the right has a little fairy on it, came with a hat and T may wear it on Monday.
The second picture is the onsies and casual wear, the blue's clues yellow outfit came with little spanky pants with ruffles, and next to it in the pink it says Strawberries and Cherries", there is also a set of onsies that are a total duplicate of itself, (the butterflies) and the last picture is an outfit I got for a buck at a garage sale for Stefanie and Adam. Goes with the room theme, which I have photos of below.. Check it out and they did this all FREE HAND!!

Random thoughts from an Oatmeal Addict...

My sister came in town and made this whole grain breakfast oatmeal with dried cherries and brown sugar. I have eaten it every day still! I am officially out and almost out of cherries too. I eat this every day in my dollar store bowl, I make it all up except the water) the night before and tuck it in a big zip lock bag and then it's all set for me to pour in the water the next morning and I am good to go.
Taryn is being really good this morning. She's playing in her Jungle Gym with all her best friends.. She loves the Lamaze toys, she has a peacock, a moose, a firefly, and a giraffe, and they clip on the gym perfectly and are so bright and fun, she just talks to them all the time.
Have I mentioned I am not ready to go back to work yet? I'm not.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Look

What do you think?
ok, less pink. better? Pink in the right place?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mothers Day Brunch, guilt...

I went to a post mothers day weekend brunch with Bob's mom and sisters. We went to one of my favorite places and of course Miss T and I were late, she decided she was hungry when we were suppose to leave. We got there about 20 after and everyone had already ordered (per my request when I called to say we would be late) and after we got there I was waiting for a sling to put the car seat in and Bob's sister says to me, without saying much else that she is going to call Taryn "Terrible" so I say "Ha, ha, Taryn the Terrible? nice" and she says "No, just Terrible". So, fed up already I respond to her and say "That's ok, she won't be around you much and she will just know you are the mean aunt" to this she is pissed at me and does not speak to me the rest of the meal, and gets up to go to the bathroom 3 times to cry and say she's the mean aunt and is mad at me. She also refused to even look at me after we left and his mother was giving me a mothers day plant (beautiful, I need to take a picture before I kill the poor thing) and this really hurt me, a lot.
I have done a lot for her kids, a lot and would NEVER call them anything like that. It hurt me so bad, I feel a bit guilty for some reason, like there was something I could have done better but there is that other part of me that is so hurt and so bothered by this that I really don't know if I want to speak to her. I tried not to let it bother me when we left, and I mentioned to Bob and he laughed and said she's just strange.
In laws? Any help? Anyone?

On a much cuter note, this was T's outfit for brunch:

It' s really cute, it's Pooh Bear and says something about little friends, it even has a jacket that goes with it and just one little button on the top. Very fancy for brunch, goes with the socks and everything. Socks just don't seem to do it without cute shoes, and all of Taryn's shoes are thankfully still too big, even for Bigfoot. The one photo is showing her Irish side, she's the lord of the dance. The other is a disco, something about that jungle music that really gets you going!

Updates to Flickr are on their way too..

On another note, Melissa is having surgery on Friday so everyone pray (or whatever you do) for her, this is a big stress for us all, I can only think positive for now so lets all have good thoughts ok.

In other bad news, my memory card for my camera crapped out on me today and after I took the cutest video ever.. I am so ticked off right now. GRRRRR. This is my last week home so I need some good karma, I feel too behind to go back to work already. I am so weepy about it too. I will be fine I know but it's the getting there part.

Friday, May 16, 2008

No hassle for the HOFF?????

My mother had a "Jack Hannah" Experience taking a picture of a turtle, this started a really funny story that I want to share.

The morning Auntie Lisa got in town we were leaving for the air port to pick her up. I backed out of the drive way to see a turtle perfectly under the car very close to the tire. I was shocked that I didn't him him and gasped and told my mom (sitting in the back seat with the baby of course) to take a look. She leaped out of the car to take it's picture and stood by the car door zooming her camera. I then advised her that it would not bite nor run away and she could go for a closer look. The above picture is the one of George, we named him before we left. The little girl up the street also ran down to grab George and put him in her back yard before she missed the bus. Finally, I loaded up the photos on Flickr the other day. There was George, it was funny but two things happened.
First, someone in Latin America set the picture as his favorite within minutes of me loading them and Second happened the next morning, I called my mother and told her to sit down. I explained that she was famous, just like David Hassellhoff and even if he was not big in the US he was HUGE in Germany and her photos were the same.
I got an e-mail from my Flickr account that stated:
I very much like your boxturtle picture and i like to ask permission to use it on a forum in Holland/Belgium

She took a moment,
then advised she had no idea who
David was
and would need to google him..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I feel whitty... oh so whitty...

Where to begin...
Mothers Day.. My first, I wanted breakfast in bed. Something simple, eggs? Cereal? bagel? Nothing big or spectacular. We didn't do breakfast, I did get two cute cards, one from Miss T and one from Big Daddy.. Bob's card was really funny.. I cracked up.
On the outside it has a chicken with really long legs and says "A Mothers Day Riddle" and the Chicken says "Why did the mom cross the road?"
Inside it says "No one could tell, really. She was mumbling something to herself about peace and quiet. She circled the block a couple of times and came back a lot happier"
Hmmm??? I don't get it... HA!!
So, for dinner... Bob went and got 2 steaks, and 4 Russian King Crab legs and grilled them up with veggies, yellow tomato, asparagus, and two kinds of mushrooms. Also, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and pears, and cheesecake lolly pops (good but not worth the price next time), two different B&J ice creams, and a cookie cake from Dierbers. Aww, romance with a baby monitor in the center of the table. Who needs candles? Taryn of course is a fan of the romance too, she didn't want to miss it, she was happy for all of 45 seconds.
We are slowly surviving the sugar coma! Kidding, it's been a few days and thankfully most of it is still around. I gave the neighbors most of the cookie cake.. No thanks to Rebekah and Aiden..they didn't even make a dent!
We may have talked daddy into that the day before with our new outfit. We are not sure it made an impact on him, he only took four THOUSAND pictures while she had it on!

Well, we had our two month Dr. visit and little Miss is on the map. She's almost 12 lbs already. I can't believe it but I will have guns like RB by the time she's six months like Aiden.. Ya baby!
All went well with the shots and confirming we have the Thrush, ugg. Not so fun and we got meds and thankfully early on. Dr said its slight but no need to not take the meds, they will help. I need to get some yogurt too so I can keep fighting this thing with help from the natural resources we have everyday.
Taryn had her first bottle, did I say that before? Well, I can't pump for a few days, they said wait 4 to 5 days from the LLL. I figure it's a good idea and we have so much frozen it's not a bad idea to dip into our month 1 supply anyway if needed. I got a sterilizer from Thanks Grannie Sandy and Auntie Katie for the gift cards... Came in handy. I am for sure a fan to sterilize everything going forward and it was worth the money in the end, we are going to try to stay with the BF as long as we can. Our little moose seems to be doing quite well with it so far.
I loaded some pictures on the Flickr site too, I know, I know I need to go Pro on there so I can do more with it but I just have not gotten around to doing it yet. Bla bla Bla..
Cell phone photos of the week!
So, I put on my same brown Born's that I have been wearing from October and went for a walk with Rebekah, (her idea so she could have some cookie and not feel bad about it) and got the hugest blister of my life.. Yes, it's gross but I am going to show you just because, well 1. its my blog and I can do what I want to and 2 because Tracey said she's never heard of anyone getting a blister in the center of their foot before. Good enough reasons.. if not skip over the next ones are pretty good.

I went to Walgreen's because someone needed her own items for around the house. Taryn needed her own head and shoulders because her scalp is still so dry and peeling. (Not sure if she would rather get that or the jeep from her dad! HA, don't tell him I said that, if he reads it well, we are all in trouble) but while there I got the BIGGEST thing of Smarties in the whole WORLD! Angie just ruined her keyboard drooling over this!

Stef and Adam are going to be so proud, Taryn is wearing her tye dye that they got her. Cute little hippie sleeping. Surprised it didn't' come with a beer and a dead cd... kidding

Here's the two hippies together. Ok, please look at that kids face. I LOVE THAT SAD POUT. It's going to get her a lot if not most of what she wants from her father for most of her life but it's cute and not such a bad thing now.

That's about it from here, I can't think of much else that's going on. This weekend is brunch with Bob's mom and sisters, I am bringing Miss Thing because none of them have seen her yet, so she will wow them with her cuteness of course. More to come. P.S. don't forget to look at the flickr shots and there will be a post soon for people to post comments to Taryn, I want to get a few in from people for her book. Take your time, think of something brilliant and funny.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Where have you been all week?

Wow, it's been a week from my last post, you would think I was busy or something. Well, Auntie Lisa came in mid week so Grannie came over Tuesday night so we could go to the air port and not be frazzled by the time we picked her up. It was a nice brunch with the 4 of us, even if T and I did end up in the car for a feeding during. We went to TJ's and picked up the necessary items for dinner and breakfast the next few mornings. Good idea, we picked up a lot of needed things for the house too. Made me think if I didn't have T what kinds of running we would have done, there is a big bookstore across the street from the TJ's so we would have gone there for sure and who knows what else. I was glad she was there, there were no fights on who sat in back with her or anything. I showed Grannie how to make spaghetti squash before she left and Auntie watched and may have learned something too. It's my only signature recipe so I was glad to show them.
Grannie left mid afternoon and Auntie made us an awesome supper of salmon and pasta YUM.. She calls it Salmon and lemon pepper pappardelle. It was really good, fast and I now have the recipe and may be able to make it myself one of these days and am not afraid of shallots anymore. We had a great visit with 2 trips out with Miss T and both were a few hours long and we did fine. I am getting better at nursing in public too, not as afraid of it as I was before, the clips I made helped too, I may end up selling them. I would hate for people not to have them and they help me so maybe they can help others. I am hooked on them.
Heres a new picture that my mom took and we have all fallen in love with. It may give Grannie the confidence that she's getting better at this picture taking business! Isn't it cute!! I love it.. I wish I would have had it on Weds, for the free picture day from Walgreen's but I didn't get it because I didn't have the picture then, but I did get the thumbs up one below (last weeks post) so thats ok, but this one I am going to have to get prints of, it's just too cute to pass up!
So, we went to Kohls and did so much running around and talking about clothes that I came home wondering and had to try on my pre-preggo pants and oh my gosh, they fit.. Ok not like a glove but I got them on, up buttoned and zipped.. I am glad, I need to start doing more but at least the things I am doing are working. I feel better even thou I get on the scale and it's not really moving like I want it to. Yes, I know time and patience.. I would love to hear from some of the breastfeeding moms to know what they did to lose the weight or if it really just FELL off like people say. How much time you have or had to give it too. I am thinking my Christmas I should be in a good size again and that would be great. I am trying to figure out when I am going to be able to go to the gym too.. Gosh, what a crazy time to want/need to go work out.. I can do this..
remind me ok, I am going to need to hear it

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a weekend...

running and I watched Bring It On, something the third one, with the chick from Heroes. I have a weakness for dance movies, I have no idea why but it was cute and T was antsy so we danced a bit during the end. Auntie Lisa got us hooked on House so we watched Disc 1 of season 2, she even got Granny hooked so sheWe had such a nice family weekend this weekend. Little Miss was feeling better and it was chilly and windy on Saturday so we stayed in and watched Netflix all weekend. We saw Juno, it was cute but not as good as the reviews and what we expected. Bob left for a while to do some was finishing up season 1 at home so I had to brag a bit that we Netflix-ed it first. The only disappointment was that there are only 4 on a cd now, and Season 1 had double sided discs, I liked that better.
Sunday it was nice, Bob let me sleep and the two kids played on the mat for about an hour while I got to sleep until 8:45 we got up and Taryn did not go back to sleep for a good nap until almost 4:30. It was a long day, but still good. I got some sewing done and Bob got my willow straightened back out in the back yard with new stakes. The dogwood is blooming and BEAUTIFUL! Taryn and I went for a walk and there is something about me taking care of me and of her that's helped my allergies. I am not sure what it is but I can smell the trees and the grass and the spring this year. I am not rubbing my eyes every fifteen seconds and that was about the best part, until Taryn started SCREAMING as we were coming down the street. She was so tired and just would not relax. So, we came in,put some lotion on and tried to get some down time, in the pappasan where I got this cute shot.

I love it. I think she's giving me the thumbs up on my taggie blanket!

Here are the three I made, well, the mini one is for the little girl across the street. She loves Taryn and so I told her I would make her baby a matching Taggie as Taryn and her friend Kat will both have. The big ones are actually bigger than normal, but thats ok, they are SO SOFT!

I am on this TV kick recently where I am noticing things that I have not before. Long story short, I babysat every wendsday night for about 2 years for this woman that bowled, well there were two shows that I started watching and did the whole time I babysat, Doogie Houser, and Thirtysomething. Either or, does anyone watch Brothers and Sisters, does it seem like the cast from Thirtysomething is joining Brothers and Sisters? is it just me?

Time for dinner, we didn't realize the time and lost track so we are getting take out mexican! YUM!! This place is amazing and have the best soft tacos around. I am so excited, I had no desire for Mexican when I was pregnant and I love El Vaquaro so I am glad we are getting it.. ohh k.. bye!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

The good, Taryn slept 7 hours in a row last night, I came close but Bob woke me up and said "she has not woken up to eat yet!" around 2:30 so I knew and I was sleeping really lightly but I was asleep. But she got up at 4, ate a little and went right back to bed. I of course then looked like a truck with a flat tire, so I got to go down stairs and watch a little tv and fix that.
The bad, I must have done something wanky when I changed Taryn because she woke up and pee-d all over herself. So we got up changed and had breakfast... which brings us to the ugly.
Taryn finished breakfast and then pooped up her back and all over herself, her outfit and everything that we came near when going to change her.
So, we then had a bath and by that time it was from 8 am to 11 and time for a good nap.
So far, that's our day..
P.S. the rash is better, almost gone, should be clear by this weekend.