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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The kitchen Sink...And a Question for the readers....

So, I got up this morning and put on my favorite pink Capri sweats, they are super pink and totally too much but I got them when I didn't know I was pregnant yet but they were at the outlet store and were J.Jill and just looked comfy. Funny thing is Erin and I would go garage saling and she would have on her pink capri sweats, and so would Maxine (who can still fit into her6/9 month ones at 18 months).
So, I get up and get moving, go in the bathroom and notice a small hole in side of my pants, dang..Oh well, I will sew them up when I get the chance. Get T breakfast and notice one of the small pockets is messed up on the seam, ok another thing I have to fix. Taryn not a fan of breakfast spits up, on the pants of course. Oh well, wipe them and her off and get her dressed and moving. I have a feeling you are starting to get the picture... lets make it easy now:
toothpaste - Check
Bbq sauce from Dinner - Check
Ice cream from after dinner- Check
and finally, after T has her bath and we are getting ready for bed,
a little lotion - Check
and T pee's on my leg....
My poor pants, everything but the kitchen sink......

So, in other news, I am going to make Miss T a doll.. These are so cute and I think it looks simple enough. Take a look, here are the instructions on the Martha Site(Black Apple Doll) . I have been eying this blog but I have not added to my list yet. I am editing things now and she was on Martha and I have the directions now.. So, I think I will sew on the eyes and mouth, I am not hip on painting them on, of course no buttons or extras on the outfit.

Question for all -
I see people have these special Question of the week or Wednesday no words posts, or Saturday weekly update posts. Is there anything that anyone would like to see? I can't promise we have excitement every week but it would give me something that I can be try to be consistent with. Feedback would be great...... :D

Isn't this a cute shot... She was playing in her gym and would look back at me to make sure I was still there..


Anonymous said...

Love the pants story. I have those days too...usually when I'm wearing a white shirt. Hey, I have pink sweats too....I only wear them around the house because, seriously, they are like Pepto Bismol Pink! But SOOOO comfy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh,hey, I'm stealing some of your favorites links. I sooo need to get organized...maybe reading about it will help. :)HA