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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taryns First Day --

Today was D day. I went back to work and Taryn went to the sitter. We had a little talk on the way there about being good and not screaming all day, I was worried, she was not. We got there and I choked up a bit but didn't cry until I got in the car then, well lets just say I got to work alright. It was a rough morning and of course everyone was asking, and I was just saying "lets talk about that tomorrow, hows the weather, hows them Cards? New Car?" Then the boss of all bosses walks over to my desk and wants to look at pictures WITH ME, of course, but it was really good because it showed me how strong I really am and I remembered reading an article about going from "Mommy mode" into work mode. The Spit up on my shoulder didn't help, but we got the day off with a bang.
I made Bob call the sitter around 11 and check in, I knew if I would have called and she would have been crying I would have left work right then to go get her. He sent me an e-mail back and told me she was fine, she already took her first bottle and was doing well. I cried of course but felt better about the whole situation. I made it until 3 at work then I called and left around 3:30, that is pretty good in my book for a first day. Taryn did well, she took 3 bottles all almost 3 oz! that's GREAT, she never takes that much at home. She did so well and even the babysitter said she seems so much older than 2 months, she was talking and cooing and laughing and playing around on the floor with the other little girl that is 8 months old. She was sitting in her swing and took her naps there (Great! she never naps in ours) but also got to look out the window and watch the kids play.
I am so glad, and now its mommy time..... bye!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it went well. I was thinking about you all day.

--auntie lisa

Melissa J said...

Welcome Back!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the day. I figured Taryn would do better than you....but I didn't figure you would believe me if I told you that!