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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Help Needed..

So there are all these really cute blogs with all kinds of things to sew and my latest addiction is the felt food.

Home Made by Jill has it

Sewing Stars has it

Even Martha has it

Best of all Lilly Bean sells it..

so now it's my turn. I got all this felt from Michael's today, I can figure out how to make the cute pancakes, tomato's, lettuce, burgers etc, but what is purple, blue and bright pink.. ok and gray?

I need some ideas here people...


Anonymous said...

blueberry, watermelon, I dont' know about the grey food. Doesn't sound very appetizing. Maybe an elephant th, or a shark.


Anonymous said...

You could use the grey for a potato chip bag. I think I saw that on one of the other blogs you linked to.

Jenn said...

How about popsicles or cupcakes for the bright colors? I love the idea from the previous poster - the watermelon is great for the pink! For purple - blackberries, eggplant, plums, and I think there is purple cabbage? Why don't you make Taryn a really cool multi-colored purse and use the gray to make her little monies to go shopping with.