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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things non-parents never think to say

Recently I had a conversation with my cousin to hear her 3 year old in the background yell out "surprise, I pooped!" Of course this is an occasion for joy with her being in the bathroom for 10 minutes ALONE for the first time. This was also followed by a very angry daddy who screamed for my cousin to come running, stopped at the edge of the hallway and yelled "GET MY CAMERA!" to which her husband then said "no, you are not taking a picture of her like that, we don't do that" and so my cousin then has to tell her 3 year old (ready?)
"We only wear CLEAN undies on our head, ok?"
Long story short her husband was still not happy with that answer but I am sure I never heard that line before I was around kids.

Other famous lines in our circle...
(said by me to one of the neighborhood twins)
"Um, we don't take our pants off in the front yard" --Yes, I know I did say front yard but you know what, choose your battles...
"I think you ran out of cute, and the only thing that fixes crabby is a nap" -- Editing somewhere between my brother and I and is now a staple in their household.
"I Hate Green!" -- My neighbor's daughter, who does not like change and just the day before got her room painted (guess what color)
"Hey, are we going to go back and see that guy in the treasure chest again?" - statement after leaving a funeral
"Hey, rub that on my butt" "That splashed my butt" and the most famous "No really, touch my butt" all three great lines by my (then) 3 year old niece at the NEIGHBORHOOD POOL... Which started my famous line
"Ok, no more butt talk" I am still thinking of making Tee Shirts for Christmas

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Finds~~~

So, today my neighbors came over and "babysat" T for me... I did have a hair appointment but canceled it until I know what I want to do with this mop... But the neighbor's daughter was so excited about babysitting that I didn't cancel and told them just to come over for 20 minutes and I would run to town or something... I went to a local shop and went digging... there is this really cute "second hand" shop and found some great finds..

This shirt for Stef.. cute, and it called her name.

Anyone that knows my Godfather, knows that no matter the special event, he wears a Budweiser Tie.. yes, I know.. so I found this cummerbund (is this one word?) and talked the lady into it for a BUCK.. I called my cousin and gave him dibs (or it would have been made into a purse) and he is excited.. I also got these really cute little jello molds that I am going to use to make these cute crayons. It's going to be so much fun and great gifts!

I also got this great Carafe for the old people, they have been wanting something to put their tea in for the table at breakfast and this was just too cool for words. They love the idea of "glass" and old style and well, you can't get any older than this and it came in the original Box!

I got a few ties too but they are nothing really to write home about, but THIS IS!!! Isn't this case great?!?!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!... I know it's so funny, I have it next to the couch so you can see the size and one day it will be filled with Barbie's but for now my sewing stuff will be in there... YA!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

4 months old -- Tutu cute!

Heres the Tutu that I made, I have actually gotten a few offers to make and SELL them!! Whoo Hoo!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

FAKE( But Fab) Friday Foto Fiesta (see the real me)

Ok, I am not at my pc at home so I am going to phake a phew shots... this is me, this is my wedding and this is my hubby...It was Awesome!!! Everything I ever wanted, on a cliff in Hawaii!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


fTake this Quiz.....

I am Kermit the Frog....I should not be surprised, it's really not easy being Green

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He's Back!!! And We're BLANK!`

Finally, the daddy is home.. It's about time.. It was a rough week for us all and we are so glad he's here. Things are starting to get back to normal and we are going to start setting up our 4 month pictures soon. I am so excited! Things are crazy here but I wanted to check in a bit and say how great it is that Bob's home and we are all getting back to normal.. and I got a super great purse and Miss T got a onsie that says "My mom is Fly" (even if it is blue)
More to come :D

All of a sudden my background is gone.. Maybe it's just my screen, I upgraded my firefox and the whole thing has gone all wanky..

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Thanks to everyone that's sent postcards to Miss T... We love love love them.. We are still in need of a lot so keep on sending.. This post not void in Rhode Island (Unkie is there now, he should have sent one!!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Batten down the hatches!!! FFF

So, I have not been able to update my blog this week... Daddy is out of town and I seem to have a squeeker stuck to me like glue.. and when I don't I am doing dishes, washing BOTTLES (ugg) and taking out trash.. We need to appreciate daddy more when he comes home!
Sad thing is, this kid is moving in leaps and bounds this week. She is already a rolling fool but look at the new trick (watch where the feet go.. and the head...)

The old people were here and I guess they were all doing their Jane Fonda and that's where the muscle power came in for this trick. Special thanks this week for watching Miss T... Even if it did put the two of you down at 8:30 each night... She runs a tough show around this place and for sure keeps everyone on their toes. I don't know how the sitter does it and or those of you with multiple kids under 20! Ok, under 10 but still, that's a lot!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, I have a lot of dates that remind me of things and people and this past weekend was kind of a hard one... I didn't mention to anyone but it was the second year anniversary of losing someone close to me. It was so hard remembering this day and weekend. Last year I was just pregnant and it was harder then being so emotional. Remembering the great things about people, Don was one of those people to me. I have always remembered him, I used to sleep on the floor at his house while my mom played cards and growing up he was always there for me... I am choking up just thinking that Miss T won't meet him and know him and his laugh. It's sad, she would like him. Don was always honest and told it as it was, I liked that he never did bullshit (his words) and was really down to earth.
This is one of a few people that I really miss and wish I could still talk to every day. I am sure there are going to be stories in the future about him as I remember things.. but this week, I just remember him.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go Crazy Folks!!!

So, I was out yesterday with a mass headache and got to sleep, Got up and pumped a few times but really got to sleep and hear miss T when I am not around. She was so good... I am so thankful to have such a good baby.
I got some of my taggies consigned at a local store too. I have to make 10 to bring down there for next week. I have chosen a baseball theme for the boys ones, ballet for the girls (and one baseball pink one of course) and I am not sure about the unisex ones.. but with granny over it's hard to get time to go sew... I should have had time on Sunday but it didn't work out. I am going to figure out sometime to get in there soon and bust some out.. I am so exited!!
ok so I have been having some really crazy dreams lately, I mean CRAZYYYY...
Dream one: I slept with Rue McClanahan's husband.. ok she was a frickin GOLDEN GIRL.. WTF!??!! No showing of the details, just some discussion that she and I had about the ....act...
Dream Two: my sister is pregnant (she's going to pee herself reading that line, Helllooww Auntie!!) and we are making her prince and princess CANDLES (candles?) no idea...
Dream Three: I was baking up a storm, not sure what I was making but it was good and I could not stop eating.. I was even full getting into work today.

Wonder what these dreams say about my life?????

Friday, July 11, 2008

News Room .. Hot Dog! It's one of my favorite Days!

Hot Dog! It’s National Slurp-Day

Anyone live by a 7-11? We do, and July 11th is 7/11 so we all get FREE SLURPEES!!

On the subject of celebrating birthdays, here are some favorite 7-Eleven milestones:

• Slurpee – 1967, 41 years. 7-Eleven actually began selling frozen carbonated drinks two years before coming up with the Slurpee moniker, named for the straw’s slurping sound.

• Big Bite – 1988, 20 years. Although 7-Eleven has been selling grilled hot dogs since the early 1970s, the Big Bite name was coined 20 years ago when Oscar Mayer created an exclusive spice formulation for the winning wiener.

• Big Gulp, Super Big Gulp, Double Gulp fountain drinks – 1976, 1983 and 1988; 32, 25 and 20 years, respectively. 7-Eleven was the first to introduce self-service soda fountains to Americans, which mirrored the success of its hot coffee in to-go cups.

• To-Go Coffee – 1964, 44 years. Coffee was 7-Eleven's first venture into the world of self-service beverages. It must have been a good idea. Today, most convenience retailers and quick-service restaurants offer some type of self-service beverages.

• Franchised Stores – 1964, 44 years. The same year 7-Eleven introduced hot to-go coffee on the East Coast, they looked to expand the 7-Eleven convenience chain to the West Coast with its first franchised, or owner-operated stores. California, the first state offering 7-Eleven franchises to individual entrepreneurs, today boasts more 7-Eleven stores than any other state. The company now offers franchising across the country, by making company-owned stores available to store managers, and negotiating with operators of other branded stores to bring them into the 7-Eleven retail family.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breast Feeding Support..**Updates and Additional Tips**

So, I know that I have asked a million questions while getting used to pumping, feeding and buying the things I need to feed my kid. It's so hard, getting used to doing all of these things so I wanted to get together a few of the things that helped me out and maybe get people to add their comments, experiences and help for others that read over this and are due (in August) later.

Drink enough water, it will help your supply

Eat Oatmeal - a lot of moms live by this rule when pumping

Start pumping early on, when you are still at home and get your supply up and start freezing early. This way you can keep feeding the good milk even after you stop pumping. I know moms that had 2+ months left after they were producing and never used formula

Rules come in 3's. 3 hours out, 3 days in the fridge, or 3 months in the freezer

Feeding hints -

Yes, it hurts a little at first, but use the lanolin every day for at least the first two weeks if not longer

yes, you are going to want and drink a lot of water

get a table near where you pump, on it you should have 2 baskets, one for you and one for baby

You basket: breast cream, lotion, vitamins (in case you forgot them earlier), a magazine or book, Tylenol(at first you need it sometimes), extra breast shields, extra membranes for your pump (if pumping in that area too),

For Baby: finger nail clippers (best time to clip is after they eat when they are sleeping), lotion, burp cloths, small Ziploc bags for trash, small container of wet wipes (for anything), q-tips, gas drops, Tylenol (after the 2 month visit and first set of shots), a small flashlight for those mid night feedings.

on the table keep your water, a tap light (not to sell that product but it's the perfect amount of light and easy to shut off)

Pumping hints-

Freeze on Fridays to save for Monday back at the sitter...

Pump for 2 to minutes after feedings to increase supplies and get the "good milk"

Pump for 2 minutes before to let down, mark this milk to save for cereal as it's mostly foremilk and watery

Save on bags and get 20 to 32 oz Rubbermaid or Tupperware containers to store milk during the day, trade these out with the sitter ( I have 3 that I switch out) they wash easy with a bottle brush too!

Get a good sterilizer if you are going to get one, not a microwave one, the plastic parts and microwaves don't go together well

Check your pump parts, Madela won't replace parts that you have microwave sterilized or tubes that have been in the dishwasher

Get extra pump parts, it's always best to have at least 2 sets if not more

After Pumping, leave your tubes on the pump and start it up again, the air movement will get any moisture out of the tubes and help them dry
**Also, after cleaning your tubes, rinse them with a little alcohol to help them stay dry better**
(Simple tip for this, keep an old medicine dropper and use that to flush the solution in the tubes, roll back and forth and then let the rest drip out and dry)

Always boil or sterilize everything once a week!

After Sterilizing and or cleaning tubes, run a little alcohol in them to keep them dry longer

get a small mesh bag to keep all your supplies in and keep them dry

Great sites:

Any additional hints, tips or tricks please let me know and I will add here...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Anniversery!!! To my Blog!! it's been 1 year!

Happy Anniversary and Birthday to finding out I was preggers. I always wanted to blog and never thought I had anything to say, and when I got pregnant I thought, well I won't have to talk about just me I can talk about this. I am so thankful I did, it's been such a good way for me to get out my feelings (althou, sometimes crazier than expected) and I have been able to document my pregnancy for my daughter so she knows what I went thru when she's super crazy with her own little girl (or boy) it's been a way for me to communicate with friends and family all over the world. I have been able to have one forum for my thoughts and feelings without feeling as if I left someone out of something and I am sharing with those I care most about.
I have made new friends, found new ideas and fun things to do, share pictures and images, and get feedback (from some) about the things I say and do.

Thanks to you all for everything, for the past year and in advance for the next... It's been great...

Baby Makes 3 stared this whole thing.. lets see where we go from here, she's made it great..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss T's new blanket... in progress (wanna see?)

Ok, so many of you know that I wanted to make a minky (super soft) blanket for a while now.. Well, with Bob going to see his sister soon, we found just the right amount of time before we need to put things away before granny's trip out (she stays in the sewing room).
So, I have been goung back and forth on colors for about 3 weeks now.

Thoughts, Ideas & Questions

Here is where I got last night...

And this morning.....

I just need to figure out and finish the backing and we are all set!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Baby on the Fourth of July!

Ya, this outfit made it until 12:30 today... Now we are in red and white only but that's ok because mommy actually got a good picture on maybe our one time wearing it..
Happy Fourth everybody!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a sad day in Whoville..

So, I have not really discussed my friend Melissa or what's been going on with her... It's been rough.
Right before our birthday (same day) she was having (additional) trouble seeing and ended up on steroids, having a surgery, having a second surgery and now having a third this past Friday. Her eye has been hurting so bad she's not even opening it right now and she went to the Dr Tuesday and they said the worst. Her retina re-detached again this week in the same place it did last time. This is bad, this is also her only eye left and if it goes it's over, it was her last chance. This makes surgery number 16 on this eye and before she lost the other there were 14 on that one.
In every other realm of my life this story is about her and her needs, wants and issues but right now I am sad and need to say that of most of my life this wonderful person has been my friend no matter what. I am sad, I am sad that her son's lost their father and they will never know him but even more I am sad that she will never SEE her boys get married, she will never SEE them graduate any grade higher than where they are now. I am glad I got Taryn down there early on so they could hang out. I am sad, I am so so sad and I am feeling selfish that its my pain that I am feeling, not just hers. I am sad for her and about her and with her about this whole thing and it's so unfair.
I am trying so hard to believe that there is a reason for this and God has some master plan to get us ALL over this hump. It's just not fair, she's never been able to drive a car, look thru a telescope, watch her kid run all the bases at a baseball game, wrestle, dive and or jump off a diving board and now this... She had all the lights on at her house on a super sunny day when T and I stopped by, because it gave her comfort that she could still see the light when she looked up. That's not right... I just don't get it.. Uggg...
So, in honor of her, I will look at everything today with detail... I will make sure to pay more attention to ants and bugs, lights and colors, shapes and sizes. I will watch her kids run and play and wrestle, and help her figure out how to cook again, and learn to type again in Braille. Braille was not easy when we took it in high school but machines are different now than they were then. I am working and on the State 1 list for the blind and there is some really interesting information, support and we will make it.
ugggggggg... it's just a sad day here today...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what is this?

what is this?
Originally uploaded by Hippiefamily
Is it wrong that my kid now likes Binkies? or is it more wrong that both were in the dishwasher and I could only find the thermometer one and we used that?