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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Anniversery!!! To my Blog!! it's been 1 year!

Happy Anniversary and Birthday to finding out I was preggers. I always wanted to blog and never thought I had anything to say, and when I got pregnant I thought, well I won't have to talk about just me I can talk about this. I am so thankful I did, it's been such a good way for me to get out my feelings (althou, sometimes crazier than expected) and I have been able to document my pregnancy for my daughter so she knows what I went thru when she's super crazy with her own little girl (or boy) it's been a way for me to communicate with friends and family all over the world. I have been able to have one forum for my thoughts and feelings without feeling as if I left someone out of something and I am sharing with those I care most about.
I have made new friends, found new ideas and fun things to do, share pictures and images, and get feedback (from some) about the things I say and do.

Thanks to you all for everything, for the past year and in advance for the next... It's been great...

Baby Makes 3 stared this whole thing.. lets see where we go from here, she's made it great..


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for turning me onto blogging....its my new addiction!Hey, cheaper than beer, right?

Let me know if you get this put in a book so I'll know how to do that too! ;)

Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I wish I'd been like you and started blogging when I was pregnant. I'm sure there would have been lots of things to say, and it would have been great for the memories. Next child I'm so there! You're very fortunate to have it. I'm slowly getting around to post-journaling my pregnancy as best as I can remember, and it's hard because I know there's a lot that I'm leaving out.

Do you journal for T? When Livers was born I did the whole keep track of the feedings and bodily functions, and it evolved into this huge day in the life sort of thing. My husband's friends think it's weird, but it's such a great way to remember things, because they grow up so fast!

Let me know how to turn a blog into a book. I might have to look into that one day.