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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mommy Dearest would be proud!

So we are in week 34, can you believe it? I can't get over how fast things are going now. We were suppose to have a Breastfeeding class tonight but it was canceled due to weather, so we are home painting and getting ready. I was recently asked what we got and realized I didn't' ever get back to my shower lists and gift lists. Wow, where to begin.
1. We got the extra base for our car seat, the papasan bouncer, a ton of bottles, diapers, round play yard and a few clothes (see photo to right, that was a joke to say few, could have given Santa a hernia!) from Audrie Fay, Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Mark. At the shower we got the video monitor and One Fish Two Fish book.
2. We got our lamp and mobile this week from Denise. I am so excited to have something for the bedroom set! Isn't she cute!
3. Sarah got us our Diaper Champ! Yeah, and it's even pink and white. Cute! Not one of those things that you can live without in a 2 story house.
4. Melissa got us the cutest toys, a moose and a peacock and some squirty bath toys with a travel bag. I love them, even if she didn't share with Lola before she sent them.
5. Grandma next door got us a set of onsies and a hello kitty doll for Christmas.
6. Diane gave me all of Mia's baby Hangers. Watch out Mommy Dearest!
Makes you wonder how much clothes Mia really has, she could be the next Hannah Montana! Diane also got me two shirts from her friends store, they are so cute.
7. (Kate here's your spot in the sun!) Swaddle me Blankets & lamb sound machine. I promised Kate I would mention her and its funny that I am going over over everything tonight.
8. Penny brought us back a teddy from Harrods in London!
9. Neighbor shower:
scrapbook of "Our best Mother's Advice".. Including such tips as "love the baby and hug the baby, listen to her and play with her as much as you can, like the baby and feed her, let her make choices for the things she likes.
Boytons book set, (diapers)
purple and pink outfits (photo with pig and kitty outfits) , bumble bee rattle
All the way I love you book, light up seahorse (diapers)
You are my I Love You book & bunny slippers (diapers)
Burp Cloths
Baby Food, 1st Step cups, spoons and bowl set (diapers)
Just as I am book (diapers)
Butt Paste, wipes, organic mattress pad, books (in prior blog from girls) (diapers)
Neighborhood Gift - Pack N Play for 1st Floor. (we need 2 , especially while she's really little)

10. Family Shower:
Grandma Sandy: WTP take home outfit, sleepers, burp cloths, wipes, on the farm book and Bob's Hardy Boys books and gift card.
Alyssa and Sophie: Babies first Photo book, Chick book and burp cloths
Grandma Judy and Aunt Wendy - Towels/wash cloth set, purple/blue onsie set, matching pant set, Pink My first teddy outfit.
Cousin MaryAnn- Gift card
Cousin Linda - Baby Farm Animals LGB and gift card
Dave, Sheri and girls - Eight Silly Monkeys book, Close & Secure Sleeper, and swaddle Me Blanket.
Aunt Lisa & Uncle Dan - Pack n Play for 2nd floor bedroom (LOVE IT!) and books
Mom - Mini moments for fathers book, baby mini books, gift card, 2 afghans, table and chair set
Aunt Pat - (yes, she's great but we can't swell her head too much!) Gift Card and name
Don and Joan - Diapers, peek a boo book, towel set, aveeno bath set, and 2 industrial packs of wipes.
Uncle Frank (again Great as he can be!) check that will be a savings bond after she has a ssn.
Uncle Joe and Aunt Anja - party supplies and food... that we all aft off for days! Aunt Wendy loved the salad the most!
Aunt Katie and Uncle Steve - Gift card, froggie onsie, froggie towel, and froggie play toy.
Barb & Sonny - Onsie Set, Pants set and sleeper from Old Navy in their new Little Bundles Set that are SO CUTE! and a check.
Tracey and girls - pink and brown super soft blanket to match the upstairs pnp, pnp changing pad, super soft pnp sheets, pink pig bank with tiara and tutu, and I can't think of anything else but feel I am missing something so I could come back later and add in here...

Oh and a few things I got myself (some over the years and some more recent)
This super cute outfit that I love and tried to give everyone but their kids were not in the right size at the time or outgrew before I could mail. It's so cute, it's a pink sweat suit with purple plush wings on the back and footies that say "flutter" under each foot. Bob also got a onsie after we found out she's a girl, that says what else! Random onsies and outfits here and there over the years, blankets, and a cute chair that Karla picked up for me. I also got myself the sheets that I wanted because I could not register for them anywhere. Clouds and Stars makes sheets that you can zip off just the top without taking the whole sheet off. This seems so much simpler to me that I have to try it. I also made myself a few burp cloths, and blankets of course. I am going to try to make some footies and outfits before she gets here but theres always the chance of after too. Every one keeps asking if I made any diaper bags and the answer is for sure, no... I have not, I make or made diaper bags for others and probably won't make my own until she's older and we can settle into a routine that I can figure out what I need and make pockets to fit those items. Silly? sure, but it will work better for me if I have things worked out where I need them. I am a clumsy mess as it is.

Our work shower is tomorrow so I really want to hold off on this blog until then but I it's best to post so I can add more pictures this weekend. Fingers crossed theres not a lot more snow, there is suppose to be 2 cakes tomorrow... Chocolate Raspberry and White with Strawberry and cream cheese frosting. Lindsey if you are reading this you better have a piece of each and take one for the boys!

Friends shower is next weekend and the only thing I know of there is that Melissa is making Rye Bread Pizza's OH YEAH!!!! and I am sure Angie has something up her sleeve.. I was advised not to wear a dress because the belly will be shown. It's a little too chilly for that kind of show!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ouch then Ouch

We were on our way home yesterday from work and I got a present from Bob's sister was looking at a frog onsie, Bob started cussing and then BAM! we got sideswiped by some highschool kid. He hit us on the driver (Bob's) side and took a big chunk out of our tire and really some scratches on the side of the car, but didn't do too much other damage but he threw us into the curb and another gash out of the passenger side front tire.
I was scared but Bob did a great job because he could have hit us head on.We called the police and while waiting I was shaken up and my stomach and back were hurting so we called my Dr to see what we should do next. Thankfully it was only 4:20 so they were still in the office and told us not to go to the ER but go to the Womens Evaluation Unit at the hospital we are delivering, not too far down the road but with the highway closed and the main road backed up it took 20 minutes to get a mile and a half there.
Once inside we went to the second floor (which is where we will go when labor starts too) and signed in and were taken to a room right away. I had to get undressed and attached to a fetal monitor and get all of my information together. The nurse was so fast to come in I was not even undressed yet when she came in. They were so nice. We got all attached, answered about 20 minutes of questions, she said the baby looked good and she would be back in 20 minutes or so to check back in. Bob's back started to hurt so he ran to the gift shop (that ended up taking him across the hospital to the pharmacy in the Dr.s Building) to get himself some advil-ish stuff to help. As this was all happening the temp outside was dropping from 40 to 30 to 20 to somewhere in the teens.
Bob came back in just in time to meet our midwife Julie, who was very nice and helpful and explained to me that I was having contractions and while monitoring they were going to give me a shot (something that starts with a T) and a pill (can't remember that one) to get them to stop. 33 weeks and 4 days is just too early. So, she said it was going to make me a bit jumpy and I could either get something from the cafeteria or she could grab me a turkey sandwich and some apple juice. I was fine with turkey, I really was not very hungry at this time anyway. She brought me a little turkey sandwich, 2 apple juices (2 oz each) a tropical fruit cup, a cranberry oatmeal cookie and a chocolate pudding cup. So, I ate the turkey and had one of the juice and then they gave me the shot, (which burnt like hell!) and the pill, and within about 30 seconds my hands started shaking and we were in for the long haul to wait for these things to end. I was not feeling what I thought contractions were or have felt like, just a bit of pain here and there but those beds are not comfortable at all. We had a good time listening to the baby for the next (yes you guessed it) 5 hours! She was up and down and loved the juice and random conversation while we waited, called the nurses station so they could unplug me to pee, the call them again so they could hook me back up again. It was funny that we didn't really even watch cable, we watched the biggest loser, well I watched and Bob made fun just like at home and the nurse Katie was so sweet that she even brought him a more comfortable chair for his back. So, the Dr on duty was super busy and we ended up having to wait to leave not the normal 4 hours but 5 because they could not get him out of delivery to check in for long enough. All is well in the world and we were on our way, I even got to walk out of the hospital. Bob got the car that we were driving slow until we could get the tires fixed and in 12 degrees we were on our way home. I was told it would be best for me to stay home and on bed rest (left side all that) to monitor if I was having any more contractions and if so monitor and if there were more than 6 in an hour we were to head back in. I called my Dr the next morning to check in and make sure they were aware and they stated it would be better if they were strong contractions to go back in if I had 4 or more in an hour.
Well my 24 hours is over and I had a few but not enough for a trip back in, thankfully. Back to work tomorrow, and all should be normal once more. We got a rental car and bob yelled enough that we got the equivalent of our car, we got an Equinox that has all wheel drive so we are ready if and when the snow hits tomorrow. I am hoping it does not, we have a parenting class tomorrow night, that I would like to not reschedule. We have the car at the dealership and Bob was a champ, handled everything including the horrible service at State Farm.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family Shower

So the family shower was this weekend, both sides showed. It was a lot of fun. My sister got he great idea to get a cupcake cake that was a great idea and scary at the same time. Here is the cake. If you click on the image, you will see what I think of every times I see this cuppa cake (as Hannah calls it), the other image going thru my head. (Each word in blue is a link). From what I understand of my husbands childhood, we could end up with the real Baby Buggy Bunny.
(thanks to the site)
We had a great time. Pasta House catered and everyone loved the food. It was so good and so much fun for the kids and adults to get a bit of everything that we don't get everyday. The boys were having a great time hiding out in back looking at cars while the girls were in side with presents (and the Baby-FaceFinster cuppa cake cake). WE got a ton of stuff that we needed, a night light security camera (guess who broke that out as soon as we got home!) and wanted me to shut off all the lights in the kitchen while I was trying to put things away.
We got another great book by another great Hannah and Anissa. Eight Silly Monkeys was a hit.
We also got One Fish, Two Fish, When we Were Young, Now We are Six, Baby Animal Farm, Baby's first Photo Book, and some of Bob's Hardy Boy's Books.
It was a great time had by all, more on it later, I am too tired to keep going tonight but I wanted to get a few things out here before I start my thank you cards.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Room Update - Flowers are done(ish)

I was so excited about the shower that I forgot the room. Bob worked so hard to get the flowers done and outlined. I didn't get an updated picture of the outlines but here are the flower/leaf things. Even if he did sit on my brand new Yellow Fabric for the curtains! It will be so nice to not see blue tape all over the place. We may even get the bed in here someday. I didn't take a picture on the yellow wall but can use that one is as the final once the outline is done.

So, the green shirt picture is from December 21st. (I think is the date on the camera) and the other is from today, while trying to get laundry together, take pictures of the room and figure out where to put shower presents until we have the computer out of here and the room in order. The world sumo organization is planning to call soon. I am waiting, I am just not so sure about the diapers... Did I happen to mention I used to have a real six pack? I mean a real one. I can't find the pictures right now, I would cry. Ohh, the abs! The Abs!

Brains and Butts Shower with the Neighbors

Just a quick update and finally a few photo's. The Shower yesterday was so much fun. the theme was books and diapers but we called it the brains and butts shower. Everyone brought a pack of diapers and a book. Some of the girls each brought their own book. I love books... Hannah's pick was my favorite, it's so funny. The Grouchy Ladybug.

Hannah loves time and the design of the book is really cute, it breaks down the ladybug's day by hours and sometimes minutes. (it's very funny to read, she'd looked at the book herself and told Tracey she LOVED it and it was her favorite so Tracey got Hannah her own copy for home and read it to her that evening and it is this funny story of this ladybug that wants to fight everybody. Hannah was as surprised as Tracey at the end and said "Nobody ever read this to me before, I always just liked the pictures".

All the neighbors wrote in a scrapbook about all the things you should know and do as a mom. Carly (5) was very wise to tell me to feed my baby. Morgan (6) said that she would happily come watch her for me, and take her on walks.
Tracey made these great cheese and crab meat English muffins that are addictive, Taylor (11) made cracker pizzas, and they had cake and eclairs. YUM! Kim decorated for afternoon tea and cakes at the party, it was so cute, the girls all Loved it.

We had so much fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm so silly but...

Today is my first shower, and I am not really sure what do do. I mean I did the wedding shower stuff but this is not the same, I could (and did) drink there and it didn't seem as much like I was not the guest of honor, but was... Ya know? I don't know what to do really.. It's across the street at Kim's so, I guess I walk over? Maybe I will call and ask what to do..
Yes, I am silly, I know.

Oh, and Bob is working on the flower, stem things today.. He thinks they look like Christmas Trees because they are too colorful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A little funny - and a few random thoughts

a little pep talk from Payton...
hope it brightens your day..

I think I want to make something with these Yo-Yo's. but I don't know what yet...

I want to make these booties too.

someday - want to make my own marshmallows too!

I want to practice my French knots too.. something I used to be good at but have not done in a long time

Oh and this wonderful cold is making my asthma act up so I am home the rest of the week.. Fantastic... Can't sleep on my back, can't sleep on my front, can't breathe... Fun..

I need good audio book ideas.. I can't sit still long enough to read right now, some is comfort level sitting and the other is keeping my mind in something for longer than, hmm I don't know.. what were we talking about again?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

forgot to say - I got bangs on Saturday..

They are so cute, too bad no one has been able to see them yet..

Still sick..

So I am still home sick today, this is day 4, off work day 3. I am really hoping to go back tomorrow. I threw the sheets in the wash on hot today, waiting and throwing in the blankets next. I can't believe the coodies. I ran the dishwasher yesterday and emptied it and broke into a sweat. You would expect it was better exercise if that were the case.
We are all home sick, I am avoiding needing a Z-Pack from the DR but if tomorrow I am not better, fever broken then I am getting one. I woke up today in a cold sweat duing my morning nap so I am hoping that is the break to the fever.
I am heading up to wallgreens in a bit to get more sudafed, I may just go to Dierbergs and get the same thing and bet Bob some soup and me some fruit. Tracey got me a whole pack of Clementine's on Monday and I have 2 left, that yogurts and cereal is about all I have been eating. I drank 6, 32oz glasses of water yesterday and now everything is running clear, but still running. I wonder if Clementine's make snot?
I know they say pregnancy makes you have odd dreams but I think being sick and pregnant makes your dreams even more strange. I had the most odd dream about my father last night, he tried to give me this belt, and was walking my husband through this photo album/book I have no idea what was in it but pictures I had never seen before, articles and something about the add on closet from my childhood home. We were at that house too, which is really odd because I don't have a single memory of being in that house with my father. Most of my memories of him are from right before he died or what I think are dreams from when I was very young. Who knows.. odd dreams I tell ya!
Off to change the laundry then to the store then for my afternoon nap (if I need it), hope all is well.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

And the whole house is sick...

Bob and I woke up this morning around 2 both coughing. I didn't get back to sleep until somewhere around 4ish. During the billy banks and crazy lady making everything in a sandwich maker. We are both coughing, I am sneezing, don't have a fever but he's been cold all day and I slept off and one for most of the afternoon. Oh, and by the way, it's not fun to be sick at the same time as your husband... no fun at all... I usually like to just be left alone and sleep and he's coughing and moving and all over the place (not helping my headache at all) so, if you can avoid it, I suggest it.

Maybe it's my negative energy, who knows. I think I got everything out that I needed to last night (thanks for listening), started on some burp cloths (that I must say are very cute!), and finished Eat, Pray, Love on audio. It was good, I would listen to it again.

I think I got out all the tears, I didn't get to walk today either but I am not sure I would have made it very far. I feel a bit numb, maybe it's the cold, maybe it's my body's way of saying NO MORE.

Book club starts up again soon and they are going to read Seabiscut. I said I am not sure I am going to read the book but then again that leaves me 2 for2. I was told just to take the book and join but I am not sure if I want the book in my possession and go into labor or something go on. I would like to go to the meeting but really have so much to do at the same time, Tracey never makes it easy to say no but I have to stand my ground on this one.
I'm too tired.

So, I have been feeling her move a lot more today when I was laying down so much. It's crazy, she's all over, she really has a fondness to my right side. Is that because I am left handed? There's not as much going on over on that end? Who knows... I feel like shes trying to make her way to my back she's so far over right now. I sure hope I feel better soon, I may stay home tomorrow from work and get myself back in gear. Sigh, cough cough... time for bed...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lost in translation.. What is normal?

I know these blogs should be fluffy and upbeat but this is my yuck weekend, so just skip and come back later. I gotta get this out.

I am having a hard time this weekend keeping my mind settled and where it needs to be. I have a relationship that I thought was good, or going in a good direction and now think i never really knew anything about this person. I feel that one of the more important things in life is honestly and without that there is nothing real. I worked so hard my whole life not to be a victim or be "that kid", "that broken home kid" or "poor her, poor anything". I have worked to not let too many people know who I really am in pain inside and it made things worse for me. I worked so hard to make sure that only the good showed and I was putting on my best act, lying to everyone around me and myself. Then came that time in my life that I need to find me, and after 10 years and a lot of work, I really feel I found that person. I am not perfect, I am not beautiful, or even thin anymore, but I am honest and I am a good person and that is being tested right now in me and I am having such a hard time understanding how I worked so hard to get close to someone that just lied to me and never told me the truth. I can't work on a relationship based on lies and or the wonder of what is real and what is not. I am having such a hard time, I need to call the Dr on Monday, maybe it is a phase, maybe it's like having a period, feels like that time of the month, crying and trying to keep myself composed isn't working. I have had friends that were depressed when they were pregnant and say it's horrible, I am in that perfect time frame for it to kick in, I have no control over my life and I am soon responsible for another. Great.. I am broken hearted, weak and can't keep it together, and soon I will be sleep deprived, alone with a newborn and expected to handle it all. I know in my mind that I can do this but I have friends right now that have newborns and can't seem to get or keep themselves out of bed. I am afraid, I know that Bob is great but he is going to have to work. I don't want to be this weak broken person and I am going to do my best to keep my head up, get sunlight, exercise and stay positive. I wish there was an honest way to know what women in generations before ours did. I mean there must be something that helps, that does not make you need medication, or hours of therapy. I have looked in all my books and it all says that one stupid word... Normal. It's NORMAL to have emotional breakdowns and cry for no or some stupid reason in your third trimester. It's normal to have a 3 week old baby that you are trying to breastfeed and drinking more Pepsi than eating food. It's normal to lie in bed at 2 am wondering what goes on in there, did you feel enough movement today? Why isn't anything moving now? Then lie there for another 2 hours until the baby wakes up and moves and you get at least those "normal" 10 kicks.
What a shitty shitty day... what a crazy crazy ramble. I am off to try to figure out my curtains, try to make some baby presents for others and God willing, get my sewing room cleaned up. I think it's time for a new Audio book... Eat, Pray is almost over and it's time for something new.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't push me cuz I'm close to the Edgee.......

Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge
I'm trying not to lose my head, ah huh-huh-huh
It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How I keep from going under
It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How I keep from going under

Ok, I give.. I am breaking down as I type. I can't take much more and really I give in to everything. I can't handle any more. Give me a break, I am emotionally a wreck, I can't think I can't speak and worse I don't need to hear every horrible thing that I have done or said to anyone RIGHT NOW! Give me 3 months, not respect for me but respect for my daughter. Give her the right to not have to deal with me sobbing for 3 hours every night this week, allow her some peace of giving me sleep.
I give I really do.. I don't have full control over my emotions, my hormones, my body or anything else. I allow me to make mistakes so if you can't allow me to make mistakes then don't talk to me right now. I can't deal, I can't take it I can't sleep I can't handle it. OK.
Article that came into my inbox today, and really not a surprise after this week.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My (Last) nerve

I don't know where the saying comes from about getting on your last nerve but this kid is one of of the final few of mine. Literally...So, i got to be up from 2 am last night until now. I should be asleep soon. It seems that my patience are being tested at every turn these days, so I can only assume I have a few nerves left so it must be close to the last. It's been a bad week, seems when it rains it pours but this is not the forum for that.

The wall is still in progress, Bob is looking into the size and shape of the leaves for the stems on the other walls. We had a discussion about the dresser and have now (sigh) decided against it. We are going to get a changing table and just put baskets (no wicker) under it and fill with socks, etc. I think that will work. We can't find a dresser that Bob the builder can like enough and I don't want white because the rest of everything is wood and won't match. Why are guys so picky about this but he can leave the house in black pants, gray socks and brown shoes? Who knows. We are getting there. Freaked out or not, with or without the classes, here we come.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan 1 2008.. Year of the baby (Per Bob)

Well, we didn't go out dancing this year or go drinking and or hanging out with friends and family. We stayed home and painted but I feel more accomplished than normal, we got the first layer of paint on at least everything we needed to get started. We don't have the flowers done but i can't figure out exactly is in Bob's head that he wants to do.
I listened to most of Eat, Pray, Love while painting. It's nice, I mean it's beneficial and I really feel like I am getting somewhere whiled doing this painting. It's a great book to listen to and listen to while doing something for someone else.
Melissa mentioned a boat on the outlet cover, and we don't have one, but that's the phone and we can't take the whole cover off, that's why it looks like a boat. It is a cute idea thou, I mean need to do some looking :D.

I would really love some comments on the blog so please let us know what you think!

Happy New Year everyone...

P.S. We are missing Hawaii, we know. Bob needs to draw the islands in so, that will be in a later version.