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Sunday, January 13, 2008

And the whole house is sick...

Bob and I woke up this morning around 2 both coughing. I didn't get back to sleep until somewhere around 4ish. During the billy banks and crazy lady making everything in a sandwich maker. We are both coughing, I am sneezing, don't have a fever but he's been cold all day and I slept off and one for most of the afternoon. Oh, and by the way, it's not fun to be sick at the same time as your husband... no fun at all... I usually like to just be left alone and sleep and he's coughing and moving and all over the place (not helping my headache at all) so, if you can avoid it, I suggest it.

Maybe it's my negative energy, who knows. I think I got everything out that I needed to last night (thanks for listening), started on some burp cloths (that I must say are very cute!), and finished Eat, Pray, Love on audio. It was good, I would listen to it again.

I think I got out all the tears, I didn't get to walk today either but I am not sure I would have made it very far. I feel a bit numb, maybe it's the cold, maybe it's my body's way of saying NO MORE.

Book club starts up again soon and they are going to read Seabiscut. I said I am not sure I am going to read the book but then again that leaves me 2 for2. I was told just to take the book and join but I am not sure if I want the book in my possession and go into labor or something go on. I would like to go to the meeting but really have so much to do at the same time, Tracey never makes it easy to say no but I have to stand my ground on this one.
I'm too tired.

So, I have been feeling her move a lot more today when I was laying down so much. It's crazy, she's all over, she really has a fondness to my right side. Is that because I am left handed? There's not as much going on over on that end? Who knows... I feel like shes trying to make her way to my back she's so far over right now. I sure hope I feel better soon, I may stay home tomorrow from work and get myself back in gear. Sigh, cough cough... time for bed...

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