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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still sick..

So I am still home sick today, this is day 4, off work day 3. I am really hoping to go back tomorrow. I threw the sheets in the wash on hot today, waiting and throwing in the blankets next. I can't believe the coodies. I ran the dishwasher yesterday and emptied it and broke into a sweat. You would expect it was better exercise if that were the case.
We are all home sick, I am avoiding needing a Z-Pack from the DR but if tomorrow I am not better, fever broken then I am getting one. I woke up today in a cold sweat duing my morning nap so I am hoping that is the break to the fever.
I am heading up to wallgreens in a bit to get more sudafed, I may just go to Dierbergs and get the same thing and bet Bob some soup and me some fruit. Tracey got me a whole pack of Clementine's on Monday and I have 2 left, that yogurts and cereal is about all I have been eating. I drank 6, 32oz glasses of water yesterday and now everything is running clear, but still running. I wonder if Clementine's make snot?
I know they say pregnancy makes you have odd dreams but I think being sick and pregnant makes your dreams even more strange. I had the most odd dream about my father last night, he tried to give me this belt, and was walking my husband through this photo album/book I have no idea what was in it but pictures I had never seen before, articles and something about the add on closet from my childhood home. We were at that house too, which is really odd because I don't have a single memory of being in that house with my father. Most of my memories of him are from right before he died or what I think are dreams from when I was very young. Who knows.. odd dreams I tell ya!
Off to change the laundry then to the store then for my afternoon nap (if I need it), hope all is well.

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