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Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's not over till it's over!.. Wait, it's over.

It is the end of 2009... My Year in Review includes things that happened, along with my thoughts and feeling on those things that happened.

Jan -
  • Set up a Twitter account... Later found out Twitter has a lot of porn on it, their spamming is horrid and I had to kill off my account. Bad Twitter!
  • Made my first sale(s) on e-bay, not bad, made some money.
  • Set Up a 43 Things account. Still getting reminders on thinks I've yet to do.
  • The annoyance of the new guy at work continues. He's a horrible person and that's that.
  • Added my Maiden name to Facebook and exploded with my past. Crazy, but I love it!

Feb -

  • Realized my baby was still a baby, still wanting to be held and cuddled.. She's so over that.
  • making blankets for charity - I made one :( **Need to add something to my list for 2010*
  • Starting the Cupcake war for T's birthday. The Cupcakes won! * Starting on the big BD Bash for this year already!
  • I broke my Arm... Oh my sewing machine embroidery arm plastic busted, and I was so upset, easy fix when I expected it to be harder.. Thank God for the store I bought it from!
  • Happy Birthday to me! Melissa, and everyone else in Feb.


  • Blogger changes set me back
  • My Baby had a birthday
  • Started being removed from Meds and had HORRIBLE side effects that lasted 2 months!
  • Tried to stand up for stay at home moms and was stomped on.
  • I made my first basket. very cute, very fun I should do another of those.

April -

  • Grannie BeeBee passes. Very sad, we miss her so.
  • In a bad place, depressed, sick, sad, sick, having a hard time coming off the meds, still.
  • Found out I could blog from my phone, Found out blogging from my Phone is a HUGE pain in the ass
  • Trying to remove the word "gay" from my vocab, Still working on that one.


  • Went thru my 3rd NV - Thanks Verizon. - The new phone I have is better anyway
  • I still have the Patterns from the garage sale from last year *2010 Resolve they go!**
  • I learned how to e-mail my blog updates. V- Cool. I need to do this more so I do update my blog!! **2010 Resolve **
  • Lots of tooth work.
  • Added a Random Fact to my blog. I like that **2010 Resolve to add more**


  • Had tons of fun swimming, ok I was sitting with my feet in the water but T was swimming and going under water.
  • A recap on PPD.
  • Signed up to be a Juicy Juice Mom. I still love it and get free stuff all the time!!
  • Started new meds to get back on track from the horrible nasty ones to ween.
  • Was not invited to a birthday party - Very sad...


  • We went on Vacation to Ohio- not blogged.. No Blog entry in July -- BAD!!
  • Was not invited to second child birthday party - very upset.


  • Only one Blog entry - BAD!
  • I did a research study at the YMCA. Loved it.
  • Started Selling Tupperware.
  • Started Braille


  • Rocked the Tupperware, first month is always exciting, I got tons of free stuff. Still do.


  • Got some Awesome things from the EOY city garage sale (ADDICT)
  • Made a colored rice project, didn't go over as well as plain rice all over my floor!
  • Started my want list for Christmas Projects. **2010 Resolve Move that to JUNE!**
  • Sick of Tupperware - but still selling it.. This year may be short lived w the Tup
  • Got Direct TV


  • I got nada, we had Thanksgiving
  • Big Family changes - non bloggable
  • Did I mention Big Family Changes?


  • The year in review.. What a year. it's been insane
  • I want to work on Blogging more
  • Working on FB less. It's an addiction I tell ya!

Good things -

  • Family changes - great things, I didn't realize how good until it was done.
  • Watching T get bigger, do more and be so cute and sweet and use good manors
  • Donated time to NIC U Letters for Santa
  • Lovable Babies born to friends

Not so Good things -

  • Lost people that I loved, both in death and from issues. - I am sadly now learning that some people value themselves as something they are not, and expect others to take on the whole of a relationship. I missed out on seeing people I love growing up because people are bitter. It's very sad.
  • Had a horrible issue with medication and caused me to rethink a lot of what I ask my Dr.
  • Learning what it's like to have a sick child, not mind but my best friends. Very sad. Very hard.

I learned that now if people choose not to love me back I need to let them go, it's not me, it's them.

I learned that family is more important than expected, takes on so much more than I realized.

I learned that if I want time, I need to make that time. That includes, exercise, cooking, family, and ME time.. **2010 Resolve - Work on Me time**

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Spirit.????????

It's been a busy month, so busy that my brain is scrambled and I've had too much going on to think enough to write.
My best friend, the one that's been thru too much, so much that geez, she does not need nore diserve anymore but her poor baby was born, with things wrong. No baby should be born with things wrong, let alone possibly needing a new heart at 3 months old. That's right, 3 months.
My heart aches so bad, I can't write, I can't find my words anymore. I hate that I can't do anything, fix something, or do something to help. Kills me.
On top of all the rest..
this is all I have right now.