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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Girls Shower Weekend!

I know it's about time. It's been a rough few weeks, I can't believe it's taken me this long! It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, one of few we have had here and getting ready for a 45 mile drive was average, normal but I went from 3 others going with me to none. Jennifer was having some neck problems, Penny went to Stacey's to help out Judy and Bianca was sick (eeww) so I went alone. It was ok, I got to stop at Sonic and get myself a Strawberry limeade (YUM!) and instead of them putting the strawberry on the bottom, they put it over the crushed ice then the white soda. It was better than normal, so it started the day off right!
I got there, kind of early, but not really. It was so nice to see everyone and there was a little time to talk before I had to jump up and grab something to eat. Oh my gosh! Rye bread pizzas, these great cheese balls one was almond and caramel(I think?), and another that was roasted red pepper and something and they were awesome! Melissa made a veggie tray, and Angie got the dollar roll sandwiches that I love (hand put together of course!) Turkey, Ham, and chicken salad that she made her own by putting grapes on :D. (credit for ya there Ang!)
After eating I started opening gifts while everyone else held cute babies. It was so warm, I was sitting in the sunlight which made it warmer but Arica opened the windows for me. :D I don't have any of the pictures so you have to put up with mine and links.
Grandma Peggy (we can call her that here, she can't yell) got us the high chair that we are going to use for years and the CUTEST bath organizer ever called a Frog Pod! The back comes off the frog so you can scoop up all the toys and rinse them before hanging the back of the frog, (toys and all) back on the wall holder. Love it!
Rebekah and Aiden came (he's so cute!) - and got us the backpack that I wanted and seem to buy for everyone else these days. Karla got me addicted. The cutest butterfly toy that Bob could not put down cuz it plays one sound that sounds like "Der de der" and he says they have some skit on Saturday Night lives or something that does that. They also got us an outfit for the baby to wear on her first date with Aiden. Pink button down and cords, so cute!
Emilie and Kat (little baby Kat Aiden's current GF) got us our Auto Mirror that is so cute and soon to be installed, burps, storage bags and is so smart, got us Tylenol for when we start getting shots!
Abbie came cute as ever, aww to be 24 again - She got us mittens, bubble bath, rock a stack, and the cutest diaper wallet. (it will go with anything!) Abbie also wrote for me on the gifts. Thanks!
Stefanie came, no Adam, but it was nice to have pregnancy on my side (HA) - She and Adam are so cute, got us/Bob his first baby hippie onsie and deady bear.
Chris was there too! Not that she won any prize for easiest drive - She got us the cutest storage box that's almost full now. I will take a picture of it soon but it's so cute and currently holding things that need to go in a scrap book (Gulp, yes make fun now, I don't have one yet) but I do have a really cute green one that opens fun and it matches the one the neighbors got if I need to use that first)
Diane and Mia came- Mia is such a great helper, I need to get the pictures from Angie so I can show you how cute she is. She didn't leave my side and Grandma Sandy almost had her talked into keeping every piece of paper and ribbon! Diane and Mia got the baby some of the cutest outfits and who could be surprised because Miss Mia Montana has one matching one! They also got us a headband that is so cute! Diane's friend owns a shop where they are sold and look at some of the other things there. Too cute!
Patti was there, I was so glad to see her, I have missed her - She made us a bib, got us a care bear, the cutest tennis shoes, a onsie, a cute keepsake book, and a Kleenex box that she and Betty worked on. It was touching, I don't know why everyone feels the need to make me cry in public thou?
Grandma Sandy looks great, I miss seeing her and having her yell at me for wearing shoes or a jacket - She had a theme with her gift, we got a binky thermometer, Tylenol and Motrin, sun shades for the car, a first aid kid and a grooming kit. Healthy!
I wish Debbie would have come but Melissa scared her - kidding, she had other plans - Debbie got us the softest blanket ever (in white) that says baby Girl on it, really cute pooh shoes that go with a lot of our outfits, and a bunny safety blanket.
Melissa and Jenny went in to get our MATTRESS! Which I must say Melissa hand tested in the store by LAYING ON THEM! She decided to call me while running around with Debbie deciding which one they liked best! Too funny! She also got us sheets, another bink thermometer (runs in the family) and brought a bag of clothes that day and I went down there and got two more tubs of clothes later!
Molly and Mhena (could she get any cuter!) were there too! - They got us a photo book, baby Einstein outfit and rattle socks, a blanket (the super soft carters ones) and burp cloths!
Grandma Billye got us a Dr. Browns (the best if you ask Melissa) bottles pack.
Sara could not make it but she and Adam got us this cute bear security blanket, the cutest outfit set that I can't find to show so I will have to take a picture later, came with blankets, burp/wash cloths, shoes (pink and brown) and onsies. Oh, I hope they go next, or soon, maybe there will be a blond baby soon, but it could be another red.
Beth came with Tracey - sisters in law, but Beth and I grew up together. It was funny, I had this random memory of when I was young and I must have had a friend that lived up the street because I remember my brother Mark walking me there and for some reason I thought we were going to Beth's house and she lived at least 2 to 3 miles away and he was young enough that we were walking.. Just funny, I don't know why I remember that) Beth got us Diapers (newborn we needed those) burp cloths that the twins next door would be proud of, the other of my Bubble Baths, Butt Paste! and Tracey got us this really cute digital photo fame that's a key chain and one of our favorite Lamaze toys!
Cocoa! Colette came and like a champ/Hero - Got the cake at the last minute! She also got the work shower together and still got me the best bottles (My opinion now) that you can use. Born Free Bottles they are safe plastic and that means a lot to me right now.
Erin was there kid free (wow) - She brought with her a cute sun bag, clothes, burp cloths, home proofing items, and what Abbie called "a bag of Girl".
Kelly was there looking cute as ever! She bot 5 different outfits that are all super cute. Carters and will be perfect this summer!
Elsa (my Messaging buddy) was there and carried everything out to the car for me (I must say first) she got starter nipples for my Born Free bottles, a baby bento box, spoons and carrier for the spoons, and THE diaper bag that matches the car seat, stroller and pack n play. LOVE IT! We even think alike! (Theme Gift #2 Super Cute)
Aunt Judy was sick :( and could not make it but sent Timmy who was a super cute helper and great with John! She also sent this off road stroller that will help a lot when we can go hiking again!
Kathy B didn't make it either but she sent a gift card that helped get our Changing table!
Sarah came and before breaking her big 16 week news- got us some stroller latches and the Tub side Kneeler
Arica and Angie (yea, sure best for last) bought EVERYTHING and then some. As my family would say and threw in the kitchen sink! They got the cutest baskets (that I went back and bought 3 more sets) and a hamper (that is filled with blankets from Arica), my favorite solid food starter kit, Aveeno bath stuff (that has even gotten rid of my dry skin, LOVE Aveeno!), a five piece Pooh summer set with a hat, toys, breast pads, cream, clippers, home made blankets from Grandma and from Dawn's mom (that Grandma Sandy had to be checked at the door for before she left!) (Directions to come, gift from Arica), and now I am losing my mind and can't remember anything else. Abbie put Baskets o'Girl so it's possible I am missing a lot and will be updating soon!
Whew.. Did I mention this is a multi post weekend? It is, there will be at lest one more if not two more posts. Bob's plan is to take the doors down tomorrow to re-mount. Cross your fingers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, I sent the girls a card and because Hannah just learned the birthday song last month I made sure to mention that it was my birthday this month and they should have daddy make them special toast and sing me happy birthday. Not sure if they ever got Grandpa Charlie's French toast but here's the song. This will only be out there on the tube for a short amount of time so look quick!

Van Hannah!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Wow, we are almost at full term! This is crazy! I am so ready and yet not ready at all. My body is hurting and huge and swelling some days and not so limber anymore, my mind is restless, and excited and scared and my hear is just open and ready! I spoke to a friend of mine the other day that explained the people that really love you and want to come help will come and help with the things around the house so you can spend more time with the baby. I like this idea and think its great that theres help around the house and the allowed time for me to bond these first few weeks. Everyone seems to make this about them right now, when do they get to hold the baby and when do they get to do this with the baby. Grandma Sandy seems to have the same ideals, help the mom bond and then spend quality time with the baby later. It's just nice to hear that once she's here I don't come in last.
So, I went to Target today and got the changing table. It's not bad, it will come in handy and then it will go in the closet to double as a "dresser" as needed to hold socks and other small items. I have to admit, I am fed up with target and the attitude of the employees out here, it's hard to go to this Target, and try to support our local schools and taxes when the people working there have such a poor attitude about what pays their checks. I have a feeling I may end up doing to the one a few miles away and they are smarter about making sure they understand customer service. Just a vent...
I know I have no entered a post about the girls shower yet, I am disappointed in myself for not doing it yet. I got such cute stuff and I need to take some pictures and the ROOM IS DONE!! Ok, painted, not done, because I am sitting in the center of it typing this now, but the paint is done and the bed is in, I need to wash the bedding but Bob was so sweet to put it on the bed to show me when I got up what it looked like all set up. Yes, I know What the hell and where are the pictures, (oh I can feel Peggy giving me the eye!) I got almost all the clothes washed, and the bedding set goes in tomorrow.
**Need help alert**
How much clothes does a newborn need? How many outfits, sleepers etc does a baby need from 0 to 3 months?
I am wondering if I have what I need, I think we are good unless theres a big gallery opening or award show coming up. We have a lot of sleepers, not a lot of outfits, we have tons of summer clothes that range in size perfectly to 6 to 9 months, so I hope she does not plan on growing too fast there are some really cute ones that we need to try out!

Reason for no shower blog yet, Hospital Visit #2:
Captains log:
The night shift at the "WE-U"(Womens Evaluation Unit) is so much nicer than the day crew. Not so happy that they had the teaching staff on and they don't ASK if you want the learning nurses in but oh well. The Male Midwife was a jerk but whatever, I will just ask for him to be replaced if he comes in again. There is no need to be tested when your having contractions and as soon as he understands that the better.
Either or, so the story goes:
Got up at normal time and got ready, got in the car and noticed about 5 to 10 minutes into the drive that my stomach was really hard, hmm... odd. So, I look at the clock and then I start to wonder, is this a contraction? I wait, 5 minutes exactly later (6:27) tightens up again, this happens every 5 minutes for the next 3 hours, all exactly 5 minutes apart, not strong, not hard but consistent. I am drinking TONS of water (2 32 oz cups, is a lot from the time I got to work) so finally I give in, we call the Dr.'s office and they don't answer their phone till after 9 ( I am getting really frustrated with this office) so we are physically standing at the counter of the WE-U waiting for the nurse to say if I should come in the office or go to (stay at) the WE-U. She says "go" to the WE-U and so we stay, get settled in and bob is already on the phone with the insurance company again and the car dealer ship to see when we finally get our car back. With that settled, they hook me up to the monitors and we wait. Somehow Bob go the remote so we get to watch 5 to 8 seconds of every channel the hospital has for around 45 minutes. Around 10:30 or 10:45 they say my contractions are not strong enough and I am not dilated far enough and send me home for bed rest and humility. Oh well, I knew it was not TIME but when things are not right, you gotta get it all checked out. So, the next morning I wake up for work (yes smart asses it's close enough to 24 hours) I get up and get in the shower, start getting ready and things seem odd. I can breathe a bit better, I can reach in some ways better and in others not so well at all, getting in the car is a lot harder (and driving is not so easy) but I feel better, must be the oxygen, who knows, but I dropped and in grosser news (anyone that can't take it skip this next part) lost my plug. Not a big big deal but when I called the Dr.s' office this time they seemed more I hate to say excited but active to my call and what was going on. All they told me is the next step is labor and start watching. Lindsey (3 weeks behind me) told me she dropped a few weeks ago and it's no sign for her. Well, we've waited this long, lets keep going.
Alright, these ramblings have gone on long enough. I h ave a Dr appt tomorrow then off to Melissa's and back before Bob notices. He's very concerned with me going into labor these days, he even got me a "sitter" for when he goes out next weekend, too bad I can't enjoy staying up late!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Groundhog Day reminded me, What about Bob?

It made me giggle to think of Groundhog's Day (the movie of course) and if you have not seen it, SEE IT.. It's so funny! So anyway, the movie reminded me of Bill Murray and that always reminds me of What about Bob The movie.. which now makes me giggle because, well if you have seen it you know that everything is about "baby steps" for this man in his life and now we all know we are for sure taking steps to baby.

So, I wanted to take some time and thank my wonderful Husband, Bob. He's been so supportive and understanding thru this whole crazy time and really has been a champ. There is no one else that would put up with all of the things that women go through in pregnancy other than a husband that really loves them. There is no one that puts up with tears over going to the gas station, trips to the store for $8 of Clementine's (2ish times each week), lots of milk, even more rolling over in the middle of the night to take up the bed, a few nice whacks in the head by accident when turning over, 11 different colors of paint for one room, everything pink (not really for me), unloading the car 4 times and putting things together, driveway shoveling, rental car arguments so we have 4 to all wheel drive, parenting classes and all day hospital visits, giving your daughter the world on her wall before shes even born, understanding the importance of having a glider and not a rocking chair, letting me sleep even if you want o relax and watch Seinfield, researching cribs until your eyes bulge, dealing with family, BOTH SIDES, at a shower, and being a champ, smoking outside (not even in the garage) even when it's 13 outside, helping with dishes, glasses of water day or night, sometimes both, endless hours of painting, helping with washing clothes, and hanging on tiny hanger, helping with thank you cards and silly stickers and return address labels without your name on them (oops they were free!), putting up with people when we have no picked out a name, helping me eat my cocoa puffs, getting me a coke, diet coke, caffeine free diet coke, coke zero all trying to get the right thing when you could not find what I asked for, putting up with the cold house, cold car, and a cold work, being the super driver and saving us from a worse accident, going to Mimi's after going to register even if you did want mexican, having to say "oh that is cute" enough to make you really want to puke, being a good sport, watching reruns of Grey's just because we are home sick and I can't sleep, cutting down trees in the back yard that the storm killed, being a great guy (of course), eating the rest of anything I can't finish, and just being Bob...

Babe, I love you, thanks for everything...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Week 35.. Already?

So it's week 35, not already... that was a joke. I am ready, I am so ready.. the room needs a bit more work and the girls are throwing me a shower this weekend. It's going to be a good time, I can't wait. I will be still driving the rental by then but eh, whatever.
Bob brought in the carseat and stroller last night and put them together. I think he likes it, likes it more that it's not pink. He said we can't return it because there's "no way in hell it's going back in the box" so I am hoping that's a good thing.
We are almost done with the room and if he gets a spike in energy it could be this weekend that those final coats are up and I can start putting the bedding on. I need to get a few more sheet sets and they are on sale if I want yellow.. Who can't like yellow, I mean really.
Jodie and Kim came back from Florida yesterday and Jodie stopped by on his way home and gave me some oranges!!! YUM.. They were really good and from Florida in our nice 29 degrees yesterday afternoon.
We stopped at the grocery store yesterday on the way home to get some more clementines and rice crispys, of course and I finally remember that for Christmas I got a $6 coupon for General Mills so I got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I forgot how good that stuff is... No milk thou.. It loses all the sugar then...
So, I am really really ready, did I mention that yet? I am sick and tired of hearing,"wow, your huge", "oh you really are out there", "Gosh, you have not had that baby yet?"and all of those other wonderful comments.
So many random thoughts right now. I think I am just ready to be able to sleep, I would prefer it be an external source that stops me, and not an internal one... That's fair, right?

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Excitement Never Ends!

So today was a snow day here. We got somewhere between 5 to 9 inches of snow, but like troopers we made it into the office! Okay, if Bob didn't drive we (me) would not have been there! So today was the work shower, Colette has been messing with me for well over a week now and boy did she get me. I have been pulling for something, some kind of info and nothing! She's tough! (Emilie did the same thing to me so I know the enjoyment!)
So we had to sit and wait till 2 pm then went in the room and there were all kinds of people there! It was such a surprise, I mean I knew it was going to happen I just didn't know so many people would should! Wow, I was shocked, excited and trying not to cry. So, we opened gifts, so many people gave for our gifts it was so great. We got this cute blanket from my friend Karla, I can't believe the fabric, it's perfect, and Karla's handy work is pretty good too! We also got a pack from Mike (my first sales guy! and the greatest product owner ever) well, eh married well and his wife is super talented has her own site and company and made these burp cloths and acute kitty tee, if you love them as much as I do go see her site, Crazy Gracie . We also got these really cute onsies from Christine, she's so sweet and Bob and I love the green one so much we are taking it to the hospital with us as the shirt for the go home and picture outfit! LOVE IT!!! We got the sweetest set of rubber duckies from Amy and Miss Ellie but I didn't get a picture yet.
From the work group we got (and I almost died) a gift card, actually 2 because my old boss thought he was funny but I will use it a Starbucks Gift card (Mario you may think your funny but you are not getting that back!) the Aveeno Mommy and Me set and it comes with a cute basket (ours is green)! The Safety and Grooming kits, our BEDDING SET, (which once the baby is done with it I may keep it and use it I love it so much!) and, OMG, they almost had me in tears on this one, and the TRAVEL SYSTEM! I have had nightmares about showers and worry over this travel system and bedding set. I had to ask Bob on the say home if I was getting too excited about material things but I am so glad, it's such a relief. We can't leave the hospital without the car seat and I really wanted the stroller so we can go on walks before I go back to work (God willing it does not rain for a month straight) , so Elaine was cracking up and kept asking if I was going to cry because my face got so red! She's so funny, she can just wait till her next "don't want to be the center of attention" birthday! Oh yes! I am singing!
All in all the shower was great and we had a really good time. There was confetti and streamers and balloons and two kinds of napkins that were so cute, and when I got home every bag I opened had some in there. It was funny. The card is really cute too but our scanner is not hooked up because we are moving the computer (blogs below still show in the middle of the nursery!).
Okay, off to do laundry, I can finally move things in the closet at least. I am going to pack up the diapers on the shelves and wash and hang outfits. Still need to save space to vacuum fingers crossed in the next week or so after the paint is done and the PC is out.
Next weekend is the friends shower, the last, the funnies and the one with the RYE BREAD PIZZAS!!!! Melissa is making them and if she forgets she's hand delivering!