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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Wow, we are almost at full term! This is crazy! I am so ready and yet not ready at all. My body is hurting and huge and swelling some days and not so limber anymore, my mind is restless, and excited and scared and my hear is just open and ready! I spoke to a friend of mine the other day that explained the people that really love you and want to come help will come and help with the things around the house so you can spend more time with the baby. I like this idea and think its great that theres help around the house and the allowed time for me to bond these first few weeks. Everyone seems to make this about them right now, when do they get to hold the baby and when do they get to do this with the baby. Grandma Sandy seems to have the same ideals, help the mom bond and then spend quality time with the baby later. It's just nice to hear that once she's here I don't come in last.
So, I went to Target today and got the changing table. It's not bad, it will come in handy and then it will go in the closet to double as a "dresser" as needed to hold socks and other small items. I have to admit, I am fed up with target and the attitude of the employees out here, it's hard to go to this Target, and try to support our local schools and taxes when the people working there have such a poor attitude about what pays their checks. I have a feeling I may end up doing to the one a few miles away and they are smarter about making sure they understand customer service. Just a vent...
I know I have no entered a post about the girls shower yet, I am disappointed in myself for not doing it yet. I got such cute stuff and I need to take some pictures and the ROOM IS DONE!! Ok, painted, not done, because I am sitting in the center of it typing this now, but the paint is done and the bed is in, I need to wash the bedding but Bob was so sweet to put it on the bed to show me when I got up what it looked like all set up. Yes, I know What the hell and where are the pictures, (oh I can feel Peggy giving me the eye!) I got almost all the clothes washed, and the bedding set goes in tomorrow.
**Need help alert**
How much clothes does a newborn need? How many outfits, sleepers etc does a baby need from 0 to 3 months?
I am wondering if I have what I need, I think we are good unless theres a big gallery opening or award show coming up. We have a lot of sleepers, not a lot of outfits, we have tons of summer clothes that range in size perfectly to 6 to 9 months, so I hope she does not plan on growing too fast there are some really cute ones that we need to try out!

Reason for no shower blog yet, Hospital Visit #2:
Captains log:
The night shift at the "WE-U"(Womens Evaluation Unit) is so much nicer than the day crew. Not so happy that they had the teaching staff on and they don't ASK if you want the learning nurses in but oh well. The Male Midwife was a jerk but whatever, I will just ask for him to be replaced if he comes in again. There is no need to be tested when your having contractions and as soon as he understands that the better.
Either or, so the story goes:
Got up at normal time and got ready, got in the car and noticed about 5 to 10 minutes into the drive that my stomach was really hard, hmm... odd. So, I look at the clock and then I start to wonder, is this a contraction? I wait, 5 minutes exactly later (6:27) tightens up again, this happens every 5 minutes for the next 3 hours, all exactly 5 minutes apart, not strong, not hard but consistent. I am drinking TONS of water (2 32 oz cups, is a lot from the time I got to work) so finally I give in, we call the Dr.'s office and they don't answer their phone till after 9 ( I am getting really frustrated with this office) so we are physically standing at the counter of the WE-U waiting for the nurse to say if I should come in the office or go to (stay at) the WE-U. She says "go" to the WE-U and so we stay, get settled in and bob is already on the phone with the insurance company again and the car dealer ship to see when we finally get our car back. With that settled, they hook me up to the monitors and we wait. Somehow Bob go the remote so we get to watch 5 to 8 seconds of every channel the hospital has for around 45 minutes. Around 10:30 or 10:45 they say my contractions are not strong enough and I am not dilated far enough and send me home for bed rest and humility. Oh well, I knew it was not TIME but when things are not right, you gotta get it all checked out. So, the next morning I wake up for work (yes smart asses it's close enough to 24 hours) I get up and get in the shower, start getting ready and things seem odd. I can breathe a bit better, I can reach in some ways better and in others not so well at all, getting in the car is a lot harder (and driving is not so easy) but I feel better, must be the oxygen, who knows, but I dropped and in grosser news (anyone that can't take it skip this next part) lost my plug. Not a big big deal but when I called the Dr.s' office this time they seemed more I hate to say excited but active to my call and what was going on. All they told me is the next step is labor and start watching. Lindsey (3 weeks behind me) told me she dropped a few weeks ago and it's no sign for her. Well, we've waited this long, lets keep going.
Alright, these ramblings have gone on long enough. I h ave a Dr appt tomorrow then off to Melissa's and back before Bob notices. He's very concerned with me going into labor these days, he even got me a "sitter" for when he goes out next weekend, too bad I can't enjoy staying up late!

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krgans said...

Stay close to home.... don't pull a Kate. As for what you need. I remember going through at least 2-4 onesies a day due to spitting up etc... It depends on the baby. I was in the hospital Thomas's first week and people came to visit. When we first got home, Nigel was there and then my mom spent 4 days. Honestly, you don't want people around. I agree with Bonding first and then visits from other families. Especially because you will go through emotions and you just want to be by yourself! I will come visit once you are ready!