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Friday, February 8, 2008

Groundhog Day reminded me, What about Bob?

It made me giggle to think of Groundhog's Day (the movie of course) and if you have not seen it, SEE IT.. It's so funny! So anyway, the movie reminded me of Bill Murray and that always reminds me of What about Bob The movie.. which now makes me giggle because, well if you have seen it you know that everything is about "baby steps" for this man in his life and now we all know we are for sure taking steps to baby.

So, I wanted to take some time and thank my wonderful Husband, Bob. He's been so supportive and understanding thru this whole crazy time and really has been a champ. There is no one else that would put up with all of the things that women go through in pregnancy other than a husband that really loves them. There is no one that puts up with tears over going to the gas station, trips to the store for $8 of Clementine's (2ish times each week), lots of milk, even more rolling over in the middle of the night to take up the bed, a few nice whacks in the head by accident when turning over, 11 different colors of paint for one room, everything pink (not really for me), unloading the car 4 times and putting things together, driveway shoveling, rental car arguments so we have 4 to all wheel drive, parenting classes and all day hospital visits, giving your daughter the world on her wall before shes even born, understanding the importance of having a glider and not a rocking chair, letting me sleep even if you want o relax and watch Seinfield, researching cribs until your eyes bulge, dealing with family, BOTH SIDES, at a shower, and being a champ, smoking outside (not even in the garage) even when it's 13 outside, helping with dishes, glasses of water day or night, sometimes both, endless hours of painting, helping with washing clothes, and hanging on tiny hanger, helping with thank you cards and silly stickers and return address labels without your name on them (oops they were free!), putting up with people when we have no picked out a name, helping me eat my cocoa puffs, getting me a coke, diet coke, caffeine free diet coke, coke zero all trying to get the right thing when you could not find what I asked for, putting up with the cold house, cold car, and a cold work, being the super driver and saving us from a worse accident, going to Mimi's after going to register even if you did want mexican, having to say "oh that is cute" enough to make you really want to puke, being a good sport, watching reruns of Grey's just because we are home sick and I can't sleep, cutting down trees in the back yard that the storm killed, being a great guy (of course), eating the rest of anything I can't finish, and just being Bob...

Babe, I love you, thanks for everything...

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