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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Week 35.. Already?

So it's week 35, not already... that was a joke. I am ready, I am so ready.. the room needs a bit more work and the girls are throwing me a shower this weekend. It's going to be a good time, I can't wait. I will be still driving the rental by then but eh, whatever.
Bob brought in the carseat and stroller last night and put them together. I think he likes it, likes it more that it's not pink. He said we can't return it because there's "no way in hell it's going back in the box" so I am hoping that's a good thing.
We are almost done with the room and if he gets a spike in energy it could be this weekend that those final coats are up and I can start putting the bedding on. I need to get a few more sheet sets and they are on sale if I want yellow.. Who can't like yellow, I mean really.
Jodie and Kim came back from Florida yesterday and Jodie stopped by on his way home and gave me some oranges!!! YUM.. They were really good and from Florida in our nice 29 degrees yesterday afternoon.
We stopped at the grocery store yesterday on the way home to get some more clementines and rice crispys, of course and I finally remember that for Christmas I got a $6 coupon for General Mills so I got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I forgot how good that stuff is... No milk thou.. It loses all the sugar then...
So, I am really really ready, did I mention that yet? I am sick and tired of hearing,"wow, your huge", "oh you really are out there", "Gosh, you have not had that baby yet?"and all of those other wonderful comments.
So many random thoughts right now. I think I am just ready to be able to sleep, I would prefer it be an external source that stops me, and not an internal one... That's fair, right?

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