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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Excitement Never Ends!

So today was a snow day here. We got somewhere between 5 to 9 inches of snow, but like troopers we made it into the office! Okay, if Bob didn't drive we (me) would not have been there! So today was the work shower, Colette has been messing with me for well over a week now and boy did she get me. I have been pulling for something, some kind of info and nothing! She's tough! (Emilie did the same thing to me so I know the enjoyment!)
So we had to sit and wait till 2 pm then went in the room and there were all kinds of people there! It was such a surprise, I mean I knew it was going to happen I just didn't know so many people would should! Wow, I was shocked, excited and trying not to cry. So, we opened gifts, so many people gave for our gifts it was so great. We got this cute blanket from my friend Karla, I can't believe the fabric, it's perfect, and Karla's handy work is pretty good too! We also got a pack from Mike (my first sales guy! and the greatest product owner ever) well, eh married well and his wife is super talented has her own site and company and made these burp cloths and acute kitty tee, if you love them as much as I do go see her site, Crazy Gracie . We also got these really cute onsies from Christine, she's so sweet and Bob and I love the green one so much we are taking it to the hospital with us as the shirt for the go home and picture outfit! LOVE IT!!! We got the sweetest set of rubber duckies from Amy and Miss Ellie but I didn't get a picture yet.
From the work group we got (and I almost died) a gift card, actually 2 because my old boss thought he was funny but I will use it a Starbucks Gift card (Mario you may think your funny but you are not getting that back!) the Aveeno Mommy and Me set and it comes with a cute basket (ours is green)! The Safety and Grooming kits, our BEDDING SET, (which once the baby is done with it I may keep it and use it I love it so much!) and, OMG, they almost had me in tears on this one, and the TRAVEL SYSTEM! I have had nightmares about showers and worry over this travel system and bedding set. I had to ask Bob on the say home if I was getting too excited about material things but I am so glad, it's such a relief. We can't leave the hospital without the car seat and I really wanted the stroller so we can go on walks before I go back to work (God willing it does not rain for a month straight) , so Elaine was cracking up and kept asking if I was going to cry because my face got so red! She's so funny, she can just wait till her next "don't want to be the center of attention" birthday! Oh yes! I am singing!
All in all the shower was great and we had a really good time. There was confetti and streamers and balloons and two kinds of napkins that were so cute, and when I got home every bag I opened had some in there. It was funny. The card is really cute too but our scanner is not hooked up because we are moving the computer (blogs below still show in the middle of the nursery!).
Okay, off to do laundry, I can finally move things in the closet at least. I am going to pack up the diapers on the shelves and wash and hang outfits. Still need to save space to vacuum fingers crossed in the next week or so after the paint is done and the PC is out.
Next weekend is the friends shower, the last, the funnies and the one with the RYE BREAD PIZZAS!!!! Melissa is making them and if she forgets she's hand delivering!

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