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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mommy Dearest would be proud!

So we are in week 34, can you believe it? I can't get over how fast things are going now. We were suppose to have a Breastfeeding class tonight but it was canceled due to weather, so we are home painting and getting ready. I was recently asked what we got and realized I didn't' ever get back to my shower lists and gift lists. Wow, where to begin.
1. We got the extra base for our car seat, the papasan bouncer, a ton of bottles, diapers, round play yard and a few clothes (see photo to right, that was a joke to say few, could have given Santa a hernia!) from Audrie Fay, Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Mark. At the shower we got the video monitor and One Fish Two Fish book.
2. We got our lamp and mobile this week from Denise. I am so excited to have something for the bedroom set! Isn't she cute!
3. Sarah got us our Diaper Champ! Yeah, and it's even pink and white. Cute! Not one of those things that you can live without in a 2 story house.
4. Melissa got us the cutest toys, a moose and a peacock and some squirty bath toys with a travel bag. I love them, even if she didn't share with Lola before she sent them.
5. Grandma next door got us a set of onsies and a hello kitty doll for Christmas.
6. Diane gave me all of Mia's baby Hangers. Watch out Mommy Dearest!
Makes you wonder how much clothes Mia really has, she could be the next Hannah Montana! Diane also got me two shirts from her friends store, they are so cute.
7. (Kate here's your spot in the sun!) Swaddle me Blankets & lamb sound machine. I promised Kate I would mention her and its funny that I am going over over everything tonight.
8. Penny brought us back a teddy from Harrods in London!
9. Neighbor shower:
scrapbook of "Our best Mother's Advice".. Including such tips as "love the baby and hug the baby, listen to her and play with her as much as you can, like the baby and feed her, let her make choices for the things she likes.
Boytons book set, (diapers)
purple and pink outfits (photo with pig and kitty outfits) , bumble bee rattle
All the way I love you book, light up seahorse (diapers)
You are my I Love You book & bunny slippers (diapers)
Burp Cloths
Baby Food, 1st Step cups, spoons and bowl set (diapers)
Just as I am book (diapers)
Butt Paste, wipes, organic mattress pad, books (in prior blog from girls) (diapers)
Neighborhood Gift - Pack N Play for 1st Floor. (we need 2 , especially while she's really little)

10. Family Shower:
Grandma Sandy: WTP take home outfit, sleepers, burp cloths, wipes, on the farm book and Bob's Hardy Boys books and gift card.
Alyssa and Sophie: Babies first Photo book, Chick book and burp cloths
Grandma Judy and Aunt Wendy - Towels/wash cloth set, purple/blue onsie set, matching pant set, Pink My first teddy outfit.
Cousin MaryAnn- Gift card
Cousin Linda - Baby Farm Animals LGB and gift card
Dave, Sheri and girls - Eight Silly Monkeys book, Close & Secure Sleeper, and swaddle Me Blanket.
Aunt Lisa & Uncle Dan - Pack n Play for 2nd floor bedroom (LOVE IT!) and books
Mom - Mini moments for fathers book, baby mini books, gift card, 2 afghans, table and chair set
Aunt Pat - (yes, she's great but we can't swell her head too much!) Gift Card and name
Don and Joan - Diapers, peek a boo book, towel set, aveeno bath set, and 2 industrial packs of wipes.
Uncle Frank (again Great as he can be!) check that will be a savings bond after she has a ssn.
Uncle Joe and Aunt Anja - party supplies and food... that we all aft off for days! Aunt Wendy loved the salad the most!
Aunt Katie and Uncle Steve - Gift card, froggie onsie, froggie towel, and froggie play toy.
Barb & Sonny - Onsie Set, Pants set and sleeper from Old Navy in their new Little Bundles Set that are SO CUTE! and a check.
Tracey and girls - pink and brown super soft blanket to match the upstairs pnp, pnp changing pad, super soft pnp sheets, pink pig bank with tiara and tutu, and I can't think of anything else but feel I am missing something so I could come back later and add in here...

Oh and a few things I got myself (some over the years and some more recent)
This super cute outfit that I love and tried to give everyone but their kids were not in the right size at the time or outgrew before I could mail. It's so cute, it's a pink sweat suit with purple plush wings on the back and footies that say "flutter" under each foot. Bob also got a onsie after we found out she's a girl, that says what else! Random onsies and outfits here and there over the years, blankets, and a cute chair that Karla picked up for me. I also got myself the sheets that I wanted because I could not register for them anywhere. Clouds and Stars makes sheets that you can zip off just the top without taking the whole sheet off. This seems so much simpler to me that I have to try it. I also made myself a few burp cloths, and blankets of course. I am going to try to make some footies and outfits before she gets here but theres always the chance of after too. Every one keeps asking if I made any diaper bags and the answer is for sure, no... I have not, I make or made diaper bags for others and probably won't make my own until she's older and we can settle into a routine that I can figure out what I need and make pockets to fit those items. Silly? sure, but it will work better for me if I have things worked out where I need them. I am a clumsy mess as it is.

Our work shower is tomorrow so I really want to hold off on this blog until then but I it's best to post so I can add more pictures this weekend. Fingers crossed theres not a lot more snow, there is suppose to be 2 cakes tomorrow... Chocolate Raspberry and White with Strawberry and cream cheese frosting. Lindsey if you are reading this you better have a piece of each and take one for the boys!

Friends shower is next weekend and the only thing I know of there is that Melissa is making Rye Bread Pizza's OH YEAH!!!! and I am sure Angie has something up her sleeve.. I was advised not to wear a dress because the belly will be shown. It's a little too chilly for that kind of show!

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