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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ouch then Ouch

We were on our way home yesterday from work and I got a present from Bob's sister was looking at a frog onsie, Bob started cussing and then BAM! we got sideswiped by some highschool kid. He hit us on the driver (Bob's) side and took a big chunk out of our tire and really some scratches on the side of the car, but didn't do too much other damage but he threw us into the curb and another gash out of the passenger side front tire.
I was scared but Bob did a great job because he could have hit us head on.We called the police and while waiting I was shaken up and my stomach and back were hurting so we called my Dr to see what we should do next. Thankfully it was only 4:20 so they were still in the office and told us not to go to the ER but go to the Womens Evaluation Unit at the hospital we are delivering, not too far down the road but with the highway closed and the main road backed up it took 20 minutes to get a mile and a half there.
Once inside we went to the second floor (which is where we will go when labor starts too) and signed in and were taken to a room right away. I had to get undressed and attached to a fetal monitor and get all of my information together. The nurse was so fast to come in I was not even undressed yet when she came in. They were so nice. We got all attached, answered about 20 minutes of questions, she said the baby looked good and she would be back in 20 minutes or so to check back in. Bob's back started to hurt so he ran to the gift shop (that ended up taking him across the hospital to the pharmacy in the Dr.s Building) to get himself some advil-ish stuff to help. As this was all happening the temp outside was dropping from 40 to 30 to 20 to somewhere in the teens.
Bob came back in just in time to meet our midwife Julie, who was very nice and helpful and explained to me that I was having contractions and while monitoring they were going to give me a shot (something that starts with a T) and a pill (can't remember that one) to get them to stop. 33 weeks and 4 days is just too early. So, she said it was going to make me a bit jumpy and I could either get something from the cafeteria or she could grab me a turkey sandwich and some apple juice. I was fine with turkey, I really was not very hungry at this time anyway. She brought me a little turkey sandwich, 2 apple juices (2 oz each) a tropical fruit cup, a cranberry oatmeal cookie and a chocolate pudding cup. So, I ate the turkey and had one of the juice and then they gave me the shot, (which burnt like hell!) and the pill, and within about 30 seconds my hands started shaking and we were in for the long haul to wait for these things to end. I was not feeling what I thought contractions were or have felt like, just a bit of pain here and there but those beds are not comfortable at all. We had a good time listening to the baby for the next (yes you guessed it) 5 hours! She was up and down and loved the juice and random conversation while we waited, called the nurses station so they could unplug me to pee, the call them again so they could hook me back up again. It was funny that we didn't really even watch cable, we watched the biggest loser, well I watched and Bob made fun just like at home and the nurse Katie was so sweet that she even brought him a more comfortable chair for his back. So, the Dr on duty was super busy and we ended up having to wait to leave not the normal 4 hours but 5 because they could not get him out of delivery to check in for long enough. All is well in the world and we were on our way, I even got to walk out of the hospital. Bob got the car that we were driving slow until we could get the tires fixed and in 12 degrees we were on our way home. I was told it would be best for me to stay home and on bed rest (left side all that) to monitor if I was having any more contractions and if so monitor and if there were more than 6 in an hour we were to head back in. I called my Dr the next morning to check in and make sure they were aware and they stated it would be better if they were strong contractions to go back in if I had 4 or more in an hour.
Well my 24 hours is over and I had a few but not enough for a trip back in, thankfully. Back to work tomorrow, and all should be normal once more. We got a rental car and bob yelled enough that we got the equivalent of our car, we got an Equinox that has all wheel drive so we are ready if and when the snow hits tomorrow. I am hoping it does not, we have a parenting class tomorrow night, that I would like to not reschedule. We have the car at the dealership and Bob was a champ, handled everything including the horrible service at State Farm.

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