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Sunday, June 27, 2010

when it rains.......

It's about to rain, of course, because I actually sat down to type. HA! Isn't that the way it goes? We are going on vacation soon, so we are trying too many things at once, potty training of course is going to go on hold/ nil while in travel, it's not going to happen while we are at someone else's house I am sure, and the Dr said we need to cut off the sippy for real cups and get rid of the security blankets so the thumb sucking stops... On top of the fact that she's been sleeping on an air mattress to get ready for the trip, and sleep without a pack n play.. Which works out well, except naps.
We had 2 nap times this weekend, nope, correct that, we had 3 nap TIMES, we had 1 nap. Saturday we started out in the air bed, along with the video player, 3 Max & Ruby's it ended up with 1 naked girl, a hand held video game, 2 blankets, 3 pillows and an air mattress - PEED on! Sigh.. it was distressing but I didn't give up. She did get changed and in a full tight diaper and was put in the crib as punishment while I cleaned it up and cleaned the air mattress that daddy had to HOSE OFF and dried by fan. Fun stuff - she did fall asleep for about an hour, so that worked out a little... for laundry.
Sunday, we tried to just do the crib (yes, today) and I didn't pay attention that she was only wearing her pull up - v - diaper, easy to remove.. and did... and peed.... not once, but twice!!!!!in bed, 2nd load of pee'd on laundry? Nope, thankfully I didn't start that load, because as I set her down she then peed on the floor, and picked out "panties" and little did I know it was the first time she picked underwear and peed again in them moments later. Where does all of this pee come from??? Is she holding some back so she can mark that she's boss?? I don't get it, it was in a matter of a half hour and frustrating as hell. After the pee on the floor she picked the only pair of clean washable training pants. I don't need to tell you, do I? Laundry load started.. diapers on and away we go. Frustrated and tired... that was just me!
So, off to our vacation coming sooner than I expected, I am starting to get everything ready now, knowing I am PRE packing. Which means not much gets packed but I start an insane amount of lists. We are all taking on dinner while we are there, which is nice, easy and will make everyone less stressed. Nice.
We picked pork loin.. my favorite meal, because it's grilled and all I get is sides :) I'm not sure what to make for sides, an easy salad of course, maybe grilled veggies?? any ideas?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2 - Step 2

Day two of No FB. It's not as bad as I was expecting, except I feel out of the loop. I went to a meeting last night and everyone was posting pictures and being silly and that was probably the hardest time of the day to not go see what everyone put out there. Other than that, it's not bad.
Last night was harder going to my Tupperware meeting knowing I am now the black sheep and going to another teams meeting was not as fun as I was expecting. It's been one month, I've had no party, no orders and am really down about it all. Not that I "need" new friends, not that I even "need" to sell Tupperware, it was fun for me and it's lost it's joy. That makes me sad, I have some big decisions to make and it's going in the direction of not selling anymore.
I did sign up to "sell" Wildtree, but only so I could have samples and discounts. I am thinking maybe direct sales is not for me right now. I am so torn.

Step Two - I am back on my blog, and am into two days of posting. I am glad, I feel I more often than not, need to say my peace more than be heard or have someone reply. The FB was requiring me to be dependant on feedback, I wanted it, I wanted to see someone reply to what I was saying, like I needed an audience. I don't. I started this blog for me, and it needs to continue to be for me, for T and for Big B. I am glad to step back from that... I am glad that I am now realizing that I am writing for me more than for anyone else. Now that T is starting to talk more I want to put into writing things she says, funny things she does and fun things we do together. I will, I can, I want to share these things with others but in the end, I want the memory for me.

therapy over, getting up off the couch now :D

T's story of the day - this morning playing - picture this her hands and feet talk now, so hand who stands up palm out wrist down and fingers up and together, walking (hop hop hop) and says "No foot! I was playing with that first" -- Foot, who is the LEFT foot, the right is not named foot.. Left foot says "sigh, I'm sad" and hides under the blanket... Hand bunches into a fist and walks away, "I'm mad!" -- Do I get involved in these 'arguments?'
Long story short - hand goes back and plays with her baby from her doll house and POP foot comes back out from under the blanket and says "I'm back!!"
YEAH!! All is well in the world

Sunday, June 6, 2010

12 steps.. Step 1

I feel I have an addiction to FB. I need to get off my kick and get back to life. I've been spending too much time reading up on some people that I don't even speak to, why is that?
I know I've been on my blog this year about, lets say close to nil. I have no readers left but that's ok. I need to do this more for me than anyone else, so if you are out there, please drop a note so I know, just in case I ramble.

I went back to bed this morning after B got up. He came up around 8 so that was nice to sleep in past 10 after my week "off" and that didn't give me any relaxation. I set my priorities around the wrong things. I did get a few things done and one friend of mine actually had the nerve to say "so did you get anything done this week?" as if she expected me not to, but then again, this is the same friend that does not get her own stuff done so I am assuming she was looking for comfort as she was heading out of town leaving her house a disaster.

I am off my game, I need to get things back in gear. So here is my start.... Expect whining at first, I need to get some things off my chest.