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Sunday, June 6, 2010

12 steps.. Step 1

I feel I have an addiction to FB. I need to get off my kick and get back to life. I've been spending too much time reading up on some people that I don't even speak to, why is that?
I know I've been on my blog this year about, lets say close to nil. I have no readers left but that's ok. I need to do this more for me than anyone else, so if you are out there, please drop a note so I know, just in case I ramble.

I went back to bed this morning after B got up. He came up around 8 so that was nice to sleep in past 10 after my week "off" and that didn't give me any relaxation. I set my priorities around the wrong things. I did get a few things done and one friend of mine actually had the nerve to say "so did you get anything done this week?" as if she expected me not to, but then again, this is the same friend that does not get her own stuff done so I am assuming she was looking for comfort as she was heading out of town leaving her house a disaster.

I am off my game, I need to get things back in gear. So here is my start.... Expect whining at first, I need to get some things off my chest.

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