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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2 - Step 2

Day two of No FB. It's not as bad as I was expecting, except I feel out of the loop. I went to a meeting last night and everyone was posting pictures and being silly and that was probably the hardest time of the day to not go see what everyone put out there. Other than that, it's not bad.
Last night was harder going to my Tupperware meeting knowing I am now the black sheep and going to another teams meeting was not as fun as I was expecting. It's been one month, I've had no party, no orders and am really down about it all. Not that I "need" new friends, not that I even "need" to sell Tupperware, it was fun for me and it's lost it's joy. That makes me sad, I have some big decisions to make and it's going in the direction of not selling anymore.
I did sign up to "sell" Wildtree, but only so I could have samples and discounts. I am thinking maybe direct sales is not for me right now. I am so torn.

Step Two - I am back on my blog, and am into two days of posting. I am glad, I feel I more often than not, need to say my peace more than be heard or have someone reply. The FB was requiring me to be dependant on feedback, I wanted it, I wanted to see someone reply to what I was saying, like I needed an audience. I don't. I started this blog for me, and it needs to continue to be for me, for T and for Big B. I am glad to step back from that... I am glad that I am now realizing that I am writing for me more than for anyone else. Now that T is starting to talk more I want to put into writing things she says, funny things she does and fun things we do together. I will, I can, I want to share these things with others but in the end, I want the memory for me.

therapy over, getting up off the couch now :D

T's story of the day - this morning playing - picture this her hands and feet talk now, so hand who stands up palm out wrist down and fingers up and together, walking (hop hop hop) and says "No foot! I was playing with that first" -- Foot, who is the LEFT foot, the right is not named foot.. Left foot says "sigh, I'm sad" and hides under the blanket... Hand bunches into a fist and walks away, "I'm mad!" -- Do I get involved in these 'arguments?'
Long story short - hand goes back and plays with her baby from her doll house and POP foot comes back out from under the blanket and says "I'm back!!"
YEAH!! All is well in the world


Hippie Family... said...
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stacey said...

Awww...I wondered why you had taken a FB break. Your explanation makes sense. My husband gets sort of upset (although he'd never admit it!) when someone doesn't respond to one of his posts.

And I totally agree in blogging for yourself. That's what I keep trying to tell myself...I really am "writing" memories:)

Lola (and Melissa) said...

i'm back!!!!!!!!