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Friday, April 24, 2009

I think I say Gay too much, and probably in no way it should be defined.

I was at work today, and I swear I said it at least 80 times. For every and any reason. I am trying to break myself of "The BOMB" because I find myself using that one like I use THE. It's bad.. I told someone the other day (as if I was saving myself) BFingS. Ya, does not help.. So, I resort to GAAY.. Everything is gay, I am apparently in 5th grade....
Long story short.. I've recently become addicted to Pandora. Of course, I mean it happens when I am sick of my ipod and or whatever else I've been listening to for a while. Well, this time I decided to go wit the classics. By classics, I mean the songs I grew up with. Van Halen (I mean who does not know about my love for Sammy?) and any and many others.
I start out with Van Hagar...
Song 1. Poison, nothing but a good time.. Yes, I do recall. yes, 8th grade, roller skating, we knew every word. I giggle. working, singing under my breath.
Song 2. Rush, Lakeside Park. Not so much in the mood. Skip.
Song 3. GnR. Not a fan of Guns N Roses. Reminds me of my first high school boyfriend, that I like as much as Axel Rose in St. Louis. (reminder, he was not ever invited back, used the above BOMB at the crowd)
Song 4. AcDc- Thunderstruck. Ya, it's ok. I listen a bit then skip. Not really in the mood for it, I giggle a little, my neighbor's 10 year old is an ACDC Freak right now.

Here it comes...

Song 5. Van Halen, Finally.. Classic, David Lee Roth Van Halen. I am sitting there, listening to this song. It breaks me.. I can't believe it breaks me. The Rush of History comes back to me, and every feeling I felt when I heard this song with that one guy comes with it all.
Song 6. Van Hagar... That song... That one, the one that I heard every time we were making up from some stupid fight. The song he snuck in the alarm clock cd player when he had to work early so I would wake to it and a flower by the bedside. He's sorry. He missed me, he did something and wanted to make up for it. That day, the one, the one you never forget, the day he cried, outside, washing my car, telling me he could not live without me, he wanted this to be forever, he was not what my family wanted but that was alright with him, he would just work harder. This was a soap opera day, I'll never forget it. This song took all of that day and wrapped it up into 10 seconds of opening song and BAM.
I am CRYING at my desk -- TEARS.. Real ones!!! Crying, I have no idea why, I've been married for years, I've not even thought of this person in Gosh knows how long and I am crying? over a song? What was this? 8th grade dance? I was never that girl to cry over a guy or a song.

I am so gay....
one more test. photo's won't upload
this is a test blog... from my phone.. check it out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who's better than that??

So, I've been having a rough spring. The meds still hit me, here and there, time and time again I am set back to queasy and tired. It's no fun. I've started watching more what I am eating, drinking and sleeping. I've not gotten to exercise and that's making me sad. I need it and I miss it, I just have no time for it right now, we are making time, I just need to schedule everything else right to get there.

I got 2 things yesterday, 1 my period, after a good fight the night before about dishes, I wake up to that. Oh, hmm. surprised? no... then the big surprise.. I got FLOWERS.. Beautiful Blue and White daisy's with purple and pink roses and stargazer lilies in this beautiful rose colored square vase with thick full edges and it was awesome. I actually almost cried (see all of above) and then I got a note with it that said "Thanks for being my sister, cuz your awesome and I love you and appreciate you and more people should and your husband's a jerko but all men are some days, and I hope these make your day, and they should more than even I know because you started your period today and we all know that can suck and your allergies are killing you and your getting no sleep, and you didn't get up and walk at 5 am like you were going to but that's ok because it's ok to be tired and play your Wii because it's fun and you can feel silly doing it and that's ok too, and your great, and awesome and did I mention great and pretty cool too" love Auntie.
Ok, so the note didn't need to say all that, because that's what I felt when I got it, and the flowers and a cute frame that has a really long metal holder so I can put it almost anywhere or unscrew it and put it on a desk or something. CUTE!!
so, long story short, sometime, just think of your sister and send her a little something... because you never know what it will really say to them...
( I sent my sister a i-tunes gift card and ponytail holders last year and I think it did say the above too...)

Monday, April 20, 2009



Oh ya, you annie fans had your arms out, just a'singin along!!!!

Head on over to your local Ben n Jerry's!! Rock out!! I love this day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I think I ran out

I think I've run out of things to say.. all my funny is gone these days.. I am not sure what's going on but I am in and out, off and on trying to find my writing again. Sigh.. how hard.

In other news, Just to keep up:
1. Miss T is walking, full Frankenstein walking these days, all over. even blackend her eye on her dryer (little tykes washer dryer set)
2. Baptism. we got Miss T baptized finally, the Hilliard's were in town and we got it taken care of for Easter, which was nice... hard but nice (more on that later)
3. I'm still a bit weepy, it sucks, not always but it still happens, I think that's part of what I lost in my writing, I need to find me right now..
4. no more teeth, she's got 6 and I think is fighting those last two bottom ones.

that's about it for now. more to come.. soon I hope.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's all just so sad.

We had a loss last week, Grannie BeBe passed away. I am not sure if there are too many of you that remember this post from when Miss T was just one week old.. But close to that date this year, we lost our neighbor. She was so sweet and never missed a beat. I wish we would have visited more, but things get in the way and we talked whenever we saw her outside. It's so sad to see her family just coming and going like zombies, I know that feeling, I know that look. It's never good. I feel worse for her grandson, who's one of my favorite kids of all times... He's just such a good kid and is so sad that she's gone. We all are but I know that being a young teen, it's just harder.
Sigh.. so sad. I tear up a bit thinking about it all.
Happier posts to come soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How do you?

How does anyone get the time to post, read, work, change diapers, cook dinner, make crafts, etc? I need a bit of help in my time these days... when does it get easier again?

Friday, April 3, 2009

so far behind I think I'm ahead

Sniff, sniff. I miss my blog, I Miss my posts, I miss my friends, .......... things are catching up. we are playing TV Tag around here now moving tv's around from all over and getting rid of bad ones... Sigh... I still have not watched anything in weeks...
All is well, I am waiting for stupid JC Penny to send me the proofs of the 1 year old pics, so I can show them...
more soon. I promise, this weekend. I am going to try for at least 2 to 3 posts!!