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Monday, March 31, 2008

My baby is one week old!

I can't believe she's a week old already. I feel like we just got home, oh wait WE DID! That few days in the hospital and lack of sleep can really get you out of whack! All is well on the home front and Taryn got her first real sponge bath at home today. We got her bow out of her hair, it was just time to go. Here's an after picture of bath time, she was so good, she didn't cry at all, until it was over and she was getting her lotion put on, then she realized that she was naked and that she was not getting in the water.

Her hood says "I LOVE DADDY" cute..

Ok seriously, why did they put a pocket on this? and #2, Taryn is not a pants girl yet, she's not really sure that your feet should stay in the bottoms.

Oh Aunt Rhonda!! WE LOVE THIS SEAT!!!

The girls on the street made us this sign and we got a plant too but it's inside cuz, well it's cold and rainy today.

Grandma next door brought us dinner tonight and got to meet Taryn for the fist time. She's so sweet. She got us a rotisserie chicken, bag of salad for 2, 2 microwave sweet potato's, pudding cups, carrot cake mini's, an African violet from Millstadt, and a card that was so sweet and personal, it made me cry. So does a good coffee commercial but this was way more touching.

Happy One Week Birthday Taryn.. We Love You!

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