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Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm to Sexy,,, oh forget it! TMI entry, some may want to skip.

You always ask people how they felt after having a baby, and you normally hear things like "well it hurts a little but pretty good" or "I feel great, can't wait to get back in shape" or maybe those that you want to smack that say "I already lost all my baby weight". So my impersonal answer to this question for those that have called " I feel good, it's not what you expect, having a C but thankfully, I feel really good. The nurses in the hospital said I was doing really well so I can't complain". So truth? I really do feel pretty good but I am taking an insane amount of medication right now so of course I am going to feel good. I look down and see my belly is still a lot there and can't wait to get it down, I am scared that it's not going to go down but I am hopeful that it will. My body is continuing to change, my dry hands are starting to come back to life my feet are still really swollen but I am trying to give it another week so I can be normal again, drinking lots of water. My scar is not that bad, I didn't expect to have the scar but really it's not so bad. My second set of stitches in my life. EVER. The first was on my neck, I never had them as a child. Odd. Now for the fun part. My boobs... My boobs hurt so bad and they are so swollen that I can't even remember how cute and perky they were before... Like an old friend, gone but not forgotten. I got out of the shower tonight (what started the too sexy) and realized I am wearing underwear bigger than most shorts that I ever wore in my 20s and I keep feeling this drip on my leg and foot, I keep patting my hair and it just continues more and more, I look down and I am dripping all over the place. People without kids, this is what your friends don't tell you, that they get a mind of their own, and once your milk comes in they get hard as a rock. Remember when you fell that one time? and you got a knot on your leg? Shin? Foot? Head? and it was really hard and swollen? That's what happens to your poor boobs. So, I have a person cut my stomach open and pull another person out, I have a scar and injury from that, and if I didn't there would be more traumatic things going on down there, you have to wear maxi pads like you were in 7th grade again (traumatic enough) and another set in your bra. Here's the fun part, if you get to take a nap and the baby sleeps longer than normal, you wake up to 1. a crying baby and you have a hard enough time getting out of bed, 2. boobs that are not solid as a rock and you have to try to feed someone with them (ouch) and 3. maxi pads in your bra that have now filled with liquid so they fall on your lap (upside down of course) when you go to adjust yourself for "lunch". Now, there are two things I can promise with the above, 1. Emilie, Karla, Rebekah and Kris are cracking up right now, and 2.they all have one thing that I missed in my above statement and I am sure it's not the same from any of them.
That's it... I have another post to add but that's about Taryn so I wanted to add this one first so it sat lower in the listings and people could skip it if they wanted.

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Z's Mom said...

Ok, I didn't have a C-section, so I can't relate to that. However, pushing a kid out makes a lot of other things change too (TMI) that I was really hoping would go back to normal (it did! - whew)! But at the time, I couldn't imagine my body ever going back to normal.