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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who's better than that??

So, I've been having a rough spring. The meds still hit me, here and there, time and time again I am set back to queasy and tired. It's no fun. I've started watching more what I am eating, drinking and sleeping. I've not gotten to exercise and that's making me sad. I need it and I miss it, I just have no time for it right now, we are making time, I just need to schedule everything else right to get there.

I got 2 things yesterday, 1 my period, after a good fight the night before about dishes, I wake up to that. Oh, hmm. surprised? no... then the big surprise.. I got FLOWERS.. Beautiful Blue and White daisy's with purple and pink roses and stargazer lilies in this beautiful rose colored square vase with thick full edges and it was awesome. I actually almost cried (see all of above) and then I got a note with it that said "Thanks for being my sister, cuz your awesome and I love you and appreciate you and more people should and your husband's a jerko but all men are some days, and I hope these make your day, and they should more than even I know because you started your period today and we all know that can suck and your allergies are killing you and your getting no sleep, and you didn't get up and walk at 5 am like you were going to but that's ok because it's ok to be tired and play your Wii because it's fun and you can feel silly doing it and that's ok too, and your great, and awesome and did I mention great and pretty cool too" love Auntie.
Ok, so the note didn't need to say all that, because that's what I felt when I got it, and the flowers and a cute frame that has a really long metal holder so I can put it almost anywhere or unscrew it and put it on a desk or something. CUTE!!
so, long story short, sometime, just think of your sister and send her a little something... because you never know what it will really say to them...
( I sent my sister a i-tunes gift card and ponytail holders last year and I think it did say the above too...)


Susie said...

It's awesome to get flowers:-)

Missy said...

So sweet! Flowers can cheer anyone up!

Thanks for the Rachel and One Pretty Thing - I had no idea about this blog and I think I have fallen in love!!!! I sent her an e-mail so hopefully she will add me to her list! Thanks Again!

Lindsay said...

I'd be so ecstatic to get flowers; they're a real rarity here.

It must be wonderful to have a sister. I just have a brother, and we don't have that intuitive back and forth relationship a lot of sisters have.

Hope you're feeling better today!