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Monday, November 26, 2007

24 weeks already? Where has the time gone???

I am guessing that like any good fairytale I have just woken up from some crazy coma. I can't believe that it's 24 weeks, I have 15 weeks left, that is 2 until my third trimester begins, 108 days! I am starting to feel pressured (the David Bowie, Freddie Mercury kind)...
The room is not ready but we are taking off next week to paint. I am really excited about painting even if it's only the one wall and mural. I have my registry set on Target and on Amazon and stopped having dreams that no one is going to come to my shower (even I knew I was being crazy I guess) but Kate, Nigel and Thomas (and puppy) sent us a PRESENT!!! OK, I know you know Kate and she does not send ONE present.. We got 2 SwaddleMe blankets that are so cute and my Sleep Sheep On the Go it's so cute. It makes 4 sounds, 3 like water(s) and one like a whale call. All for the need of white noise even if Bob says that living in the Midwest hearing water worries him and the whales sound like someone constipated (his words) are still no matter to me. I did inform him that Kate is going to smack the He.. out of him and so he should really watch it.
We found our dresser too and Mom is going to get it for us so I am not sure I even want to register at Babies R Us. the people at the location by me have been super rude the last three times I have been there so I am in no rush to go back. I have been on this kick recently to send letters to corporate offices. I sent one to McDonald's and they honestly asked me "what I wanted" like it was expected that you want something when you call and complain. I told them nothing, I didn't want them or their business, so now I am anti-McD's. Until we are forced into happy meal land.
I also got another gift today at work, a blanket from one of the girls, Jena. She made it, it's so cute, I am going to take a picture and post it soon, I will also go back on my Oct 31 post and add the halloween pictures too.
Off to watch heroes and hope to fall asleep... I will try to keep up to date on here too.. more news soon..

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