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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 26 in 2 days.

Wow, Week 26 already here... I am thinking I should be freaking out, washing things, getting things ready and have everything together by now but I don't. It's Christmas time and we are just getting ready to paint the room. I h ave been home for 2 days this week, semi relaxing and feeling the stress melting a bit from work, until the calls start coming in, people with questions and or issues. I have tried not to take too many and the ones that come from friends are the worst, you feel guilty not helping them.
The belly is there, boy is it ever... I am trying to keep my posture set but that is hard too, the pack pain is really starting. I feel for people with back pain, I just want to stretch and pull and do sit ups and miss my core muscles more that I realized. I also miss my old body more than I realized too. I started to let myself go before getting pregnant so now I am not in as good of shape as I would have liked to start in but I am more set on getting back in better shape after. My friend across the street is going to give me her old pack n play to keep in my basement for when I walk on the treadmill. I am so excited about that! I didn't want to register for too much but I really would have liked an extra one, this is going to come in so handy.
I also didn't' register at Babies R Us and they have the glider that I really want so that makes me sad. I told Angie to tell the girls and gave her a picture of it. I feel like i am asking for so much but really I spent hundreds on my friends so I have to remember friendship and not money.
I have not been doing well on my water at home, I don't have that paper cup in front of me with my markings on it 8 a.m. drink by 10. 10 am drink by 12. 1:25 drink faster! But closets are cleaner, the stove is cleaned up, junk is picked up and I have removed some of the clutter from my life. Even my neighbor took some ornaments that I hand painted because she loved them.. HAHAH,, I miss my creative side, this kid is going to do a lot, she;s sucking all of my creativity out of me, so it's going to good use.
Emilie and Rebekah are both coming to term. I won't see Emilie, she's going in on the Monday that I return to work. Good chance that Rebekah is going in that day too... I am going to need to find a walking pal. Kim seems interested, it's a good time to get to know her better too. She's 19 weeks I think. Super sweet girl, I just never really worked with her to know better.
I am having a harder time, sitting on the floor, and moving around, getting up and for some stupid reason, I had the feeling I could hike my butt up on the counter top tonight..Oh shit did that hurt! I swear I knocked this kid up 2 to 3 inches. I had to put one leg up sidways then hoist my self on the counter. This body is so foreign to me, 3 more months, then I go back to my 5 month size and work my way down. That's what all the books say, get ready to leave the hospital in what would fit your belly at 5 months. 1 year after that, I should be almost normal again, and then she will start walking and I will be running and yelling NO, don't touch that a lot. hee hee.. I am ready, I am so ready for the rest of this.

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