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Monday, January 21, 2008

Room Update - Flowers are done(ish)

I was so excited about the shower that I forgot the room. Bob worked so hard to get the flowers done and outlined. I didn't get an updated picture of the outlines but here are the flower/leaf things. Even if he did sit on my brand new Yellow Fabric for the curtains! It will be so nice to not see blue tape all over the place. We may even get the bed in here someday. I didn't take a picture on the yellow wall but can use that one is as the final once the outline is done.

So, the green shirt picture is from December 21st. (I think is the date on the camera) and the other is from today, while trying to get laundry together, take pictures of the room and figure out where to put shower presents until we have the computer out of here and the room in order. The world sumo organization is planning to call soon. I am waiting, I am just not so sure about the diapers... Did I happen to mention I used to have a real six pack? I mean a real one. I can't find the pictures right now, I would cry. Ohh, the abs! The Abs!

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