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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A little funny - and a few random thoughts

a little pep talk from Payton...
hope it brightens your day..

I think I want to make something with these Yo-Yo's. but I don't know what yet...

I want to make these booties too.

someday - want to make my own marshmallows too!

I want to practice my French knots too.. something I used to be good at but have not done in a long time

Oh and this wonderful cold is making my asthma act up so I am home the rest of the week.. Fantastic... Can't sleep on my back, can't sleep on my front, can't breathe... Fun..

I need good audio book ideas.. I can't sit still long enough to read right now, some is comfort level sitting and the other is keeping my mind in something for longer than, hmm I don't know.. what were we talking about again?

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