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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thoughts, ideas and questions...

I stop by my list of blogs and check in on ideas, crafts and just basic ramblings from other bloggers and moms all the time. I have been thinking we needed a new look for summer anyway so I did change things up a bit and added a new fresh look from LeeLou. Cute and I made a few edits to make it our style. Either or, I stopped in to check on Tree Fall, she normally has some really cute stuff going on and I had to agree with her post (linked below) regarding blogs and where I was really going with mine.
I think the Friday Foto is cute so I will keep doing that but the SITS Thing and all these other contests are taking away from me, my kid, my crafts and my blog. I started this blog as a link for Miss T to her past (when I make it a book) and for me to keep in touch with family, friends and have them all get the same information as if they were here. Cussing or not, nice or not, this is my life. I love sewing and normally take things into the office even for
opinions. So, lets go back to basics...

From the mind of Tree Fall Designs blog..

What makes you enjoy a particular blog (not just this one, any one that you read)?
I love Craft blogs, I am actually addicted to them. I check them out all the time and would love to have the time and creativity to do half the
things these people do.
What type of post is your favourite?

I do love fun stories about families, checking in on my friends and their kids and reading over how too's.
How important are the
Photo's make the blog for me, if there are not enough, I get bored and stop reading them. It is wrong, I know but I am very visual and well, most of my people are too.
Does the design of the blog attract you or even stop you from reading it?

I have to admit, I love color but the design I had last was too much even for me. I just needed to find my style and still have some basic background.
Do you like blogs to be colloquial/regional or fairly generic?

I like fun blogs, with lots of pictures and goings on... I don't care about location or swearing and I know I have some on here but sometimes you just need it. Not the overkill but sometimes it makes the point.
An equal amount of craft and family,
or does too much of talking about the kids put you off?
No, it takes a lot to put me off, sports will do it quickly and too many videos that make my computer angry.
What else? What are the best words of advice you can give a blogger?

Tell me what's going on with you, the things you love and love to do. The things your kid is doing now and what makes you tick. What is your passion? I am sure there is something we have in common..
Thoughts people?? Tell me what you think?

Now, for an apology for my last few weeks. It's been crazy and my kid has been sick and I was feeling the pressure to keep up with this at the same time... Ignore the craziness and expect the norm coming back... And now to our regularly scheduled program...

I need help (Stop agreeing Kate!)

I am going to make Miss thing a blanket.. I love minky, it's one of my favorite fabric's... that super soft stuff that's on everything baby now. Ya, I make taggies out of it all the time and now I am going to make a blanket with that and the fabulous polka dot material I got that I have been saving. Ok, so here's the thing... I have all this material and want to know what goes and what does not. I am torn on the red, that's why it's on the back of the ugly sewing room couch. Here's my other dilemma, I really want to use the yellow but the polka dot color that semi matches it is a funky orange. I really want to use all the polka dot colors, but is it too much? Which is not working? The orange, the yellow or is it fine and I am over thinking it?

And now maybe a little bit of cute.. I tried this headband on miss T while she and daddy were trying to watch cartoons, and she spit up as I was taking the picture.. gross, eh? Cracked me up and surprising, she didn't seem to mind the headband but it did leave a bit of a mark so we won't be wearing it again.

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