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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things non-parents never think to say

Recently I had a conversation with my cousin to hear her 3 year old in the background yell out "surprise, I pooped!" Of course this is an occasion for joy with her being in the bathroom for 10 minutes ALONE for the first time. This was also followed by a very angry daddy who screamed for my cousin to come running, stopped at the edge of the hallway and yelled "GET MY CAMERA!" to which her husband then said "no, you are not taking a picture of her like that, we don't do that" and so my cousin then has to tell her 3 year old (ready?)
"We only wear CLEAN undies on our head, ok?"
Long story short her husband was still not happy with that answer but I am sure I never heard that line before I was around kids.

Other famous lines in our circle...
(said by me to one of the neighborhood twins)
"Um, we don't take our pants off in the front yard" --Yes, I know I did say front yard but you know what, choose your battles...
"I think you ran out of cute, and the only thing that fixes crabby is a nap" -- Editing somewhere between my brother and I and is now a staple in their household.
"I Hate Green!" -- My neighbor's daughter, who does not like change and just the day before got her room painted (guess what color)
"Hey, are we going to go back and see that guy in the treasure chest again?" - statement after leaving a funeral
"Hey, rub that on my butt" "That splashed my butt" and the most famous "No really, touch my butt" all three great lines by my (then) 3 year old niece at the NEIGHBORHOOD POOL... Which started my famous line
"Ok, no more butt talk" I am still thinking of making Tee Shirts for Christmas

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Anonymous said...

Those are great!

The butt ones remind me of the email we got at work about "butt dust"...remember that?

'Dear Lord,' the minister began, with arms extended toward heaven and a rapturous look on his upturned face. 'Without you, we are but dust...'
Then a little girl interrupts and asks her mom what 'butt dust' is.

Ok, I'll have enough of these to make a book once Taryn gets older.....and you should write every one of them down.

It was good to see T the other day....that's right all you out there in bloggyland....I got to see and hold Miss T...and tickler her toes...and she smiled at me....cause she thinks I'm cool!!! And she's right! J/ know I'm so full of butt dust....