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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Finds~~~

So, today my neighbors came over and "babysat" T for me... I did have a hair appointment but canceled it until I know what I want to do with this mop... But the neighbor's daughter was so excited about babysitting that I didn't cancel and told them just to come over for 20 minutes and I would run to town or something... I went to a local shop and went digging... there is this really cute "second hand" shop and found some great finds..

This shirt for Stef.. cute, and it called her name.

Anyone that knows my Godfather, knows that no matter the special event, he wears a Budweiser Tie.. yes, I know.. so I found this cummerbund (is this one word?) and talked the lady into it for a BUCK.. I called my cousin and gave him dibs (or it would have been made into a purse) and he is excited.. I also got these really cute little jello molds that I am going to use to make these cute crayons. It's going to be so much fun and great gifts!

I also got this great Carafe for the old people, they have been wanting something to put their tea in for the table at breakfast and this was just too cool for words. They love the idea of "glass" and old style and well, you can't get any older than this and it came in the original Box!

I got a few ties too but they are nothing really to write home about, but THIS IS!!! Isn't this case great?!?!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!... I know it's so funny, I have it next to the couch so you can see the size and one day it will be filled with Barbie's but for now my sewing stuff will be in there... YA!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, someday, when I get 20 bucks, I'm gonna give it to you and tell you to just go to town!

Those crayons are cute....good idea...I think I have a few (lots) of broken ones now...I'll have to save some and try that.

Ahhh...that cumberbund was made when budweiser was still American...its worth much more than $1! Its a keepsake now!

You know you scrolled down on my blog because you WANTED to see Orlando!!!! He makes me so darn happy!

Miss you at work!!!! It's boring...I've been WORKING!!!! (GASP)

Hippie Family... said...

thats exactly what I spent too!!!