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Saturday, July 26, 2008

4 months old -- Tutu cute!

Heres the Tutu that I made, I have actually gotten a few offers to make and SELL them!! Whoo Hoo!!


Jenn R. said...

OH MY GOD!...OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD - she gets cuter with every new picture. She is an absolute doll, angel, precious, sweetheart. My heart simply melted when I saw her in these new tutu pictures - I wish there were 100 more! You are amazing w/ your sewing. I never knew the sewing Tricia...she's pretty're work is great - those tutus SHOULD be sold...they are beautiful...but nowhere near in comparison to how beautiful Miss T is.

Anonymous said...

Awww.....she's adorable!!! The skirt turned out cute....I don't think I'll buy one for Z though. ;) Although, he would probably like one. I could get one for Ella though....she and Dara could wear matching ones in a picture....ok, get to making them all your spare time! I love the butt know I love some baby butts to pat!!! and feet....I like to nibble on little toes....

BTW....Z LOVES the little tractor. He rides it all over the house. I told him "Hey, you get around on that pretty good, don't ya."
He yelled "YEP!" "Duh, Mom"

Shannie said... That's the sweetest baby girl!!!!! (Mine's now THREE.) I just want to eat that perfect child in her little tutu right up! How can you stand the cuteness??????