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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He's Back!!! And We're BLANK!`

Finally, the daddy is home.. It's about time.. It was a rough week for us all and we are so glad he's here. Things are starting to get back to normal and we are going to start setting up our 4 month pictures soon. I am so excited! Things are crazy here but I wanted to check in a bit and say how great it is that Bob's home and we are all getting back to normal.. and I got a super great purse and Miss T got a onsie that says "My mom is Fly" (even if it is blue)
More to come :D

All of a sudden my background is gone.. Maybe it's just my screen, I upgraded my firefox and the whole thing has gone all wanky..

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Anonymous said...

Ooohhh...presents! How exciting!!!

I see your either its back or its fixed.