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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thumb, thumb thumb, thumbbbbb

Well, Taryn has been eying up her thumb for weeks now. She finds it on occasion but usually sticks with her whole fist when looking for something to grab in her mouth. Well, this week she found her thumb and one night even took that instead of food and went back to sleep at 2 am on her own and slept the rest of the night. I am not sure what I think of thumb sucking, It's not the worst thing and she seems to only do it when she's tired and after a bottle or at the end of the night when she's trying to self sooth. Self soothing, not a bad thing at 2 months, but we have a niece that's starting first grade next year and still is sucking her thumb. I don't want that!
So, pics on the flickr site if you want to see her in action. I got a bit of a video together of it all, the shock never ends.


Jenn said...

My Madison started sucking her thumb in the womb and hasn't stopped since - never took a pacifier. She sucks hers everyday, also for comfort only - sometimes when she's sick, but usually only when she's tired, trying to fall asleep. It was a GODSEND when she was a baby cuz when a paci falls out, you have to get up, but when she woke up in the night, she simply took her thumb and went back to sleep. I'm also hoping she stops when she's 5 or 6. Good luck! I think it's adorable - thanks for the video - she's darling - please post more videos/pics!

Anonymous said...

Awww....she's so cute. I love all the slurping!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey leftie!!!