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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Early Bird Gets......

So this morning, I am trying to get up and ready and realize, I don't have nearly enough hands. I had to look up who it is that has so many hands... some kind of goddess but I didn't know who she is and or what she does. Seems to be a pretty good gig she has going on just the same.

Her name is Durga, she is the Supreme Goddess of the Hindus. Fierce (like Tyra I am assuming) demon fighting (at the grocery store of course), embodiment of feminine creative energy.
Seems odd that she was given all these weapons, but I guess back in the olden days you needed a tiger, spear, flower, flute, arrows, and or whatever else she has/needs.

That is totally me!! If it were today, it would be:

my blow dryer & toothbrush

miss T in all her glory... Diapers, wipes, bags singing talking, toys, etc...

my sewing machine of course

I am sure I would need 2 hands to clean the dishes, pump parts, and bottles too.

then of course I would need at least one extra for my phone, texting and or getting my water.

  • wonder if I could keep the tiger?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the hand you need to clean off the food you spill on your shirt! Yeah, I said it! I know you!!!
Now I will forever think of Durga when I watch "America's Next Top Model". THANKS!